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  1. This is the first post I've made in a while! But the title of this post just resonated with me - I so feel your pain and I regularly dream about both my Esprits that I sold over 20 years ago, each time believing that I still own them and they've been tucked away in a garage all these years. And then I wake up. Don't sell them guys!!! And if it's too late, then enjoy other people's vicariously as I do, by getting down to the Lotus meets (though I haven't been for Donkeys, shamefully)! xx
  2. If the parent is not getting out of the car then I don't mind too much if they are in a bikini let alone PJs! But if not and they are getting out, mingling with other parents and children waiting for their child then I think they should be properly dressed. Casual clothes are fine but PJs or onesies just look sloppy - would you wear them to the supermarket; if not then how is school that much different?
  3. I'm glad this is being discussed - personally I hated the design of the so called 'new Esprit' that never materialised (thankfully), it looked too much like an insect with those huge aggressive grill things on the front and looked more like a Lamborghini than a Lotus. I don't care too much about the engine though the V8 would be the obvious choice. I agree with those who are asking for a slightly softened V8 shape.
  4. Thanks Trevor - I'm on the mend! I hope you can post some pictures of the evening and your De Lorean, really sorry to miss it but hope to make it to an event before Christmas.
  5. I've come down with that Norovirus thing, so it looks doubtful that I'll make it
  6. I haven't seen you guys for ages so count me in 1/ Trevsked 2/ Sizona 3/ Internets 4/ Yellow Peril 5/ Stubox 6/ Roz
  7. How lovely Nice to know that you're doing the right thing by the bees. Photos would be nice, please keep us updated!
  8. Glad to hear it Sparky (and classy photo of your driveway) See you at the next meet up!
  9. I'll pop along Trevor, as long (as you promise to share your carrot cake)
  10. John, a slight improvement on the most recent one for sure (which looks like an insect from the front imo). Those grilley air intake things will go out of fashion soon and the cars that have them will look enormously dated - much like the big shoulder-pads of the 1980's
  11. Interesting article, copy and pasting the body of it here. I just hope that it doesn't look so much like the masculine version suggested previously! ______________________________________________________________________________ Range-topping Lotus supercar not dead and buried, as Lotus model rejuvenation continues As Lotus this week launched its new 2014 model Exige S Roadster in Australia, as part of an ongoing product renewal process designed to stimulate sales, the company says it still hasn't given up on its stalled Esprit V8 supercar project. "Contrary to popular belief the fac
  12. You kept that quiet!! Many happy returns Trevor (and thank you for sharing your cake with me yesterday) xxxx
  13. Thanks for the reminder, I'll pop in for a cuppa 1/ Trevsked 2/ Sparky (refurbished wheels GT3) 3/ Internets 4/ Pete (without blowing exhaust) 5/ Roz
  14. Thanks Mark, I thought she was lovely as well. After a year or so I traded her in for a red turbo and for some reason I didn't take any pictures of that one. Even though the red one was a better car technically I didn't form the attachment I did with my white one.
  15. I found some photos of my first Esprit and scanned them. This one was at Castlecombe Castlecombe village
  16. Gosh, how awful - all I know about cramp is it's sometimes a sign of a salt deficiency.
  17. I wondered the same thing the other day - thank you for clarifying.
  18. Should be able to get there Trevor - happy New Year 1/ Trevsked 2/ Simon - Sizona 3/ Roz - Lotusless, in her Mini (with go faster bonnet stripes you know)
  19. Sorry Trevor, got a Christmassy do that evening - have fun x
  20. Lol that's really quaint if it's not a joke, gotta love people
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