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  1. Very early dry sump SOLD at French Auction

    Just looked at his add, nice one. Supposedly the ONLY one currently for sale in the world, and a genuine Essex at 50,000 EU. Not much of a mark up there then.
  2. Anyone know this S4 please

    Mutley. Dind't you ask Barry about his car that's for sale. It may be what your looking for, and well sorted.
  3. Gold FFM?

    Looking forward to receiving my valet kit, will be well used once the snow is over. Let me know when it's on it's way Bibs and I can keep an eye ou for the delivery. Gold all the way. Well worth it.
  4. Hi Dave on another note. I was having a clearout the other day and came across a large piece of cloth that would have come from the restoration of Bananana. If you want it give me a shout once the Christmas postal rush is past and I will send it down to you.
  5. Elite chassis??

    Elite chassis for sale in Dorset. Listed on Gumtree.
  6. Esprit S2 40th Birthday Meet 2018?

    Just found an S2 locally yesterday, in a bit of a mess but easily restorable, comes with spare crated engine as the original has a blown head and only 43k miles on her. Any interest.

    Dont tell Barry.
  8. Elite chassis??

    There was one on ebay I think, but could be wrong.
  9. Flywheel lightening

    All sound good. Have a look for fueltheburn posts. Kieran Lee had a special built when he upgraded his engine although I think he had problems with it. His engine was built to 2.5 spec but it was none turbo in an Excel. Big write up about it in the Excel group. Try this link.
  10. Lost Original JPS Esprit !!!!

    I promise everyone who has asked. One day I will get up there and find out. Sad bit for me he is only about 5 miles away.

    Thought it was my old one for a moment.
  12. Uncle Dany's new Panther

    Sorry but not for me. Looks to much like a tarted up Dinky toy of a car never to be built. You know, the kind of thing a kid at school would have done in the 70's as an art project at school which needs loads of refinement.
  13. Lost Original JPS Esprit !!!!

    Well, just had a nice follow up from Andy, the chap who owns the commemorative Esprit. So for those who wanted more information or confirmation of what I posted earlier, here you go. Posted with Andy's consent as he is more than happy for his car to be known. I have deleted part of Andy's mail address, although he is willing to be contacted by other enthusiasts. If anyone wants to make contact I will pass it on in a PM. I just prefer to try and keep things that little bit safer as you never know. It's a valuable car in a fairly isolated location. Hope you don't mind gent's. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Andrew Borton <[email protected] Date: 11 December 2017 at 11:40 Subject: Re: Lotus Esprit S2 Commemorative Edition (JPS No 79) To: John & Wendy <[email protected]> Hi John and Wendy, Amazing what can happen by chance in a couple of days! I am happy to share my email address with anybody so feel free to pass it on to the person who contacted you. The Car Details are as follows: - Lotus Esprit S2 "World Championship" Commemorative edition (JPS) No 79 Current Reg KGD 451T, Original Reg LUP 97T Chassis ++++/0571G Engine CC907 7812 15694 (Original engine still fitted) According to the Lotus archivist, the car was allocated build No 79, but was the seventh JPS car based on serial number. He also suggests this was by special order from the dealer as it commemorates Mario Andretti winning the 1978 F1 world championship in the "Lotus 79" F1 Car, JPS car is also the Type 79.
  14. Snow

    We have had thick snow since last Friday, now frozen and of course with cutbacks the pavements have not been cleared, ok for us younger folk's but our village has a high percentage of elderly people. Myself excluded of course.
  15. Hi Phil, any pics available. I suspect a hole may have been cut to allow for adjustment of the handbrake brake but a photograph of the location would confirm. This is fairly common though.In saying that I am no expert on Elite floor pans., but I'm sure someone will come along and tell you for sure.