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  1. Steve, Thank you so much for your help. Cheers Richard
  2. I am in the process of possibly the slowest Esprit rebuild in history, but the end is in sight, and I’m chasing fiddly odds and ends. With that in mind, does anyone please know, or happen to have a photograph of the fixings that are used on the rear radius arms (trailing arms) to locate the handbrake cable, the speed sensor cables and the rigid brake pipe. From memory there were a mixture of plastic and metal clips, but I can’t find them in the remaining parts tubs, nor in the parts catalogue, they’re not listed on SJ Sportscars’ web-site, and Googling hasn’t yielded a picture of an assembled trailing arm. As the Classic Car Show is on at the NEC next weekend I thought I’d have a trawl around the inevitable flea market, but only if I know what I’m looking for. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Please add my name to this group. I've been slowly restoring my GT3 and am nearly ready to replace the powertrain, so this would be a timely upgrade.
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    Yes, it interested me too, so I enquired about its status and this is the reply I received: "Hi no mot or tax not sure about service history I have had car about 8 months got it from a job I was on. It has been some one pride and joy as you can tell from condition but only got log book. Thanks." That rather calls into question the "one owner from new" statement. Judging by the underbonnet photos I think it has been stored somewhere none too dry. I suspect it might need a bit of tlc to get into roadworthy condition - certainly to the point where it's fit to be used daily.
  6. I too have got a scissor lift and have to say that they're invaluable - especially if you've got the option to drag it outside as required in order to exploit its full ability:
  7. Paul, You may not have seen my reply to your question on Pistonheads, but if you google "retroviseur cx electrique" you'll see that there are a few second hand mirrors on le Ebay and also a company called Auto Prestige is offering a pair of brand new manual mirrors for €100. It can't be too difficult to transfer the positioning mechanism across, can it? HTH
  8. Last summer after a trip to a very wet CarFest I suffered a very unusual problem: whenever I drove the car there were streaks of what looked like white emulsion down the left side of the car – investigation revealed that they appeared to originate from the near side lamp pod. Further investigation revealed what look like tiny bits of papier-mâché strewn inside the luggage compartment. One of which was big enough to read and that’s when we figured out what had happened: My car lives in the garage with its nose pointing towards the doors, in one of which is the letter box, and it seems that an errant envelope had, when pushed through the letter box, not dropped, but instead flown a couple of feet or so and dropped at just the right angle to fall unnoticed down the back of the pod. (You couldn't repeat it if you tried...) Then, after two days in the rain the envelope had disintegrated sufficiently to block the drains and had gradually dissolved into a white paste to be distributed by the air flow. Lovely…
  9. You don’t mention what the change by 4 units is equivalent to in percentage terms (or should that be in perhexage?), but if the closed to wide open scale is nominally 28 to 255 then that represents an unacceptably large drift. I’ve previously used the standard “rotary position sensor” that RS sell for about £25 and that is more stable than you’re experiencing. Have you considered that the throttle pot may be the victim and not the cause, and measured the Vref that it receives, and the pot’s Vout to see whether they vary similarly? (Sorry if teaching you to suck eggs…..) If you’re adamant that it is the pot that’s at fault then the next step is to use a Penny & Giles TPS280DP which is a contactless device that contains some pretty trick electronics which is claimed to have a stability of ±30ppm/°C. From memory the cost is somewhere around £120. So far I haven’t used a P&G myself but I’m currently in the process of fitting an injection system to a 1972 Porsche 911 for a friend and the P&G device is what we’ve settled on…. ... and apparently P&G deal with the great unwashed directly without having dealers as such. HTH
  10. Given that the transmission cases are made of aluminium alloy, I'm surprised that no-one has suggested placing a support under the driveshaft whilst punching out the pins. I used a block of wood with a vee cut into it, supported by a trolley jack. I also went and bought a couple of brand new pin punches for the occasion, which, when assisted by a 4lb club hammer were extremely effective in shifting the pins first tap!
  11. Just to be absolutely certain I might be tempted to connect a couple of small LEDs (with appropriate current limiting resistors) into the 12V feed to the instrument, and into the pulse it, just to see if either one drops out intermittently whilst driving. If that fails then Speedy Cables are probably your best bet for an effective repair.
  12. I do hope you won't be offended by what I'm about to type, but I've had to slap one of my friends around after wasting an hour trying to check the corner weights on his 911 only to find out that it hadn't occurred to him to disconnect the ARB before trying to make a measurement....D'oh! Sorry to state the blooming obvious, but it's essential that the car is on an absolutely level surface before trying to make a measurement. Finally the OP's profile omits (or am I blind?) to mention his location, but if it's anywhere near Hampshire you'd be welcome to make use of my flat pad and corner weight gauge - and use my car as a reference.
  13. Thanks chaps. Sounds as though the battery drain could be an interesting problem to solve. I've already found out about the "key in relay" which explained 50mA of drain, and it's just occurred to me that maybe the radio has been wired 'back to front' so that the ign switched +12V and the permanent +12V are reversed - that would definitely cause a higher than intended, but not ridiculously high, drain - I shall go and check later on to see whether the radio remembers its pre-set stations.
  14. Thanks gentlemen. To answer your question Alex; the car is cosmetically exactly as I bought it. There are no obvious signs of shading where any decals once were, so I can only assume that it was 'clean' from new.
  15. Having owned this (in my eyes) beautiful 1997 GT3 for a little over a year I thought that it was about time that I made myself known on this Forum. From what I can tell it has been around the block in terms of number of owners (I’m the sixth) although it has only just passed 20,000 miles (and I’ve got enough documentation to support that figure). In my ownership it’s had a few niggles: A weeping N/S driveshaft oil seal. It was actually surprisingly easy to change: three hours from start to finish and that included the time on the lathe to turn a simple press tool to fit the seal. (By the way am I the only one who thinks that Lotus spares pricing is erratic? £18 + VAT for the main seal is not completely unreasonable, but £12.66+VAT for a simple O Ring is absolutely outrageous – I’ve now sourced Viton O Rings in the correct size for significantly less). A disintegrating driver’s door mirror – but it turned out that brand new Citroen CX mirrors were readily available on Le E Bay at sensible money. The battery seems to go from full to flat after only a couple of weeks of non use. I’ve checked with an ammeter but the drain only seems to of the order of tens of milliAmps so I’m still slightly baffled. The original ‘security’ system had been fitted in such a naïve way that it would have been far too easy to by-pass. There’s now a far more comprehensive system… It had also been fitted with a DVD Player and a screen in each pull down sun visor – someone must have thought it a good idea, but it’s beyond me…. That’s it for now – will no doubt be on the Forums (Fora?) asking for help/sympathy/parts in the not too distant. Regards all Richard
  16. That's very kind - yes I would be interested to hear what price Lotus charge and compare that to the cost of a re-trim. Thanks again.
  17. I know that this will sound strange as first posting, but here goes: I’ve just bought a 1997 Esprit GT3 with which I am very happy, although there are a couple of oddities: the most significant being that a previous owner has installed a DVD player and a colour screen embedded in each sun visor. Without wishing to offend said previous owner if he/her happens to read this post, I don’t really need the screens and want to remove them. The addition of the screen means that the sun visor is approx 45mm thick and the extra thickness of the sun visors intrudes into my eyeline, and because I’m tall I really don’t need the intrusion. The original sun visors may be redeemable, but it might be easier if I can simply get a new intact pair and have them re-covered. My question is: Please can anyone tell me what vehicle is the source of the Esprit S4/GT3/V8 visor? I’ve had a trawl through a few hundred on E Bay but can’t find anything with the two pillar mounting: most are single pillar plus support clip IYSWIM. Many thanks in advance for any help I receive…..
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