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  1. I’ve managed to source a couple of car sets of service kits. I have one set going spare so I have listed them in the classifieds if you are still looking. cheers Ed
  2. Just to say NA and S shocks are different due to extra weight.
  3. edp

    TLF GT430 Club

    Definitely the best colour but I am biased!! Congratulations!
  4. Excellent! Glad it helped! Had previously offered the guy on eBay £220 which he rejected so I am glad I held out. Rear shocks and springs still in stock too!
  5. Just a wee heads up, I originally ordered Front shocks from the Motorsport auction deal and they couldn't deliver. I have subsequently seen lots on ebay for double/triple the money. Lotus now seem to have located more new front shocks for the NA and have relisted them on MA. Mine got delivered this morning! Hope this helps.
  6. Spare friction plate now listed in the classifieds if anyone needs one: Cheers Ed
  7. Yeah I bought the last two from monkey wrench racing. Should be here early next week.
  8. No way I’m waiting that long. So I’ve decided to order a couple from the states. Let me know if you would like to go halfers. Cheers Ed
  9. I've been in touch with Lotus and wait time for the friction plate is 22 weeks. 😂
  10. Hi Guys, I tried to search but it came up blank. The time has come to start thinking about replacing the clutch on my NA evora. My preferred supplier cant get the required friction plate (C132F0015F) from Lotus or anywhere else. Lotus are in discussion with AP I believe. There are some in the states I believe. Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so what other options should I be considering. Elise shop has this: which seems overkill for my standard car. Has anyone fitted this kit and would it be reasonable to think it may last longer? Any other advice? Thanks in advance, Cheers Ed
  11. Looks great Will, thanks again for your help getting my A/c up and running at short notice on the way to frolic. Really appreciated!!
  12. Also having B1422 issues. Stopped working on the M25 on the way to Frolic. Thankfully the boys at Maidstone sportscars were able to have a look and they upgraded my ECU software and get this issue resolved. Sadly it stopped working again on Frolic but this time I was able to throw a reset from my cheap generic OBD reader (that hadnt detected a code) and that got me back up and running. Massive thanks to them for fitting me in enroute, 36 degrees with no A/c would have been unbearable!! Visiting the states soon and thinking about bringing back a new compressor. Anyone any idea how much (roughly) they weigh? Cheers Ed
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