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  1. Probably cut frozen, then simply repackaged.
  2. Catering company for offshore just ordered 200 tons of chicken meat from Hungary. Comes boxed with the UK flag on the lid. I kid you not.
  3. I recon its material. The stuff we got was bloody expensive, cushion backed. It's nice to walk on as feel softer and warmer than the engineered stuff, but 4 months down and some joints are giving up. Had the installation guy come and look at it and he recons a product design fault. This guy has been laying flooring for years and knows his tuff.
  4. Just had it professionally laid in our hall. Hate it, joints show after a short time. And it's not bloody cheap stuff either. I would rather have engineered wood.
  5. LotusRescue are glad we were able to help out with that one Tony. Have you bought the replacement yet.
  6. So. Many of you may have thought LotusRescue has been a bit quiet of late, but no. Been quietly working away in the background on a few projects as well as spending a lot o extra time overseas at my full time job. Yep, got to work to pay for the toys. So 2019 has been a busy kind of year with one thing and another. My club, Club Lotus North East Scotland has again had a bumper year attending shows with the highlight as normal being Glamis. 42 cars on show on the Saturday with about 50% of them changing over for another selection on the Sunday, must admit Wendy does about 99% of the organising now. So for LotusRescue 2020, it's going to be busy. The White S1 will at last be gone. A new project will be starting which a few of you will have seen, the Lotus Ekup. A donor has been sourced for all the parts, colour for the paint job has been decided, replacement seat's purchased and all being well it will be stunning. The fate of the Yellow S1 will have been decided and either being restored or sold on. The Steel Blue Excel of Wendy's will be completed at last and then I will have breathing space for other projects. So 2020. Bring it on as I have a few other surprises for the beginning of the year. Watch this space.
  7. Nice one, and great to see it finished. Well done.
  8. Hi , Jack, sorry for late reply currently down in chelmsfor for a funeral, home on Friday night. Email me directly on [email protected] Cheers John.
  9. Absolutely no problem. It's a cracking good car with great history, rebuilt engine, tried and tested. I would drive it down without a second thought.
  10. Hi. In regards to condition, she is as good as the one listed above and has the leather interior, although would look better with a good polish. She never made her reserve at the Morris Leslie auction. To the best of my knowledge, Alistair, the owner has never listed it on Ebay. And you are correct. The photographs do not do her justice. I might, given time give her a good polish as Alistair is unable due to his injured arm and shoulder, hence the reason she is up for sale. I have just read through the post and noticed a comment where it stated there were only two done in Black so if that's, then this is the second one. Black is her original colour. have a look on for a better description.
  11. As Tom said. I had same issue. Remove the 4 bolts from the prop to the diff, pull the prop forwards in the tunnel, lower engine, insert prop. Job done, but you will have to watch the diff end of the prop doesn't catch on the chassis when pushing the whole thing back. It shouldn't foul on the steering rack, just adjust the angle as you lower the engine.
  12. Allen, PM me with a figure so I can work out if it would be suitable for a future LotusRescue project. Cheers
  13. Is it complete with manifolds, carbs, distributor etc.
  14. You should have left your name etc with the window dressers and asked to have it when they were done. Mmmm, are Debenhams open today.
  15. Yeep thats it. When the rule first came out it had to have had an MOT in the previous year, now, no longer required. Register as historical then claim MOT and tax exempt.
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