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    From the album: S4s 1995

  2. Looks like you made the wise choice and chose SW Lotus
  3. Well I never! I was just flicking through the service book of my S4s (owned by me for last 5 years) when I spotted a name I recognised, the original purchaser is none other than Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Group Lotus Chairman. It appears that he purchased the car for his son. A year later Proton owned this really a case of he liked it so much he bought the company? ...the Remmington effect Just thought I'd share my revelation
  5. real boring right until the end....

  6. "A lot of you saw the Patagonia special and I'd love to admit now in front of everybody that I made a terrible mistake. Nobody knows I'm going to do this, but I want to get it off my chest now. Right in the middle of the programme, I said that the Condor is the largest flying bird, in the world, it isnt, it's the wandering Albatross. I'm deeply deeply sorry." Jeremy Clarkson ........not easy to admit your mistakes #proudofyouclarkson

  7. Lee-On-Solent with my Alex, Lottie and Jessie

  8. Any chance of a pic of the hoses that you speak of?...fed up of being cold
  9. Earned my salary this week,

  10. Interesting read I stole from this here Interweb. --------------------- When Margaret Thatcher won power in May 1979, it was against the backdrop of perhaps the gloomiest decade in modern British history. Shorn of its empire, Britain now cut a very miserable figure on the world stage. For at least two decades we had been falling behind our rivals, and now the contrast was painful to see. Britain's average inflation rate for the 1970s was 13%. West Germany's was just 5%. Our unemployment ra...

  11. Great result! Well worth the early wake up
  12. Afternoon all. Dec1 and I need my heater. I decided that having no heat was really no longer viable ... ice on the inside of windscreen makes driving a challange. I traced the heater (hot cold) dial/knob to behind the accelerator pedal (of all places) and have (after disconnecting from dial) moved it to fully open and still no heat...The pipes near what I guess is some type of diverter valve are real hot but still no heat...tried it fully closed too. Any ideas? Then I decided to 'fiddle' in stereo hole and spotted a couple of vacum elbows that I thought id check, in the middle of
  13. I had the same problem - I downloaded 'Windows virtual PC' and an XP image now all fine, though for some reason only the rear ALDL connector would connect :s (sure not win7 related )
  14. I'm sure you won't be this lucky, but the top fuse (or the first 5amp one at least :s ) in the rear fuse/relay box had popped on mine...Code 26...replaced fuse a few weeks back and still all fine
  15. Hiya, I did spot you after I'd passed you (I'm a little slow sometime ) The car was sticked up ready for Le-Mans.
  16. Pig of a job, but im through....for now I have an m8 bolt and nut rather than a stud and all is well....except my shreded aching arms..hey ho its a day off tomorrow and I get to drive
  17. Yep....tool is great...and yep the 'kin stud snapped again ... drill bits here I come ...good job there is loads of room..NOT
  18. its the Top (right ish) one , im gonna try Anyone know what I should be asking for when I get replacements...can I get them anywhere.....or is a lotus only SJSportscars
  19. Evening, Whilst replacing the CAT the very first stud I tackled snapped All others we fine, Cat now removed....just one snapped stud to sort....Does anyone have any advice/experience of stud removal Thanks in advance ps I will now be driving the Wife's Elan to Goodwood tomorrow :/
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