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  1. I was using a bosch style relay-5 pins with 87 and 87b in the center, I thought this was the correct type?????
  2. I removed the engine for a rebuild, and now the cooling fans run day and night! The cooling fans are new. Also, I can remove the key, and the fans still run. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. thanks for the reply, I did have the right firing order, just had the plugs fuel fouled from manually turning on the pumps. Still need help with the fuel injection/pumps and how the circuit works. I am waiting on a propor shp manual, so I am flying blind on this one.
  4. I removed the engine for overhaul(blown head gasket), and now after the install, it won't start. I think the problem is twofold. First, the fuel pumps won't turn on witout providing a ground signal from boost relay. Found out rpm module is not providing ground signal to boost relay. I am lost after that. Also, I think the initial timing or leads are wrong. I placed the engine on tdc #1, and checked cams/crankshaft/distributor rotor, all seem to be correct. I pulled all the spark plugs, and all were wet with fuel. I think I had the leads hooked wrong because 1 and 4 were wet and sooty,
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