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  1. Why don't you join us on the train at 19h20 and drive with 4 other Lotus to our hotel (Holiday Inn Norwich City) ? Then you will have a busy friday evening but a very chill saturdaymorning with only a 20min drive to the factory. PM me if you want to join our group 😉
  2. We are with 4 cars from Belgium and we arrive in Folkstone with the train at 18h55 local time. Another group from Belgium takes the boat and will also arrive at 19h in Dover with 9 belgium lotus
  3. Tickets & hotel booked with 3 cars from Belgium. Looking forward to a great weekend!
  4. Thanks for the great comment. If interested, the Red Mansory Evora is for sale ;-)
  5. A Lotus Eleven during te Mille Miglia in 2016 And some Lotus from the 2016 Le Mans Classic More not Lotus related Le Mans Classic or Mille Miglia photos on my Facebook
  6. Thanks Bazza 907 & Exploded ! Exploded, I believe you mean this photo from the great train... Another big butt from some moments earlier.
  7. It's been a while since I've posted something here so I try to make it up with these pictures. Some photos of the tour I helped organizing last year - Lotus Summer's End in Brussels And some of the belgian 2015 Lotus Tour Limburg My favorite of this Limburg day My complete selection of the Limburg day is on my flickr account: The complete 306 photos set is on there site:
  8. Another one from the belgian Lotus Tour Limburg, pretty familiar car for you guys I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the entire day with Barry and his Essex Esprit during the Limburg Tour !
  9. Thanks for selecting one of my photos as POTM ! Also everyone, thanks for the great comments and it looks like I should post more of my pictures on this forum
  10. © Stijn Sioen

  11. Some of the 2013 Lotus Festival at Brands Hatch
  12. I really love the Maximus shot, amazing autumn feeling in this one. Great shot !!
  13. More pictures of the Belgium Tricolore:

    © Stijn Sioen

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