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    Spotted on TV

    Was it an old episode? Don't watch the show.
  2. Which bits are you painting? I take it it's not the whole car Lotus Technical Department (Dave Massey) should be able to give you the correct info you need. 01953 608247 or [email protected]
  3. 1. Ian May 2. Mark Blanchard 3 & 4. Adrian Heath+Gina 5 & 6. Barrie & Emma 7 & 8. Brian & Barbara 9. Peter Maeers 10. Martyn 11. Chris Cole 12. Mike - MPx 13. NMEG 14.SLEGS 15.Phil 16.Dave Eds 17. Wilf 18. rip 19. kato
  4. Been there and used them for some interior stuff. Also know of a Turbo Esprit that had it's engine rebuilt there.
  5. Is that the 'support' car at the back ;-)
  6. There's a few pictures on these pages of Esprits with roll cages. Not sure how helpful they'll be.
  7. Check out this guide, there's a pic at the bottom of the article.
  8. That's great news. Hope everything is ok with the Esprit.
  9. Very nice! What did you pay for the screen? I have a mac mini
  10. Great story, fancy an owners page on LEW?
  11. you can order them at
  12. Zydol (tramodol hydrochloride). 100 mg seems to do the trick. Side-effects are my back doesn't hurt so much.
  13. Take a pic of the damage and of the pot-hole and write to the council. You can get refunded for the damage normally. I'm sure others here have better experience with these matters than me and can advise more, but it's worth pursuing.
  14. Some Lotus Dealers have a tech tool that can pick up ABS codes. They are very expensive and I don't know of a cheap alternative for an owner.
  15. Tax disc proves the car was insured and had a valid MoT, so it more than likely would have been used. Esprit don't do well when they are left and need to be used. Old tax disc show the car was road legal and maintain and used fairly regularly during that time. Otherwise the owner wouldn't be spending on Taxing it, MoTing it or insuring it. That's why I've got all mine. Plus they cost a bit, so might as well keep them!
  16. Here's some info once you've got them off! Good luck with removing. Happen to me before and had to get a tyre fitter to remove it.
  17. Sounds like you have a great History there! Will make it easier for someone to buy, harder for you to sell ;-) LEW's Esprit has a pretty good history. Including lots of info on the owners page. Here's LEW's guide to keeping a history.
  18. rumors that the stig at the time was Perry McCathy, who had a falling out with Lotus during his racing days with the Esprit GT1 and didn't like the Esprit. Seems unlikely. The car in question was a company car which has since been sold on a couple of times. Not sure what condition it was in at the time of the lap. Does seem a bit slow for the Esprit performance. club members can see the lap on the club site under videos.
  19. Only the 'Mega Rich' get to leave the Esprit behind happily. Any Ferrari, Lambo etc will also cost a packet to run and repair. It's quite a financial commitment moving up.
  20. I'll keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the info.
  21. Added the info to LEW. SE page under models and on the Production Figures under history. thanks
  22. Got the lastest Issue, which it isn't in. Looked at their website and current and previous magazines and can't see any reference to it. Any more info?
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