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  1. Thanks for letting me on the rollers at last minute notice. I dont know what was scary the most, the 1st or 2nd run. Just wondering if Carl has footage of it? Dave has anyone said you have a likeness to Michael Schumacher? Your Esprit looked stunning, simply amazing. I was in awe! Thank you Carl for showing me what an Esprit is all about, I could not stop smiling as you were driving. I love the seating position, it is like your sat on the ground and tucked into the car. I did not sense any body roll as it caressed the corners. It is a very special car indeed and I want one really bad. Dave do you want an extra
  2. A good day. Stunning cars, just stunning.
  3. Ill be there in a black suzuki ignis sport btw.
  4. Im Bury, Manchester. I can meet on the way to stoke if you like. How much are tickets on the door? Mike
  5. Just wondering if there is a convoy leaving from the north west?
  6. My MSN addy is r32manchester @ (without the spaces!)
  7. Thats very kind of you. I dont suppose its yellow and you like in Bury?
  8. After looking into the models further, considering a number or different factors ive decided it would be more sensible to go for a 2.2, preferably an S4. However ive got loads to read through yet on LEW. Im probably going to buy all the mods before the car.
  9. Where can I get wheel arch extensions for a 4cyl esprit, the same as the ones on the v8. How much are they generally and how do they bond to the wheel arches?
  10. ive just found a page on it This is what an afterburner kit is. What is a Jato pack?
  11. I apologise if this has been posted before but ive had a look with the search function and cant find anything. Can you buy an afterburner kit for pre 2002 esprits? I noticed on bobbak 2000 v8 it has the 2002 model alloys and wheels. Also do the 2002 v8 alloys fit straight onto the s4 (same offset and pcd)?
  12. I can appreciate that, however supercar or not there is no difference to performance. At high rpm the gas switches over to superunleaded and the automatic switching between the fuels is totally unnoticeable. Considering todays news on global warming, duty will continue to rise, whereas gas is frozen for the next 3 years. Just a thought anyhow.
  13. Look at the insurance premiums on the other thread there does not seem to be much difference from the 2.2 to the v8. How does the fuel differ, what mpg can be expected from both?
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