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  1. Hi Lex. There is/was another issue with the car which has never been resolved, so it's now in secure storage.
  2. Michael. In a word. SHITE. About to start week 6 of a 4 week trip. And the latest we have heard is we may get off here in bloody June. Excuse the following, but. If those selfish pricks we see on various sites that we get some access aren't shot or at least bloody jailed for cavorting about, beach parties, house parties, whatever. Then there are hundreds of guys stuck away from home and not being helped by these selfish ignorant B++++++s. I have a 96 year old mother in lockdown in a nursing home who has 5 kids who always visit. Now she cant even get a messaged passed through a window. I have a wife in 12 weeks isolation as she is high risk due to recurring pneumonia and pleurisy with mild COPD who now cant get to the shops and is having to rely on neighbors and a fantastic community association in the village. Please feel free to kick as on my behalf, you can even say its from me by name. Other than that, I'm fine Michael. Hope you and the Mrs are well clear. Sorry. Rant over.
  3. You still wont get free meds and prescriptions. But I she goes into surgical, she will have great hands for doing V8 engine rebuilds. Well done to your daughter though.
  4. My mums a wonderful 96 and in a nursing home which has gone into lockdown. Yep, all for best intentions. Its hard on the family having to say happy mothers day through a closed window. I'm lucky, I've been in lockdown for last 5 weeks on an offshore platform off Doha so you would think, great a sterile environment. Yep, but then they bring 24 guys back who have been stuck in country due to no flying. Yes they have been insolation for two weeks. Then, they bring out other guys who have been self isolating In what they call the industrial zone in the city, and where do they put them. In with the first batch. Then we hear the industrial zone has 100% barriers round it, the lot, police guards the lot. Why, because people in the zone are rife with the bloody virus. Sterile environment just gone out the window and we are told we are here for 3 months. And that's only if this shit subsides. Gees, it's hard watching the world go into melt down and knowing your wife, kids and mother who for various reasons are all high risk candidates and there is ferk all you can do. Stay safe folks, and for ferk sake go by the advise of the specialists. I want to get home and have a family to come home too.
  5. Only just got access to the site, access to all public sites very restricted for last few months so playing catch up. Sorry to hear the news Scott. My mums now 96 and in lockdown. Heartbreaking when the family send me pics of her stuck in her apartment and they can only message via a window. And here's me complaining of being in lockdown, overseas, and offshore for three months. Probably the most sterile environment on the planet just now. But ferk its hard also knowing your wife who is highly susceptible to pneumonia and pleurisy and a prime candidate for this shit, and knowing there is nothing you can do other than get a nightly chat (mostly just text) . Then you get snippets of news of all those selfish bestards stripping shops bare when the elderly and infirm cant get basic essentials. Our NHS seem to be doing themselves proud again during difficult time times, as they always do. Well done to the staff who are forever giving of their time and dedication with little thanks in return. Stay safe guys and hope this lot clear up soon. I got to get home. I have a family to see too and have cars to build.
  6. Unhappy, this is bloody unhappy. Corona firkin virus. Offshore 4 weeks, due home, only to be informed most of the world now in lockdown, relief crews stuck all over the world in no fly zones and cant get into Qatar. Us guys, (read couple of thousand crew members over all the platforms) have to stay here, no end of rota home time. You are now expected to stay for six weeks from the start of your rota, you will then be shipped to a hotel in Doha where you will be kept in seclusion for a week to prevent any cross infection. You will then be shipped back offshore for a further six weeks. This pattern will continue until such time as the Qatari government deems it safe to cancel the current two week quarantine period in country and allow people movement through heliports and airports without fear of contamination. Ferkin great. The other ball breaker is while the guys employed directly by the operating company, are paid double time on already astronomical wages, and their reliefs who are stuck at home still get paid, us the contractors who keep these installations running get sod all butbasic pay for the extra time. That's fine some would say. Yes, if we were all on the same deal. Our reliefs stuck at home for 3/6 months, get nothing, zilch. Parity between the workforce. Sod off. We are all expected just to grin and bare it. If for example you have a wedding planned, yes we will get you home (as long as your destination is accepting flights) but at the end of the virus problem, you just might not have a job to come back to. Compassion my arse. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  7. Sorry to hear this Bret, but be thankful in the knowledge that it has been found before going into a full blown heart attach or stroke. In my line of work we have to undergo a fairly strenious medical every year and it's surprising how many lives it has probably saved due to early diagnosis of unknown issues. Get sorted then enjoy your holidays.
  8. The long and the short of the trip to France is we have now been asked to carryout a full restoration on a second S1 by the same owner. Must be doing something right. Many lessons learned on the first one . No 1, Never believe that all reproduced parts will anything like close to fitting, or as described. No 1 A. Never believe it when a supplier says, yeh, this part will also do the job, just tweak it a bit. No 2, Never take for granted promised delivery times. No 3. Never give an estimation on how long a particular task will take without at least multiplying the hours required by 3, especially when it comes to re aligning doors and windows. No 4. Never believe history that comes with a car unless you personally have known the vehicle, I can almost guarantee, the history has been, shall we say massaged a little. No 4 A. Always think of the worst and if it's better, it's a bonus and you have saved time. No 5. Always have the manual handy. It looks like the part fits, nope, that's wrong, take it off and do it again. And if you don't think that looks quit right, your probably right, but hey its a Lotus and could well be. No 6. Don't believe everything in the manual. The original build of the car was probably not as described. No 7. Find someone with a similar model that is willing to compare notes and supply photographs. Believe me, it's a godsend at times. No 8. Take loads of photographs of whats been done, it's a bonus for the owner, great for the cars history, and a great way of looking back and checking before and after. No 9. ALWAYS thank those who have helped out with above photographs and info. I can guarantee, you will be contacting them more than once. Lastly. When your project is finished, and it starts first time off the key, moves, stops, starts and everything works as it should. Give yourself a pat on the back as it's a bloody miracle, after all. Its a LOTUS. Thanks to all who helped by answering questions when I was stuck.
  9. Update on the S1. Had a call from the owner. Can you pop over to France and fix a couple of issues. Transport driver had yanked on the handbrake and it was well and truly stuck on, passenger door wouldn't open and a few other little issues caused probably by bouncing about on a transporter for something like 700 miles. So, LotusRescue goes international. Plans all made, 14 hour drive to Folkestone, overnight stay, then Le shuttle early morning. Gets to destination and find snags are all an easy fix. Carried out a few other improvements the owner requested. Job done. Half day to spare before our return which was pre booked so obviously we had to do the French tourist bit and head into Paris central. Whirlwind tour of the city using their metro and train system which is a great way to get about. Fantastic Italian meal courtesy of the cars owner in the city centre. Last night in the city prior to heading home. The old Volvo did us proud. Loaded down with every tool I could think I would need, then some. A mileage check showed 1,983 miles on 4 tanks of fuel. Bloody good going for a heavy car with a good bit of weight in the boot. Return journey was fun in heavy rain, thick fog drizzle, then more fog. So. Do we now call it LotusRescue International. Lol.
  10. So, You may think LotusRescue has been a bit quiet of late, in fact for a fair few months. However, things have been moving on in the background. Delays caused by my full time job which meant little time at home over the past two years and not too much being done when I was home, other than one project which was the the imported S1 from the states. She is now all done and off to her owner at long last. I must admit, it is looking rather good and had a huge amount of work done on her. On the personal side. The TLF member who, three years ago offered to back me in the venture has now been repaid. I will forever be thankful to him for restoring my faith in humane nature when at a time I was pretty pissed off with the world and all that went with it. Thank you bud, it will always be appreciated. Although you asked for nothing in return I am pleased I was able to make a start on something, and eventually pay you back. In the following months I had to give up my workshop as the owner put his property on the market for sale, and surprisingly, it sold in 4 days. Ouch. I had four days to find alternative storage for the cars I had. Luckily, a local guy who is into classic motorcycles had a spare barn and storage space so a deal was done and hey ho, new premises. At the same time I had a nice little windfall which allowed me to purchase a nice 4 post ramp, some vehicle stock, a load of new tools etc and get the new workshop kitted out properly (thank you Mrs W) So now LotusRescue has a wonderful big shed that holds 4 cars, and outside covered storage for 6 more, a four post 4 ton ramp which is slight bigger than the standard 3 ton one and gives an extra .5Mtr width and 1.5Mtr length which is perfect for an Esprit. In addition to the ramp, I managed to find a cracking good jacking beam which fits across the ramp and allows me to jack any vehicle up and have the wheels free to work on anything. The building owners have been excellent in having a new concrete floor laid prior to the ramp going in so no worries about strength of the floor, all new lighting and all new power sockets, and loads of them. It is bloody ace. LotusRescue now has 3 client cars waiting for work (which helps pay the rent) plus my increased own fleet, and all due to one man and a little luck with a PPE claim. And all that happened withing a few months at the end of last year. Now if you think that's good, the next bit is a cracker. As of the end of this month I am no longer working away from home for months at a time then only having a week or so off, I am back on a normal work rota where I work away for 4 weeks, then home for 4. A life can now be had, plans can be made, our house backlog of jobs can be finished, the wife's car can be completed ( the Excel has been waiting almost 2 years) and I can get cracking with other projects. The first being another S1, then the Ekup, an Elite (horrible faded Brown) and two Excels, then whatever whatever lands up next. Couple of pics attached of the S1 the day she left outside the old workshop and the new shed waiting to be finished and have the walls and floor painted. Progress. Oh yes. Happy today. Oh yes.
  11. Happy today, oh yes. So the S1 I have been working on, for what seems forever has finally gone back to her owner. A long project is finally over. She is still having little niggling problems, but nothing that wouldn't be unexpected after such a long time in hibernation and having so much work done on her. Now to move on to the next one. Another S1
  12. My wife, also English has been here now 11 years and a bloody shop keeper said to her she had no right to speak local dialect which she has picked up over the years. Guess who now do a round trip of 6 miles just for a pint of milk rather than give her trade. Her loss.
  13. Probably cut frozen, then simply repackaged.
  14. Catering company for offshore just ordered 200 tons of chicken meat from Hungary. Comes boxed with the UK flag on the lid. I kid you not.
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