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  1. Hi Mikie, I need to see if my old SE account is still active, guessing it's possible to do the track day but not the big round trip. Not sure if either me or the beast are ready for such a big trek. Only snag being it runs close to Goodwood FoS. Jesus, Tutt must be like 95 by now.. the old fighter pilot just keeps on going..! Jon B (M Blur)
  2. Beast still in shop but you will see more of me this year including the Aberdeen event I missed from last year. Powmill and Knockhill are good venues for me. See you soon, shake n bake. JB
  3. Hi guys, haven't posted many updates of late. Since last time the car has 2 new looms and now we're converting car to Omex/Jenvey prototype direct port fuel injection. Using a very renowned engine builder, prototype throttle body is a 100mm version if the 85mm one for LS3 engines. We are optimstic for good results tho headline power may have to wait a bit longer. Stay tuned. JB
  4. Good stuff. I'm split between sprinting/TA, track days (been there; done that) and actual circut racing. TA is no cheaper than to run at my local circuit. TA is an expensive game, to be at the front end you really need turbo power and probably 4wd but if the circuits become longer and faster than a real opening for big GTs to come back in. We've designed the monster with a lot of aero and to take a lot of power/revs when the time is right. Just ordered a new Spectre alloy intake plenum that's going to Zircotec to be ceramic coated and hopefully improve the ram air - then will go off to engine man in another month or so and get that engine sorted out. Ultimate target I have in mind is 670bhp (or maybe 720bhp) but way at the high end, want linear revs rather than a tractor sledge and nto much more than 300-400 below 4000rpm..! Way I figure it, if you spend £1000 40x times then it doesn't seem as bad as 40 grand once.. or maybe it does, err lol
  5. Cheers Danny, aim by end of this year is 600bhp @ 8000rpm+ and then try and stretch that out next year.. 670bhp @ 9000rpm has a really nice sound, ala full phat cup spec. But talk is cheap and power is expensive..!
  6. Evening chaps, the monster continues to breath and we're continuing to fettle, ran engine up to 7400rpm on Saturday and felt strong, need to get on rollers to get her up to 8400rpm. She'll then need a new cam profile and mods to get closer to 9000rpm. Runs really nice, claws into road and porsche box running well. Now running Pagid ceramic RS15 pads for non servo, better cold bite and flat operating range etc.. seem to work with Alcons well. latest has been to vent front arches and then address lack of strength, safety in the front end so we extended the cage into the front section and down into the front suspension. That shoudl give my legs a fighting chance if I have big front shunt. AS we had mods to do then we decided to paint the front yellow which means less paint if I have a front or rear shunt. It also makes the car look much more menacing, perhaps more yank and certainly more race car than classic. If you look close the chequered stripe is continued into the yellow and also faded into the tears down the side. Actually leaves a lot of yellow but not sure what to fill it with (hopefully sponsor logos)... Will run like this for a year or so then try another varition next year, already got my eyes on a classic t70, sunoco-eque combination.. Hope to have some on-track shots soon, also wanted to enter Targa Britannia but organisers said no. Plan next year is to go to B'ton speed trial, perhaps swing by Ace Cafe, perhaps a chance to do Goodwood and a Loti gathering.? Still not ruled out Time Attack either. Few bits and bobs to bring her back up to date with blue book and some other finishing bits then I can enter her into the SMRC series as seen on Motors TV etc etc.. Best to all. JB
  7. Upgrade the pump, upgrade your half shafts and save on pain later on.
  8. Not yet decided to have car reloomed by a guy I know now that I'm planning on keeping car after ( yet another time waster)! Then we'll turn attention to fuelling and timing. Once we know she's running right and north of 500bhp then we have some test days at Knockhill to start dialling in the chassis. Seen a really nice Barry Grant Demon 4 barrel carb.. Flows 920cfm.. Yummy! Few other little jobs I'd like to do such as a trans pump and cooler. So soon..
  9. Sorry guys, been away on a business trip ( Switzerland) only just logged in. I was logging in to say I can't make this anymore, really sorry but I was suffering progressive electric problems, the solution has been to fully strip and re loom whole car which is underway. In the end we couldn't even start her and we were melting fuses! By the time we do the reloom and sort the engine it'll be too tight to call. It's such a shame that I found out about the event late but promise to better prepared next year and firing on on all cylinders by then. Again, apologies Gordon!
  10. Beast very much a circuit weapon but she's road legal (just).. Anyone got any good contacts with car carriers? But very much bringing her up to use.. Can you confirm events are on blacktop? Jon
  11. Cheers guys, Going into engine shop to find missing 150bhp or so, 3 options: Address valve bounce and fuelling on current set up and take top end up to 8500rpm. Cheapest option. Short stroke and square off the block and run 9000rpm. Coolest option but pricey. 427 stroker kit but try and keep her free revving.. Probably the most realistic option. Target is 550-600bhp.. Pwace yor betz.. JB
  12. Hi Gordon/Brian, 5th is fine for me (day after my next exam) = R&R!! I'll arrange a car carrier to take the beast up to Alford (unless someone has a trailer and can give me a tow). If so then let me know! I'm based in Larbert nr. Falkirk. Took some latest pics with the front diffuser attached which changes front end, looks more the like an old IMSA car. Where's the html option...?????? Car off to engine shop - she's suffering valve bounce and missing 1500rpm top end which is about 100-150bhp. Not sure we'll get her to 600bhp by Alford but hopefully over 500bhp p/tonne.. she's only running 410-430ish p/t at the mo and torque curve a bit screwy,, just trying to get the 0.50 600ex 286 duration cam to work on short track. Liked the pics - some nice things to play with, don't expect beast to be that quick, track far too short for her gearing but she'll be loud and put on a good show!! <div style="width:480px;text-align:right;"><embed width="480" height="360" src="" flashvars="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" /><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" style="border:none;" /></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" style="border:none;" /></a></div> <div style="width:480px;text-align:right;"><embed width="480" height="360" src="" flashvars="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" /><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" style="border:none;" /></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
  13. Wee bit sun, chance to take some up to date pics with front diffuser on etc <div style="width:480px;text-align:right;"><embed width="480" height="360" src="" flashvars="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" /><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" style="border:none;" /></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
  14. Hi Gordon, It's fair to say the beast was an esprit once but it's quite a different animal now.. Both sight and sound and being an old racer makes it a wee bit different. Cheers Jon
  15. Hi Gordon, When is this? I could make the beast available, a chance to introduce myself and the car to the wider fraternity. 358ci NASCAR powered Esprit SE, ex-John Hazzard 750MC and AMOC car. In classic Lotus racing colours. She is road legal but very track focussed and makes a very good noise. Cheers Jon
  16. Cheers Danny, To be honest she's pretty hardcore.. It's not so much the engine tho the single digit mpg and really cammy engine are a trade off of the raw power. Hazzard's old car has always been a race car and the chassis and interior etc are a bit hardcore.. But at least a lot tidier than how he had it. A bit hard for the road tho is like piloting a spitfire on 4 wheels. We'll see, going to get a few track sessions in and trying to convince the organisers of Targa Britannia to let her in. That would be good fun. Need to address brakes, 4 pot Alcons just not nearly enough now.. JB
  17. That's nothing, that vid was idling with a dodgy camera phone.. some good weather back from work + finally got video hooked up.. took her oot for a wee run this evening. <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> and still didn't manage to open up the taps properly, mostly short-shifting.. only up to 5000 revs at most.. takes on another edge after 6000rpm to 7000rpm+ Need to reserve that for track tho. 'Shake n bake' JB
  18. Nice project, stick with it... Re power, a blower is not needed imo but nice if you go that way BUT lots left in the engine N/A. The chevy was always a nicer breathing small block than a cammer Ford 4.6 and a bigger block at that. Lots of options on power such as a stroker kit, which means you could keep the same compression heads, just up the fuelling. I like the idea of a 396 or 427 stroker but with high rpm on solid lifters and maybe roller cams. Once you get north of 400bhp p/tonne then she's going to feel quick for the chassis and you'll want to evolve the chassis to handle it. I'm running about 400-450 p/tonne and it's brutal in a lightweight package. My plan is a stroker and up the carb, which will ramp up the torque controlled via MSD ignition. Early chevy 5.85 litre, 286 9000rpm cam (but only running 7000rpm) and no fancy electronics If I could I'd have a TVR AJP engine, stroked out or a Judd 3.5 v8 on carbs. An LT5 on downdrafts would be naughty. More pics please!! Best regards Jon
  19. Happy New Year chaps, The good news is that I'm keeping the esprit for a while to track, hill climb etc. I'm going to buy a second set of wheels for Esprit so I can run road tyres/wets. Problem is Team Dynamics lost specs from original order. Wheels are 17 inch 8j fronts and 18 inch x 9j rears. Fair to say workshop modded the inner arches a lot to fit, as car sits lower on the coil overs. Can anyone remember the PCD and the best offsets, seem to recall +35 ET for the rears? Thanks Jon
  20. Quite possibly the worst example of brand and reputational mis-management I have seen in some time. As a Lotus fan I don't want to see our cars in the back rows but this malaise of lawyers is far worse. Lotus delayed year after year and then bam. I'm just glad MK has now retired rather that preside over this. But let's be honest, the closest TF came to the c'ship was when Webbo had a coming together with some green and yellow and took an impromptu flying lesson. It's just a pity we couldn't mix the driver line-ups. I just hope the Renault is quick so we have something to cheer on. JB
  21. Impromtu first test run today - a bit slippy - on green semi slick R888s (not run, 3yrs old so harndened, and road cold and damp but I persevered. I need to run the car to recharge the battery due to the alternator set-up. Firstly I managed to get over the speed bumps - hooray! Then to note rear traction was immense - very shocked at that given condition of tyres, secondly front end was lively and tracked everything so a bit front to rear bias weight adjustment may be neccessary. Brakes glazed but started to come back - no servo so felt typically wooden like an Elise. Grunt is quite shocking after a few years out of a car.. never used much more than half revs but every gear from say 30 was brutal bar 5th which needed a but more speed but from 50 also relentless.. thought I was in 2nd but I was in 4th etc etc// No idea of speed (no speedo) but the way car would pull up and leave cars was comical on a short run.. very exrteme experience tho for road use and roundabouts taken with extreme caution. steering lighter than expected but will hopefully weight as grip comes to the tyres. Engien very cammy low down and doesn't like to doddle, stop or go - Initially scary but gradually started to get into it, nice n easy, Most gauges working okay bar fuel gauge which stopped working this weekend and suspect bad connection at sender or gauge as electrics all new - worrying given engine's likley thirst but easy enough to fix. rear camera is very good and aids the tiny racetech mirrors. Rear hatch needs more vents - just not enough ways for heat to escape engine bay.. engine running >100 deg F.even on a short run. Good oil pressure >40psi, water temps around 110 degrees and voltmeter was showing only 12 volts, now looked closer to 13 so alternator seems to be doing its thing. Made a little boy fall of his push bike and a 7 driver almost swallowed his toungue when he went past in the other direction - I gave our fellow loti brethern the typical nod. LOUD! JB P.S. Will post vids as soon as I can get hold of my mount/clamp.
  22. Up for sale on racecarsdirect Ad on Race Cars Direct And more pics - she needs a wash and a proper run but wealther is filthy!!
  23. Hilly makes good points. If you do go down the G50 route then I have a 5-speed Gardner Douglas T70 rod linkage sitting there unused, supplied new by GD - it's designed to operate from the right of the driver ala GT40 (or inded T70) style. Adapter plates are cheap enough from the US where chevy to G50 conversions are much more common. Clutch would be a usual Sachs affair. speedo drive would be a Porsche pick-up and gauge. Easy way is to sign up tot he GT40 forums - lots of tips and advice on there. JB I'd give Gardner Douglas a try.. After that then no one better than Kev @ GTO Engineering who knows my car and has had Ultimas and Porsches.. transmission specialist of high repute. JB
  24. Plan A is still to sell her unfortunately. My wife hates the Esprit and wants a weekend classic. As with comes with 11 years of marriage - compromise is the foundations to marital bliss.. Esprit arrived today from Wales - I'm chuffed as punch with the finished article - old John Hazzard wouldn't recognise her and she's far from the sticky-backed plastic and sorry state she was in back then.. and she sounds awesome - not civilised one bit - big induction noise through the airbox. So mixed emotions as you can guess. excuse the cheesy grin.. I've waited 3 years to wear that BB cap again I'd thoroughly recommend MVS for big jobs, aero and body conversions etc - proper Lotus people.
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