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  1. I mean that it has been used dry carbon fibre and not prepreg. you can see a lot of waves that are not beautiful on a aesthetic piece. also the quality of the part itself shall not high due to the process, presumably w/o autoclave and vacuum bag. the front dash panel is far better from the aesthetic point of view, but is quite simpler to do as well
  2. IMHO, quality of CF lamination is very low
  3. I would be there to see their faces today, with all these Evora books sold...
  4. just bought it from Chater's! in Italy is 70€! very happy!
  5. maybe it could be better to put him in contact with a skilled (Evora) mechanic that would be interested to make a repair in site
  6. it is not only the matt black, that you can love or hate, but is the whole livery. probably it is a laser blue wrapped black in order to make a change, but the result is bad, IMHO.
  7. Funny thing is that this was the trick for the Lotus Elan M100 seats. Lotus should learn from owners solutions
  8. Mule of the new Esprit based on the Evora
  9. still surprised about the fact that there are so few green Lotus. MSG is awesome, Epsom Green very nice. the Evora is good in almost all the colors, but red interiors/ green exterior with yellow accents is the best combo, but it is like an unicorn
  10. usually weave appears due to heath. I remember one car we made had this problem on the engine cover, where the weave was evident after a run but not the morning after. now we put a different first layer, to avoid this problem
  11. They homologated the car for a short series (easier to achieve), they reached the max production numbers so the car is out of the line. They produced the car as icon, not for make money, the wanted to help sales of the series cars like the Giulia and Stelvio
  12. They stopped production because of omologation. They couldn't do them anymore
  13. that's why we (where I work) use a different lamination for the painted parts VS the carbon exposed parts.
  14. discovered right now that this actual car was here in Italy for the design/production of the GT3 parts. it was with a blown engine, that's why it has been equipped with a new one
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