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  1. I was checking out an antique shop in Temecula, CA, last weekend when I came across this May 1968 Issue. It was mint condition and looks like hasn't been open for over 40 years. I just had to get it. I have all the usual Lotus hat, watch, books, hotwheels cars, magazine, Xbox Lotus steering wheels, pin...but by far, this Hot Rod Magazine is the most dated! Let's see your cool Lotus related stuff. I know you British fellows would possess a lot of original Lotus memorabilia dating way back.....please share. I would love see/get some Chapman's autographed items! Lotus F1....
  2. Thanks, I was Irvine C&C last Saturday after the rain and there was only a few cars. I planned to go this Saturday but it might rain again! However, I did see some Esprits in the past, most likely you guys. Also, there are a group of us youngsters, Elise/Exige owners, get together every Thursday in LA for dinner - a great group! My link I saw this last Saturday C&C...Lotus(Ford) Cortina GT
  3. Thanks for all the nice comments - caught the mod bug, couldn't get rid of it. Now just having fun driving and getting better on the tracks. When I first got it in 2007 And now...too much...I know but my work is never done. Below was few months ago at the Coronado Speed Festival in San Diego, Ca. Anyone, especially in the states, coming to LOG 31 in Las Vegas later this year?
  4. Thank you gents for the warm reception. My 747 wing was shipped from England - I think her Majesty, the Queen, would approve. Unlike the Boeing type, mine prevents my little bugger from taking off @ 135mph on the track. I understand it looks BIG - it's either hate (to love it) or love (to hate it), but it's definitely very functional! I love want to know more about the S2 Esprit - 2003.5, S4 and S4S. Will be visiting here frequently to pick your collective brains! Hopefully, one day I can visit Lotus factory in Hethel: a ride on the track and tour - that will be something! Who's been ther? tell me about it! This is a slower but very fun track: Willow Springs Still put a big grin on my face every time I drive her (don't even say it!) - What a blast! Also who's here has a Caterham / R... or Super 7? Love those - my next fun car for sure!
  5. A BIG HELLO to fellow Lotus enthusiasts here - I literally just discovered this forum about 10 minutes ago. I own a 2005 Lotus Elise S2 since 2007 and have been in other Lotus forums stateside about same time. I would love some day to own an 03 Esprit, even the new model or a Super 7 someday. Whenever possible, I try to go to the local tracks a few times a year - always learning. In the Los Angeles area, we have a regular group of Lotus enthusiasts hang out and have dinner every Thursday. There are meets and drives weekly around here. Other than that, it's nice to live only a block away from the Long Beach Grand Prix - starting the count down. Just got here, but it appears most members here are Esprit owners, correct? The great thing is that you guys are from all around the world....anyway, glad to be here. A lot of modifications, but still naturally aspirated!
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