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  1. Alex_76

    My intro

    So, to get back in the Lotus Forum saddle... I bought me self a Lotus. Finally! I am the proud owner of a Type 54 Lotus Europa S2 with work. Next post is when the car is ready... (about two years from now...)
  2. Alex_76

    My intro

    Thanks guys, for all the warm welcomes!
  3. Alex_76

    My intro

    Thanks The Veg! See you have a S3 turbo. NICE!!! How do you drive it? (daily, once a week?) How is the quality?
  4. Alex_76

    My intro

    Good day everybody, My name is Alexander and I'm from The Netherlands. Yesterday joint this forum because of my interest in and for Lotus. Hope to own one (or two...) in the future. For now, dreaming and saving... I have set my eyes on an Esprit S3 or a Europa s2/special or TC. Love the history of the brand because of the 'cocky' way Chapman did his thing, bringing car building and racing to another level. His way ON the highway! That's it for now. Cheers!!
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