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  1. looking good mike! runs pretty low at the front? i'm guessing that's fifth gear dicking around with the suspension to get it more aero efficient..?
  2. ditto. note to self: need to earn more & reproduce less ;-)
  3. .. was at least 6 months in my garage before that too! Good to see its gone to a good home. Awesome project btw mike. cheers Rob
  4. would be interesting to see what that goes for.. looks nice.
  5. I have a card as I'd be using Vpower anyway so its a no brainer. Normally manage to get a 10 quid or more voucher each time (can't be bothered to do the math to work out how much fuel that is..!)
  6. Newtrim in cowley re-trimmed the seat on my v8-gt. great service, good price.
  7. I don't agree that silver wheels look best on a silver car - personally I like a contrast. On my V8 i'd changed the saturns to a gunmetal colour when they were refurb'd. My Elise came from the factory with black wheels - looks great IMO. If you change your mind its no biggie to change them back
  8. Won't need new hubs for a gt3, but yes you'll need pads and calipers. The recent parts sales had these as a kit - maybe there are still some available? The lotus kit "just bolts on" too. As for costs - I ran multiple different setups on a V8-Gt with brembos (pads, discs, fluids etc) which was all a complete waste of money. I eventually bolted on a set of APs to the (lotus developed) sport 350 spec. Even with stock lotus pads this was night and day better than anything i achieved with brembos. My advice- if you want better brakes on an esprit, there is only one choice - lotus/ AP. Consider this - you are lotus cars, you develop the fastest ever road going esprit (350), you develop the best-money-will-buy braking system from the brake manufacturer with arguably the best reputation out there.. now remind me, is this AP or is this HiSpec?
  9. out of those choices, silver. but tbh i'd prob go for a proper set of Lotus APs like a sport 350 ;-)
  10. another car with parking sensors..! "transition model"? looks like a '97 spec car registered in 98 to me? unless i'm missing something? "no servicing for 10k miles" comment would also worry me..
  11. When the weather is shit the stock wastegates easily stick. Most likely cause of a v8 CEL ime. If the car feels super-quick its probably overboosting due to the stuck 'gate which is fun, but not actually a good thing. WD40 and some wiggling can help, or replace with better quality item..
  12. Another forum member in the "ex-esprit owner" club.. :-) glad you managed to make the sale paul - hope you're happy with the elise. If you're following my example fully, its redundancy, marriage, redundancy (wife this time) then kids next. ;-) R
  13. Not done brazil (had a chance two years ago but just missed out) but I did Monza several times. I love italy, Monza GP is just awesome - atmosphere, location, history, food etc etc.. If you go make sure you take the time to explore the circuit to find the old banked track. Check out that James Garner film "grand prix" to see it in its glory. Take the other half too and explore Milan (fashion, history, music etc) and there's also Turin not far away, Italian Job/ Lingotto factory with the test track on the roof etc. Italian lakes area, Como etc. So much.. :-)
  14. thanks for the heads up - bought the mag yesterday - awesome pics of the car(s) in the snow. 350 looks the nuts.
  15. Isnt it off something mundane? I have it in my head it might be peugeot 205? no idea if thats right or not. I have a vague recollection of a conversation with Rob C some time back - you can already buy alloy tanks for a 205 i think..
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