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  1. Hi Mikie, I need to see if my old SE account is still active, guessing it's possible to do the track day but not the big round trip. Not sure if either me or the beast are ready for such a big trek. Only snag being it runs close to Goodwood FoS. Jesus, Tutt must be like 95 by now.. the old fighter pilot just keeps on going..! Jon B (M Blur)
  2. Beast still in shop but you will see more of me this year including the Aberdeen event I missed from last year. Powmill and Knockhill are good venues for me. See you soon, shake n bake. JB
  3. Hi guys, haven't posted many updates of late. Since last time the car has 2 new looms and now we're converting car to Omex/Jenvey prototype direct port fuel injection. Using a very renowned engine builder, prototype throttle body is a 100mm version if the 85mm one for LS3 engines. We are optimstic for good results tho headline power may have to wait a bit longer. Stay tuned. JB
  4. Good stuff. I'm split between sprinting/TA, track days (been there; done that) and actual circut racing. TA is no cheaper than to run at my local circuit. TA is an expensive game, to be at the front end you really need turbo power and probably 4wd but if the circuits become longer and faster than a real opening for big GTs to come back in. We've designed the monster with a lot of aero and to take a lot of power/revs when the time is right. Just ordered a new Spectre alloy intake plenum that's going to Zircotec to be ceramic coated and hopefully improve the ram air - then will go o
  5. Cheers Danny, aim by end of this year is 600bhp @ 8000rpm+ and then try and stretch that out next year.. 670bhp @ 9000rpm has a really nice sound, ala full phat cup spec. But talk is cheap and power is expensive..!
  6. Evening chaps, the monster continues to breath and we're continuing to fettle, ran engine up to 7400rpm on Saturday and felt strong, need to get on rollers to get her up to 8400rpm. She'll then need a new cam profile and mods to get closer to 9000rpm. Runs really nice, claws into road and porsche box running well. Now running Pagid ceramic RS15 pads for non servo, better cold bite and flat operating range etc.. seem to work with Alcons well. latest has been to vent front arches and then address lack of strength, safety in the front end so we extended the cage into the front section and dow
  7. Upgrade the pump, upgrade your half shafts and save on pain later on.
  8. Not yet decided to have car reloomed by a guy I know now that I'm planning on keeping car after ( yet another time waster)! Then we'll turn attention to fuelling and timing. Once we know she's running right and north of 500bhp then we have some test days at Knockhill to start dialling in the chassis. Seen a really nice Barry Grant Demon 4 barrel carb.. Flows 920cfm.. Yummy! Few other little jobs I'd like to do such as a trans pump and cooler. So soon..
  9. Sorry guys, been away on a business trip ( Switzerland) only just logged in. I was logging in to say I can't make this anymore, really sorry but I was suffering progressive electric problems, the solution has been to fully strip and re loom whole car which is underway. In the end we couldn't even start her and we were melting fuses! By the time we do the reloom and sort the engine it'll be too tight to call. It's such a shame that I found out about the event late but promise to better prepared next year and firing on on all cylinders by then. Again, apologies Gordon!
  10. Jon Can you contact me ASAP re SpeedFest. I need to have entry forms in by Wednesday 11th May. Thanks Gordon

  11. Beast very much a circuit weapon but she's road legal (just).. Anyone got any good contacts with car carriers? But very much bringing her up to use.. Can you confirm events are on blacktop? Jon
  12. Cheers guys, Going into engine shop to find missing 150bhp or so, 3 options: Address valve bounce and fuelling on current set up and take top end up to 8500rpm. Cheapest option. Short stroke and square off the block and run 9000rpm. Coolest option but pricey. 427 stroker kit but try and keep her free revving.. Probably the most realistic option. Target is 550-600bhp.. Pwace yor betz.. JB
  13. Hi Gordon/Brian, 5th is fine for me (day after my next exam) = R&R!! I'll arrange a car carrier to take the beast up to Alford (unless someone has a trailer and can give me a tow). If so then let me know! I'm based in Larbert nr. Falkirk. Took some latest pics with the front diffuser attached which changes front end, looks more the like an old IMSA car. Where's the html option...?????? Car off to engine shop - she's suffering valve bounce and missing 1500rpm top end which is about 100-150bhp. Not sure we'll get her to 600bhp by Alford but hopefully over 500bhp p/tonne.. she
  14. Wee bit sun, chance to take some up to date pics with front diffuser on etc <div style="width:480px;text-align:right;"><embed width="480" height="360" src="" flashvars="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" /><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" style="bor
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