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  1. IF you are in the Orlando area and want to have a great time concider making this event. Oh yeah, We have a total of 46 Prizes 5 Prizes for the Top 5 Hands. Grand Prize : MAACO Ambassidor Paint Job Certificate 2nd Place : Daytona USA Attraction Family Pass for up to 5 Adults 3rd Place : Caswell Plating Dremal Grinder Kit 4th Place : Black Summit Racing Jacket 5th Place : 6.5" Bazooka Type Tube Subwoofer Worst Hand : $25 Advanced/Discount Auto Gift Card We Also have 5 Jokers in the Card for Additional Prizes 15 Door Prizes and 20 Raffle prizes
  2. OK, I can speak a bit on this subject. I have a 87 Pontiac Fiero where I pulled out the little 2.5 4cyl and stuffed in a 4.9l Caddy Aluminum V8 with 300+ Lb torque. yeah it is fun. We have been stuffing anything from 2.2 Ecotech, 3.4TDC,3800SC, Northstar, and SBC into these cars for years. Transplants are fun and I agree with most what has already been posted, Quality affects them alot. Also it is your car do what you want with it. Personally, I would not touch an Esprit for any kind of swap due to their rarity. B) WOOT I own page 2!
  3. Looks like the winner is in Florida, hope they join the forum
  4. well it closed at $9400 which I think is a good deal. guess i get to wait for my turn
  5. Your talking about those cruddy wheels, Those have already been replaced. The entire car is getting painted Ferrari Chrome Fly Yellow with Black Powder coated rims. the interior will be all black except for the Yellow inserts on the Seat skins.
  6. "Other" I will have it keep company with my current hot rod. 87 fiero w/ 4.9l Caddy V-8! see at: Enjoy
  7. Hanford!!!! That would be the armpit!!!! the San Willkillya valley!!!!
  8. That is a non turbo model right. Damn Right Color! and close to me but house has not sold yet so no funds
  9. I kant Mispel werds, I hav a eror corekting modam.
  10. I kant Mispel werds, I hav a eror corekting modam.
  11. I am Running a Charity Even April 22nd in the Orlando Area and would like to invite all the Esprit Owners to attend. Below is the flyer and at the bottem is a link to a word DOC file. Thanks for looking! You can d/L the current flyer version with this link:
  12. I have seen 89's from 18k - 24k is there any one in perticular you are looking at. I think I know of most that are online for under 25k Joe
  13. They make many different kits for the Fiero chassis. Ferrari, Lambo, There is several one-off and Someone just started making a Pantera Kit. Most take way too much $$$ to make right. Most fool people who have no clue but anyone who knows even a little can tell. Out the box the Fiero is one of the best handling Production cars of there era. Hell people believe the Urban Legand that Lotus Designed the 88 Suspension. The only fact is GM bought a Esprit to study the rear suspension prior to making the new Rear suspension. I have owned fieros for over 10 years now and Stood
  14. THAT IS A 87 PONTIAC FIERO GT!!! The only Mid Engined Rear Wheel Drive 2 Seat Production Sports Car made in America!!!!!!!!
  15. B) Funny, He has a newwer Esprit and a 87 Fiero GT in the Rare Blue color. Guess the guy loves Mid Engined RWD 2 seaters!
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