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  1. No, none of it is related to the CAI, sorry for the thread derail...the intake is fantastic! The car was smoking with the stock unit in place.... On a brighter note, here is another review of the CAI from a different owner in the states.
  2. First....they need to deal with the problems with the Evoras they have already sold here in the states if they want people to upgrade to the SC cars. My car has had the clutch changed at 1700km, and they also fixed the peeling clearcoat, I also mentioned that the car had some oil smoke after hard driving. I picked up the car and drove it 700km before the car went into limp mode. Turns out that the dealer did not tighten the nut on the one of the lower motor mounts and the engine was rocking back forth enough that it pulled the intake off and put the car into limp mode. The car was towed to th
  3. Yes, Toyota has TRD and Nissan has Nismo, Lotus will not sell "Motorspotrs" parts to the general public. Seems odd that a small company that had already done the R&D work and sells cars based on it's racing history will not help the owners who purchase their vehicles.
  4. It is a really easy job, just make sure to plug back in the solenoid for the flapper in the airbox to avoid a check engine light. I had to elongate the slot on the right hand side of the engine cover brace maybe 3-5mm due to the added thickness block off plate.
  5. I was just thinking about making a drive by video yesterday, I will try to throw something together tomorrow.
  6. Yes, The part number on the springs is Lotus.....and does not cross reference in the Eibach system. After speaking to the west coast sales rep here i feel i am going to have to remove them from the car and measure the rates myself.
  7. Spent another day testing the intake at the track during the Lotus cup usa HPDE, zero issues with the intake, no CEL, no idle issues and the car felt fast again compared to the stock intake. I was lapping with the owner of a Evora s behind me and he had a hard time keeping up. Granted, some of this can be attributed to driver experience and familiarity with the track. We spoke after one session and he said that he was just barely making up the gap on the straight sections. I have the production intake on my car now minus one production coupler and it is fantastic. I spoke with Radium this
  8. I see that Lotus is running a 18/18 set of wheels on the GT4 car, is there anyone here who can get any better information about these wheels? width and offset maybe? It sure would make running slicks a bit easier on the budget compared to the 18/19 wheels that came with the car.
  9. The other forum is, I will try a practical test later this month when i get the finished product on the car. I was just using the prototype intake during a track day with the lotus club here in Oregon. I had to put the stock airbox back on the car at the end of the day.
  10. If we had a better dealer network over here I might have some reservations as well. We also have the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act, where there has to be proof that the aftermarket part in question caused the problem with the car.
  11. The Intake is fantastic, here is copy/paste of what i wrote on the other forum. Yesterday I went to the CLNW fall track day and met up with Radium at the track. We were going to put the production piece on my car but one of their suppliers is still a few days out on one of the elements. So we put the prototype intake on the car for some track time and some "butt dyno" results:D As we all know the stock intake is enormous and the amount of room in the engine bay is amazing with it removed and the Radium kit installed. Remember this is just the prototype and not the pretty product
  12. Looks like Radium Engineering has made a cold air intake system for the Evora that makes a nice Hp and torque gain.
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