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  1. since I didn't add my name to the list, I'll do so now, hoping to resurrect the topic 0. Name - Car - Colour 1. CocoPops - Evora 400 - Essex Blue 2. Neal H - Evora 400 - Racing Green 3. Bravo73 - Evora - Red (with black roof, if possible) 4. C8RKH - Evora NA - (not sure on colour, like the red, the black and maybe just the natural polished silver!!!) Oh decisions...... 5. Paulcp - Evora - Essex Blue........(may prefer 1/10 scale depending on possibility & cost) 6. Colin P - Evora 400 - Racing Green or polished - not sure yet 7. Foxy - S1 - White 8. CaptainSlow - Evora S - Black 9. Bobsy Racer - Evora NA - Orange on Black Base 10. Invictusmaneo- Evora NA -Orange on black base (will probably do an engraved placard on the base too) 11. series_one -S1 White 12. Rallyesax - Evora 400 - solid yellow black pack or bare aluminium. Not sure for the size yet. 13 Al. Evora NA/S in texture silver on black base. (or if dual colours end up not extortionate maybe would go for red with black roof). 14. Ratman- Evora NA- polished on black base
  2. Ratman

    Your thoughts...

    stunning car, I totally agree with the other guys! I think that a yellow side stripe should be fine, like the Evora Cup. my two cents...
  3. the engine is probably ok, but the aluminum surface is corroded. not a mechanical issue, but aesthetic. Here, this corrosion does not happens due to the different weather. I remember a recent image of a red Evora S with the volumetric in the same condition.
  4. still surprised how corrosion is an issue in UK. here, in Italy, is very rare to find an engine in the same conditions like the one in the link below.
  5. you can transform a 2+2 into a 2+0 but not the contrary
  6. The Esprit has been designed a lot of years ago. you should compare with the common cars made in the '70ies and the Evora with the cars made in the '10s. Dimension are completely different My dad had a Mondial coupe and it had a terrible driver position due to the 2+2 configuration. The Evora is quite good for the driver.
  7. It should be HW only, if I remember well, due to the fact that the IPS ECU SW was difficult to change and somehow useless as they reached already the target making HW changes only
  8. the sill seems to be a post 2012 spec. maybe is a car between the two specs (It happened, I found in Italy one with old steering wheel, old sills and new seats, stereo, etc), very basic with the front seats optional.
  9. hello, I have a question about this pipe; do you think that the air is going down to the cat during the ride or it work like a chimney when the car stops?
  10. I guess that the problem is that in a 2+2 you can put 100kg on the rear seat, or the same wheight on the shelf and the 410 wheel are not safe with more than 20kg on the rear
  11. on the other side, I'd like to see the ducktail with glass... I think that it could be the best solution for the 400
  12. this one is triggered by the fire itself
  13. the Dallara Academy as well, it is less than one hour by car from Modena
  14. that's the point: the 410 has as STD, the 400 has not neither as OPT. the biggest difference is this one.
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