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  1. I have a 94 S4 with 68K on the clock, 25K since a HG replacement done by the PO. Running chip #5, cat-delete pipe, BOV and mickelwright exhaust for the 20K miles I have had her and she doesn't ever need topping up. i woudl think you should not need to top off your oil, let alone as much as you do. in fact, I am surprised to hear so many people are saying they need to.
  2. As mentioned, add some silicone to the roll pins. Also install them as mentioned, little "c" in the big "C", 180 degrees off from each other. Hit the large pin in some of the way, then hit in the little one and then pund them both through. I have all of the documents somewhere at home I can email you if you like. They are also up on the yahoo Lotus Esprit groups files if you are a member. To drive them out, I went to Sears and got their set of extended punches. it was a kit of 8 or 10 and had a nice thin one to get at the smaller roll pin. Very affordable. As for the seals, I went to NAPA and got the anerobic gasket selant for them. not sure of the name but it is in the manual. I used a large socket and BFH to bang them in. I cannot remember the size but it fits the seal perfectly. I can check when I get home. Clean where the seals go, coat them in the sealant and go to town. They are a tight fit but do go in. By eye, I think I have 2 of the ribs edging showing. you don't want to drive them in too far but you don't want to not drive them in far enough. Not a bad job once you get the hang of it.
  3. Right, but what is the starting value? What is the stock clutch rated at? It "feels" like the 2600 lb pressure plate I had in my Talon. Just a curiousity of mine. Sorry to hijack the thread.
  4. Wow, good job on that pressure plate and flyhweel! Since you got the flywheel out, get the proper specs and see if it can be reground. That is always better then buying a new one. Not sure about yours as it looks real messed up but worth a try I suppose. As for the clutch, I have heard the S4s is very stiff so I would recommend going with one of the upgrades that Marcus offers. Semi-on topic... Marcus, do you have the actual specs of the pressure plates for your clutches and the stock one? I never heard of a +25% or +35% clutch. what does that translate to? For instance, on my Eagle Talon, the popular choice for us is an offering from ACT that is rated as a 2600lb pressure plate. For those that want less clamping force they offer a 2100 lb pressure plate and for those that need more, a 2900 lb pressure plate. What do the clutches you sell translate too? I am just curious as I have a +35% of yours. i got it 3 years ago but never put it in. Thought I needed it but didn't so I hold onto it until I do. Hope it doesn't go bad!
  5. Sounds like an Esprit with a cat bypass... awesome! Your car does sound much qieter then mine. Must be the muffler. Sounds good though. Definitely a keeper.
  6. I saw the Bosch but I am nto into doing that much to make it work so I am going local to have it rebuilt. Seems like the best option. out of curiousity, what is that black ooz that came out of my alternator and now lives on my AC compressor? Looks like syrup...
  7. I asked a bunch of my car buddies this same question. Waiting to see what options I have locally. Figured if I could get an uprated direct replacement alternator at the local parts store, that would be great too.
  8. So the alternator is dead in my 1994 S4. battery light came on the other day. Testing voltage at the battery with a digital multimeter and it reads 11.x and using Freescan it reads 10.x-11.x. I did some searching but cannot come up with a direct replacement. Can anyone tell me where I can find a direct replacement and what the part number/description would be? Or do I have to go with a new one from Lotus? Maybe somewhat related, after reconnecting th ebattery when i tightened the belt to rule that out, Freescan only got readings from voltage, rpm, MAF and coolant. everything else read zeros. Is that because of the low voltage or because the ECU was reset 2 seconds ago? Thanks! Rich
  9. It was originally a business but working on PCs for 8 hours a day at my real job made me not want to do it afterwards so I closed down the site but use it for my projects, like cars, etc.
  10. Thanks to everyone for the interest, posts and PMs. #3 high torque chip is still available if anyone needs a pick me up for their stock Esprit!
  11. Hmm.. maybe it is flexing? Sucks the welds aren't holding. That muffler has such a sweet sound to it!
  12. Maybe the cat being welded to the muffler is causing the welds to break, through wierd vibration, resonance or something?
  13. Jimmy, reply sent. I am currently running the 330HP chip but when it sells I will put in the regular S4s modified code. I am throwing around the idea of going to a standalone. I miss tinkering like I did on my Eclipse and Talon. Just not sure if I want the Esprit to be my tinkering car for something like that. I also have some friends who modify car codes for a living and have expressed interest in giving my car a personalized tune. Just not sure which way to go.
  14. I have 3 EPROM chips for sale for the 4 cylinder Esprit S4/S4s. They are the #3 - High Torque Upgrade, the #5 - 330HP Upgrade and the #6 - Red Race Code Upgrade. They are all legit, fully functional and purchased through PUK. They are supposed to be version 2 but only one actually says it on the chip. I do have an email from Marcus verifying they are version 2 though. I can provide the checksum if requested and have the reciepts. If you are interested make me a reasonable offer. I will include a brand new socket as well so all you need is someone to do the soldering for you. Thanks, Rich Clemente
  15. Cool, just wanted to make sure. I did recently do a cooland flush and cap replacement. That wasn't the issue though. 13 year old hoses are my issue as this one was split and ripped apart. I was going to replace it but wanted to be sure it was going to the right place. Thanks!
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