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  1. Thomas I should add....... Buy a 911 when you get here instead of converting the Lotus to RHD! Cheers
  2. Thomas: on importing cars to Australia Another site you can check out with respect to prices of cars here: Red
  3. Thomas Here's a few places to take a pic of your Lotus and send it back to your friends back home!
  4. and Hello Thomas, What are the other 2 cars? As for where to hang out there's Cavallino Cafe in Terrey Hills 25 minutes drive from Sydney CBD and plenty other car clubs you can join/hang out with including Club Lotus Australia in Sydney. And they are a bunch of nice guys too. Regards
  5. My mechanic of many years that service all my cars. He is out west. Depends on where youlive if that is not too far for you? He works on all makes from Mercs to Bimmers and has done a Lambo as well. And I should add when I broke a timing chain on my XCV70, Adam fixed that too = replace the head etc.
  6. I just had both my rear wheel bearings replaced and took my mechanic 2.5 hours which also includes replacing the front brembo pads. Labour cost to do all was $176 and parts I bought from SJ Sports. Ordered the parts on a Wednesday, arrived the next Monday, booked into my mechanic the same week on a Friday and done in 2.5 hours for $176. And he is also a mobile mechanic but that is only on Saturdays. Steve, you want to post Oct 7th then? Cheers
  7. Steve, What date you have in mind for October? Cheers
  8. DanR, Reckon we're due for another Kurrajong run? :gathering:
  9. I guess we'll see you there again this Sunday then? Cos' I'm going, again! Does anyone remember the name of that Cafe? DOH!
  10. Justin, pics takem by the D300?
  11. Danny, Geoff and myself went on the Ferry the last time we all met at the Road Warrior Cafe and if you remember we split up going home. Some headed back on the F3 and Danny, Geoff and I took the Wsieman Ferry route. Easy to get on and off going in sideways similar to what we all do when transversing tricky driveways! I will see if I can find those pictures of us on the ferry.
  12. Road Warrior Cafe 0700hrs OR, Sydney Art Gallery 0730hrs; breaky there and hen blast around town for a change!
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