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    2002 Lotus Esprit (US Edition), 1999 Sport 350 (US Car 4/8)
  1. SCCDC082XXHA15875 1999 US Sport 350, #4/8 Silver/Black SCCDC08252HA10396 2002 Esprit Anniversary Edition #061 Azure Blue / Magnolia J. Morrison, Orange County, CA
  2. Alan, I have an Esprit from roughly the same time period as the one you're looking at, and it has just over 30k miles. I bought it early in 2005 from the previous owner who had a very comprehensive service history and modification file on the car but had only put about 3k miles on it during the time he'd been in possession. (I've put almost 6k miles on it in two years.) Knock on wood, the only problem I've had (other than cooling issues related to the increased horsepower on a stock radiator) is the rear suspension bushings. I've had to replace them twice in two years. Fortunately, it's
  3. Paul, Tucker Tire in Laguna... Sorry, Snuffy, I guess that would be Tucker TYre!
  4. Thanks a lot for the input, guys. It's looking like a Goodyear F1 vs Toyo Proxies decision... Actwon, were your Pilot Sports the 1's or 2's? I had to put new tires on my blue car a few months back and the tire place had both 1's and 2's, but talked me out of the 2's with price and comments that the 1's were actually a better tire. (Suspect he actually may have had a glut of 1's left in stock instead, but it was a compelling argument!) Ran $1k installed, balanced and mounted. JM
  5. Gentlemen, Did a search for "Esprit Tires" and "V8 tires" (which the search feature didn't like because of the length of "V8") before I posted this, but didn't turn anything up specifically speaking about experiences, pros/cons etc. Apologies if it's been discussed elsewhere (because I suspect it has.) I'm looking at a few options for tires for my Sport 350. I know there are only a few manufacturers offering "matched" sets for our cars, and am looking at the BF Goodrich G-Force T/A's, the Potenza RE050A's and the Toyo Proxies T1R. I've read the reviews on the various tire reseller sit
  6. I have the same question. Being out here on the Left Coast US with a demanding employer and no vacations allowed in January, I'm in a bit of a bind. I have an associate who's more than happy to drive down and pick up what I need (my car's off the road with right front suspension damage), and I'm a Club LEW member, but he's not. Any ideas? Thanks guys. JM
  7. Ok. Been lurking long enough. Photos from the lunch (read: parking lot) portion of the event are here: Enjoy! JM
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