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    Looking for an Esprit S1
  1. Should be OK, unless someone has something to scale. These are going to be used (possibly after being re-illustrated into a cohesive piece) for planning the underbody airflow modifications to properly cool (brakes, trans, radiator flow, etc) as well as aid in high speed stability of the car. Thanks! Thanks! Those and the shift knob are already collecting dust, waiting for an S1 to receive them. ...Something like this... (This one is a sample only, because I don't know the underside of the car yet - the actual diagram will be based on the actual underside of the car
  2. Hi there! Does anyone have a picture, illustration or diagram of the bottom of the body tub on a G Car (preferably S1)? While I'm looking for my donor car, I'm still working on other aspects of the project and am currently planning out some of the aero requirements. This diagram, etc, would help tremendously in seeing what's already there and what needs to be done to help aid cooling and stability at speed. Also, if anyone has any aerodynamic experience with these cars at high speeds and has suggestions, etc, please feel free to contribute as well. THANKS!
  3. NICE project! I love all the V8s lately! Love the rear treatment as well...Very classy! Gonna love watching this one unfold!
  4. Ho-ly Je-sus! I just found this thread...I must've been under a rock! Hilly, you are simply a master of your craft and an inspiration to us all. One day I'll be able to start on my project, and yours will always be the benchmark I will try to hold myself to. ...Not that I could even come close...But not being able to be Holy hasn't kept people from using Jesus as a benchmark, either. Thank you for sharing your incredible project! I can't wait to see it completed! ~M
  5. Good question! Subscribing so I can follow your responses. Good luck!
  6. Those are what I was planning on the street on my S1 - LS1 project.
  7. [b][u]Annual Invitational Art and Exotic Car Show[/b][/u] [b]GTG Friday, August 4th, noon-?[/b] Stoney Creek Inn, E. Peoria, IL [b]Show Saturday, August 5th, 9am-5pm[/b] GTG to follow. Junction City Shopping Center Peoria, Illinois [b]Cruise, Sunday, August 6th, noon-5pm[/b] GTG to follow. Meet at Stoney Creek Inn, E. Peoria, IL [b]Please visit the website, and feel free to contact me for more information.[/b] Michael Erdmier [email protected] 309-472-9590 Thanks!
  8. ...I think she's telling you to sell her to me. Good luck with the fix!
  9. Nice looking units! I've seen many different kinds of coil-overs for many different kinds of cars, and 99% of them use a secondary ring or a set screw, as you mentioned. I have seen one other set that used a large single ring ,as pictured on your protech set, and they expect those to take a set and keep it, once the weight of the car is on it. Can't say this is how your set is for certain, hopefully someone else here has them. If not, I'd talk to the supplier before driving on them that way, to make certain that's how they're supposed to be. Good luck!
  10. Wow! Fantastic! Is it OK if I link to that page from my Esprit Project site? Thanks!
  11. I'm also looking at Image "Wolfrace" wheels, the Billet Classic 67s. ...At least for the street.
  12. $9K for that?! Wow... I emailed them, we'll see if they respond...
  13. Bump, let's have some great Lotus turnout for this!
  14. Basically you had to guess what gear you were going into, it didn't center, and you couldn't feel the gates, at all. Also, since the clutch wasn't working properly, it caught a couple teeth going in if you weren't perfect with it. I know S4Ss are worth more than they're asking, but for one that's been hit and is having issues, $32K is high. Thanks!
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