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  1. Hi guys can any one help. The motor on the pop up light has stopped working. I took it apart to find out that the bushes on the wiring loom where broken. Any one know where I can get the part from or does anyone have a spare I can buy.I've attached A link to show a pick Regards
  2. Please use the free classfieds Shaf.
  3. Hi guys Where physically is the 15A fuse for the door mirrors. I have no actuation at all, so I'm assuming it's the fuse... the mirrors where working before I parked the car up a few months ago,took it out for a mot and relised that they don't work at all.any advise where to start would be appreciated Regards Shaf
  4. Cheers Fitz that is a good price.but i have sorted it,,took it apart and worked my magic .,but good to know thats its easy to get a hold of, Cheers
  5. Sorted sparky done what u said and removed the 2 wires and shorted them out..Lights all working so its the switch causing the problem,...Is it easy to get hold of a new Switch?
  6. Hi guys took the car out for a drive today,and was told that my brake lights do not come on.Ive checked the bulbs and even replaced them,but still no joy.Ive even checked the brake peddle sensor to see if its not stuck but that looks fine.Is there any other sensors that i should check?Also is there a way i can by pass the sensor to make the lights come on permanently...Any advise would be great.. Regards
  7. Was a great morning meeting some guys from the forum..great bunch of guys ...
  8. Thanks guys.. One of the clips came of the handle.Easy fix just pushed it back in.Nice easy fix lovely
  9. Hi Guys got a bit of problem my drivers side door does not open from the out side,I can get in the car from the passengers side and open it from the inside. Any idea's as what i should look out for as im going to take the door card of tomorrow.Used the car yesterday it was all fine went to open the door today and it would not open
  10. After 10 years they finally catch up with the worlds most wanted man and they KILL him and not even question or get any intelligence off him. Theres so much more to this story then wat were being told!
  11. Check out the Desire HD currently the best phone on the market..Great phone
  12. Hello mate try Wiked Wheels at Woking. phone Kevin on 01483 302227 M.07765 254854.ive used them before..was very happy and great price..Based in surrey..
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