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  1. though I'd corrected that, which page is that on? OK, seen its the post here, corrected it on the website. Looks like it's been wrong for a few years now
  2. Nope! Rules are, if the Esprit you own is in this years calendar, you get a free wall calendar, just needing to pay postage. Been that rule every year we've been producing the Calendar! So just need a PayPal payment of £3 to [email protected] with a shipping address and we'll post one out to you.
  3. Kato


  4. Very strange, I thought it was from an advertised Esprit. All the same, pay postage and we'll send you a wall calendar
  5. Did you buy it this or last year? Might have been from the previous owner!
  6. Here's a list of owners who are yet to claim their free calendar (shipping to pay) as their Esprit made it into next years calendar. Jeroen Wouters Gunther Henot Mark Nelson Jonathan Hackford If your name appears above after submitting a picture for the calendar, please email [email protected] to claim your free wall calendar.
  7. A 15 page, A3, colour wall Calendar. In the same style as Last years, featuring 13 A4 (297mm x 210mm) Esprit Pictures of different models in many different colours. Every model has it's badge and specification, including: BHP, Torque, Capacity, weight, production numbers and year of manufacture. Each month features some important Esprit dates from the past to help you keep up with the companies history. Running from Dec 2009 to Dec 2010 you can start your Esprit year a month early. Back Cover features miniature pictures of the calendars Esprits. A must for any Esprit enthusiast!
  8. 2011's Calendar is now available at the same place!
  11. Sometime during 1994 the S4 got an upgrade to brembo brakes. Early S4 will still have the toyota stuff.
  12. Kato

    Trevs Turbo

    Thanks for the update. Who wants to read about Dancing Donkey's (Dermot maybe!). Looks good on the cover, just need to find somewhere local that sells it!
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