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  1. I often watch vice grip garage, purely for his humour.
  2. Hoi. So you pinched the base for my garden bench then.
  3. Dave. If your thinking of having banana done. Give me a shout as I've done a lot of research into the materials for car interiors and you can save a fair bit by buying direct and sending to any trimmers to have do the work as I have just done with the Esprit.
  4. I got pulled in my S3. The number plate had a rust stain on it where the screw went through which changed the appearance of 1 letter. The car had been on the road for about 30 minutes after being in storage for 9 years. Still got a ticket from the prick. Best bit was two days later, same cop at the side of the road with his car on fire. Being a good citizen, I drove past and gave him a wave.
  5. Thanks guys. Just ordered it from Rimmer Bros.6.25 plus postage, 11 quid all in.
  6. A bit late to the party. But any more info on part No6 so that I can try trace one. Thanks.
  7. Hi guys. I have started in the interior restoration of my S3 and the dash etc is all now out. I noticed the fiber optic unit is in bits. Anyone know where these can be sourced, or if anyone has a spare. Cheers guys.
  8. Please. Can someone please explain to me the meaning of spare time. Seems to me spare time is only when I sleep.
  9. I've just experienced an issue with a dished flywheel. Was asked to change out a slipping clutch on an SE. Job done, but during the road test the clutch was still sliding. Gearbox back out to find only about 5mm of the friction plate was contacting the flywheel. Took a straight edge across the surface to fund it had about 1.5mm dipped between outer and inner circumference. The unit had oy been on the car for about 4 years and had done very little miles in that time owing to ongoing clutch issues. That was the second issue I had found, the first being the slave cylinder pushrod had been extende
  10. I think Mrs W needs to update our club figures a bit. Membership now stands at about 130 with something like 140 cars.
  11. I've had a few PMs asking why the name Ekup. Well it kind of looks like an Australian Ute and all Lotus names start with an E. Eute just didn't seem right somehow, then couple folk who have seen it at the garage asked what make of pickup was under the covers and I just it was an Ekup. And it kind of stuck. 🤡
  12. So. Since thats going to work, here's a couple of pics of the first two projects that will hopefully be on the videos. The first will be the S3 turbo which some of you maybe already know the story of her and how she came into my possession. The second will be the Lotus Ekup project. This car was bought as an abandoned project about 5 years ago as an engine donor for another s3 Esprit NA. The engine was checked over and found to be in very good condition and fitted to the Esprit. The rolling shell then went to another Lotus restorer who had great plans for her, but ran out of time to complete.
  13. So, trial page setup and channel organised on You Tube with a test video uploaded with my old S4. Where is it now. Anybody know. Once I sort out the glitches on the channel, the plan is do an update on all the LotusRescue cars to date, then run a video of the S3 turbo destruct and rebuild, and hopefully one of the Ekup project which has been sitting under covers for the past three years. Thanks to Jayem who is going to give me some hints and tips on the video side of things as I am the original technophobe. Trial vid attached.
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