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  1. well the dealer is a bit defensive to say the least, very reluctant to drive 10 miles to have it inspected?? seems very indifferent, so think i will walk away on this one, shame it looked nice.
  2. im sure this has been asked a million times so sorry but what sort of annual costs could i expect if it wasnt a dog!? owned tvr's and such so pretty used to hefty bills but is the espirit on another level in terms of running?
  3. excellent thanks for the advice, having the indie on his doorstep will make life a lot easier! just need to get over there now.
  4. the dealer has had it for 18 months as his own car apparently so not quite one owner car! to be honest i would have to get it inspected so any recomendations on that front?
  5. hi, yes first espirit, always hankered after a v8. having come from tvr's not sure what to expect really. just trying to find out as much as poss. car does look nice and seems fairly priced.
  6. hi there, new here just wondered if anyone knows this car at due to have a look this week.
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