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    Paul Myhill
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    S1 Exige #175, 340R #83
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  2. Thanks its amazing how much time you can actually spend searching ! Its certainly rewarding to see the info we've got so far - just hope it can continue !
  3. Have you ever previously owned or currently own a S1 Exige??????? Myself (pmyhill) and Graham (M7EXG) have teamed up and are currently trying to compile a search for all the Series 1 Exiges Made (big task we know)..... If anyone can help us then please get in touch with build number (last 4 numbers of vin), colour (plus if its been resprayed since), Country Location e.g England, France, Germany, Japan etc... and which engine you currently have i.e original VHPD or honda/audi etc... We currently have information on approx 130 (and growing) of the believed 595 that were made - a link to what we've found so far can be found here -> Please either message myself or graham through any means with any information and we can update accordingly Many Thanks !!! Paul
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