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  1. Moomin


  2. Can't wait , should be a good race & hope to see lots of other Lotus owners there
  3. Cross post from general chat , thought I should put it with the other Exiges .
  4. Thanks , I was lucky enough to go to the factory to spec the interior when the car was built , the wheels are factory fitted high power silver ones , it has all three upgrade packs , it has 280ish HP with a bespoke Gotham map and a special Marston Aerospace core intercooler made by MMG .
  5. How many Exige V6 cars will be made a year do you think ? If they go silly with the price they won't sell , just like the Evora S . Don't get me wrong - I want to buy one , I have had three new S2 Exiges and one Elise over the years and love them but the bonkers high pricing will kill Lotus before they have a chance to build the new cars and as other cars are starting to look more like a Lotus than Lotus they need to get it right IMHO.
  6. The Alfa is made for the US market ,Alfa say it's not just a limited production car , hard top for now with a soft top later. Sure your not thinking of an 8C ? Alfa Exige 4C
  7. Let's just hope Lotus think a bit about the price , just hope they don't go silly like with the Evora S , the Alfa carbon fiber Exige 4C is out at the same time and starts under £40k. Some realism please Lotus , it's time and you need to sell some cars .
  8. Yeah Guy is a top bloke and has sorted my four new Lotus cars of the years , a true Lotus nut and not just a finance pusher , Btw Guy , when we going to see the V6 Exige ?
  9. At the age of five I said it was the car I would drive when I grow up , my dad restored an Europa when I was a kid and used it as our family car of five for years , yes five of us in it! , he's alway had Lotus cars from then , also an ex told me when I was 24 that " I would never own one and stop dreaming and get over it " I have since had four new ones Lol! It was one of the biggest days of my life when I got my first one , some people won't understand that but to me it's more than just a car .
  10. Beautiful ! I still can't believe they have stopped making them , I'm sure they could have come up with an engine replacement !
  11. Stunning car , wish I had ordered a 260 Cup now . Yeah Guy at Stratton is a top bloke , he's helped me with my four new Lotus cars over years . PS : Guy if you ever get a nice MY10 Cup in let me know !
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