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  1. For gaffer-tape-enabled DIY mechanics; Lots Of Taped Up Shit. I've got several more based around the word "organ" which are more disturbing than funny...
  2. I've got a set of winter tyres for my sensible winter commuter. I'll keep the Elise on it's summer tyres and just take it out for an occasional run over winter (I hate not driving it and get really twitchy if I go without if for a few days). My sensible winter commuter is a turbo MX5 with a roll cage. Winter tyres for it are £40, wheels were £50 for a set and it is amazing in the snow. Never gets stuck and I don't care much if something happens to it. Also it means I can run silly track day tyres on it all summer. There is a huge difference in grip with the winter tyres on, but on the other hand I did 20 years of commuting without them and didn't die or crash once, not even the decade I spent driving MR2s.
  3. Nissan missed a trick by not fitting yellow plastic windows.
  4. When reading motoring stuff on the internet nothing makes me angry faster than "RPMs", except maybe "RPM's". It makes me want to kill. When I was working in the US it annoyed me even more than dropping the "h" or "herb". Now I'm back in the UK and work with a woman who punctuates everything with the word "like". As though someone once told her about similies and she only remembered one word of the explanation. She is like standing there and like speaking drivel from like her massive stupid face, right, yeah and like belming. Hateful.
  5. Sport 160

    Carbon Tax

    How do these carbon taxes affect the soft drinks industy? I can hear the CO2 emissions every time I open a can of coke...
  6. So who is forth in the current constructors championship then? They used to be in F1...
  7. Sport 160


    I think in 100 years people will either be so plugged in to the matrix that they won't have a clue what was real 100 years ago, or they will be recovering from the petroleum wars and will have no idea what our life was like. Which one it is pretty much depends on whether non-Einsteinian technology can suddenly give us energy from total conversion of mass (or something else magic) before the oil runs out. >awaits ridicule after 100 year thread bump in 2111<
  8. I think published specifications have to be correct to avoid angry litigeous customers. There are laws about it and everything. I lost 500g just from typing that. Fact* * internet facts do not represent actual facts, no real weight loss implied from this typing exercise regime. Value of weight can go up as well as down. Consult your doctor before commiting to any typing exercise program.
  9. You'd have to be insane to expect changing the density of the fibres to change the density of the resin. Anyone with realistic expectations wouldn't expect a dramatic weight difference from the finished part. However, the fibres are lighter, so the parts will be lighter. They will also be more sparkly/bling, which I suspect is what sells a lot of carbon products.
  10. Density of carbon fibres = 2.0g/cc Density of glass fibres (E-glass) = 2.55g/cc Density of glass fibres (S-glass) = 2.49g/cc
  11. Aren't test tracks one way? So moving "out of your lane" means going on to the grass - it's the same for everyone. What an odd complaint. If you regularly see "Porsche, Lambo, Ferrari are all over the centerline" when driving on roads then maybe the drivers are drunk, rather than it being an inherent and undiscovered flaw with all thier cars which only Lotus have solved. From driving my Landrover this morning it seems that even vague steering 4x4s on off road tyres can stick to their own lane. Porsche, Lambo and Ferrari clearly have a lot to learn.
  12. Update: It turns out on of the pins inside the connector to the back of the light had failed. New connector and all is well again.
  13. Nuts, you beat me to it, I just found that very link and came back here to post it. It's cheating to post up a picture of the plane with the engines and wings removed Edit to add: Uglier with the engine and wings though....
  14. I freed off a seized clutch in an old 3-series by wedging the pedal down and leaving it for a day or two, after which is worked as normal. No idea how long it actually took though. I did the same thing in half an hour on another 3-series by wedging the clutch pedal down and running the engine to warm everything up - the clutch released but not until after the pile of dry leaves under the car had caught fire. So the wedge it and wait method is definitely my favourite.
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