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  1. johnpwalsh

    Win a Jim Clark Special Edition Lotus Evora GT410 Sport

    Chipp. Sorry but you missed one. That being the one I have and it's the winner. Guy's. Do you get confirmation of ticket purchase as I bought last week but seen nothing.
  2. johnpwalsh

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Nothing to do with alcohol consumption then.
  3. johnpwalsh

    Excel 1987 roof cloth

    Roof cloth material. Ignition key is Toyota Supra MK11 I believe.
  4. johnpwalsh

    Two-piece exhaust front pipe?

    I think that's still the same one fitted by Julian in the mid 90's when Banana was first restored so it's done well. I know I never changed it during the 7 years I had her.
  5. johnpwalsh

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Unhappy, yep. Went to see the remnants of an early Elite yesterday to see if anything could be salvaged. It was taken off the road when the gearbox went. The guy then showed me into the first of his storage sheds. Jaw dropper. Sitting in the corner covered in crap was an Austin Martin Volante, next to an Austin Shearline, next to a Fiat Topolino which was next to a TR7 covertable, which was parked under a two post ramp which was holding up an early Mercedes 500 AMG which was sitting next to a collection of vintage motorbikes. He went on to say shed two and another collection of vintage and veteran cars and bikes, shed three had another thirteen bikes and two former F1 cars, shed four had more of the same. What a collection, and everyone decaying and covered in crap, bird shit, old mattresses etc. Outside were a few old international tractors and a very early Ford digger. Only good part ( the happy part ) is I acquired whats supposed to be a good 2.0Lt engine, but no gaurantee with it, a complete set of Elite chrome, an Elite tailgate plus some other odds and ends. These are all surplus to my requirements so if anyone needs any of the parts just let me know and make me an offer plus carriage. I am going over to collect everything later this week.
  6. johnpwalsh

    Fuel pump

    I fitted the same pump as above with no issues, also fitted a new fuel auto lock valve from Valvtek, £13.00 from ebay and works perfect, far better than the £75 one from usual Lotus parts suppliers.
  7. johnpwalsh

    labour time for b service.

    Get a pressure test done, water doesn't just disappear unless you had an airlock.
  8. johnpwalsh

    Thinking of selling

    Bloody hell Mike. That's far better than I expected the way you were speaking. My estimate over the phone was at least 2k out. Man if I had the time and the spare candy. And that's built onto an original dry sump chassis.
  9. johnpwalsh

    Prices Soaring

    Just playing catch up on this and low and behold. This is the same guy who bought my Yellow S3 saying it was going into a museum, only to be advertised three days later at double the price.
  10. johnpwalsh

    Restoring my Elite 503

    Been there done that.
  11. Worst purchase. Must be my first Lotus 11 years ago. Started a serious addiction which seems to be incurable. 22 cars later and all to blame on an Eclat. On the plus side I have met and made so many new friends and acquaintances. Even met my wife because of it.
  12. johnpwalsh

    World Cup

    Resulting in brake failure.
  13. johnpwalsh

    World Cup

    And here's me thought it was a remote tester for the ABS system
  14. johnpwalsh

    What made you happy today?

    OK, maybe not what made you happy today, but certainly what made me happy last weekend. also goes to prove we do have dry day's up here in god's country as most of Saturday was 28/30 Deg C and Sunday after a 10 minute very light shower went on to hit the 30's from about 10 am onward's. It was our annual Glamis outing and the 10th anniversary of our club. The weekend went great with fantastic weather other than a 5 minute shower early on Sunday morning. We had a great range of cars on show including the new 430 cup courtesy of Leven Lotus Edinburgh who have picked up where MMC left off and of course Ian Parkin made the effort to bring it up to us in time for Sunday morning, so a huge thanks to both Leven and to Ian, much appreciated. Pity he couldn't leave the car with me though. A mention must go to David Boyd who after being tail ended on Saturday afternoon in his Evora, he stayed up almost all night to fix the exhaust and the defuser, completing it at 4 am and arriving on the stand after a 3 hr drive for 10 o'clock the cut off time. Now that's dedication. We didn't have the privilege of 100G this year as she is currently suffering from an oil leak, but Gordon (owner of 100G) turned up last minute in his GT3 instead so the space was filled with what still is a rather nice car. Our Europa race car that was due on stand didn't make it in the end. The deal was that Bruce would have the car there provided it had no shunts or issues at a race meet the previous weekend. Well, it wasn't involved in a shunt but Bruce's tow motor blew the diff and after working on it until 10 pm on the Saturday night, Bruce had to admit defeat. Never mind, maybe next year. Tim and Tina had a special gift for us at the dinner table in that they had had a cake made in the image of Jim Clark and his No 5 which was a nice surprise, so thanks to you both. Over the two days we had several hundred people on stand admiring the cars and asking the usual question's. How fast is it, is that a Vauxhaull engine, can you still get parts, are they being made in China now, and for a first. I never knew they built a pickup truck. Photographic evidence is available of the actual vehicle on the stand. Someone totally unexpected apparently turned up asking for us on the stand during the one time Wendy and I managed to get away for a 20 minute break. A certain Mr Brian Angus or so I was informed. Bloody typical for us not to be there, but according to David, he was on the stand speaking with a few of the guy's. So for all those who helped out and made it possible, from our resident "T" lady, Elaine, all those who helped set up and then take down the banners, Gazzebo etc, thanks ladies and gents. To those who came from far and near with their chariot's, obviously without you people it wouldn't happen, so huge thanks to you all folks and we hope you enjoyed it. And to Wendy, the Mrs who now does most of the orgainsing of all our club events, a special thanks as I know Glamis is a nightmare to organise with all their special rules and regulations. Thanks huns, are you ready for next year. A small selection of photographs showing some of the cars from Sunday and some of the thousands of people who attended.
  15. johnpwalsh

    The birth of LotusRescue

    That is the first Excel pickup truck. Nice project as an blank canvas for someone to complete.