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    The Car, The Mrs, Work, play, play, play, work to pay for play, play.

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    Mid way between an Excel and an S3 Turbo. With a few in between..
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  1. johnpwalsh

    Engine Stalling At Closed Loop

    Don't tell me you had a Cavalier !!!!. Gob smacked, utterly astounded in fact. Almost as bad as if you were to say you had one of Andy's favorite Audi's.
  2. johnpwalsh

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    I think the Altair Green is a stunning color. AWas thinking of doing the Lotus Ekup in Altair but think it needs a slightly darker color. Where's the pics then.
  3. johnpwalsh

    Tut, David Duncan

    Many of you may know TUT of TUT towers aka, David Duncan long time member of Scottish Elises among others. I just heard today that after a long illness, Tut passed away today. Tut was a gentleman and a Lotus man through and through. Probably best known for never wearing shoes, his days at Knockhill race track and his exploits at home where he held his parties, known as Tut Towers. Many of these adventures can be found on Google. RIP TUT. A gentleman and Lotus fanatic to the last.
  4. No pic, but on one of my Excel's I have C 10TOS. Our dailies have S222 with our initials.
  5. Sadly, once again we are going to have to pull out due to work commitments. Bloody typical, as this time we thought we were going to make it. Off overseas in a couple of days and just crossing finger's that I'm home for Christmas. Have a good one guy's.
  6. johnpwalsh

    parking required for two nights Buxton area

    No problem Gareth. It's all sorted, thanks.
  7. johnpwalsh

    parking required for two nights Buxton area

    Thanks guy's. All sorted.
  8. johnpwalsh

    What made you happy today?

    Looks like it's on wheel's, so could be moved out easily enough for the new Lotus though.
  9. Hi guys, anyone in the Buxton area have a spot on their drive, field, barn for two nights. I have a car to deliver but need to store it overnight for 1/2 nights this coming weekend. Probably Thurs/Fri night and it would be away Fri/Sat. If anyone could oblige it would be great as save me about 12hrs driving and 700 miles. Long story but it would be a great help. Cheers.
  10. johnpwalsh

    What made you happy today?

    Mmmmm. Has the Elite engine suddenly lost a few cylinders then. Or is it the big ends that are rumbling.
  11. johnpwalsh

    Little winter project

    It does look rather smart in Silver. But why have one, when you can have two.
  12. johnpwalsh

    What made you happy today?

    Nope. Got that one wrong Andy. Thats what @Barrykearley looked like after working on his last V8. Almost killed him. He was a shadow of his former self when he finished
  13. johnpwalsh

    Gold '78 Elite 503

    Blessed in deed those who also have three Excels. And a Lotus Ekup.
  14. Anyone watching Wayne Carinies chasing classic cars tonight. Lotus garage with an S4 and half a dozen Evora's and a couple of Elises.
  15. johnpwalsh

    Gold '78 Elite 503

    How rare to see two of these on a drive at the same time, pretty rare now I would think.