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  1. Jaguar F type

    I have my XC90 and it's a tank. It does what I bought it for and far superior to the TD5 which has been parked on the drive for he last few months. Of course I would rather have an Evora but.
  2. [eBay]Lotus Elite 504, 1979

    I have just been offered two Elite's through LotusRescue. One a 73 501, the other a 78 503. Going to put them on the market via TLF. Both owned by the same Lotus enthusiast for many years and have loads of history. Both Black. Any interest out there, they are currently in deepest Norfolk.
  3. Unhappy/Happy

    Cheers Kimbers, the free time on FB was due to sitting about in various hotels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha for 10 days. Got to ask. How did you manage to get such a talented wife. Been looking through her galleries. Awesome springs to mind.
  4. Planning consultant

    Agree Andy, but with a car like you say pay up front for the parts, go collect the car and bugger off with it without paying the balance using shoddy workmanship etc as an excuse, then wait for court action. Whereas if youv'e spent months of labour on a building site for example and dont get paid, you cant simply pick it up and take it home. One guy up near Fraserburgh did a cracker a few years back, his client bought the plot, the builder went ahead and built a nice new 3 bedroom bungalow complete with double garage. Sadly, they then got into dispute and he refused to pay up. The builder having known his client for several years had no agreement of staged payments etc. In the end, the builder who I have known for many years and he had a very good reputation took matters into his own hand as he was a one man outfit and this loss was going to close him down. He went and set fire to the house and burned it too the ground. Obviously he was taken to court having been charged with arson. His claim was how can it be arson when the building belonged to him. Result, he did three years inside, lost his business, his reputation and his wife. The client had he house rebuilt by his insurance and never did pay the debt. Years ago I used to undertake work on peoples cars and many a time the story would be, I'l come back and square up later bud, of course later never happened and you were out of pocket for time and material, hence I stopped doing them. The most galling part is that it usually was close friends or relations. 90% a bit high maybe, but if the clients happy to pay it, then why not.
  5. Planning consultant

    Barry. LotusRescue work a similar system. I find car, Client pays for car. I organise transport, Client pays transport. Price agreed for any work. Subwork client deals direct and pays for parts upfront then staged payments. Mechanical work, estimate given for work hours, client pays parts upfront. All work agreed prior to commencement. End of project client pays balance. That way I only have a gamble on my time and any subwork like resprays, interiors is dealt directly by the client and the contractor. Just been offered two gem's, both Lotus Elites with same owner for 20+ years, both in Black. One a 73 501 the other a 78 503 if anyone interested. They are located on Norfolk area and not yet on the market as I have the task of finding buyers for them, also a nice little Elan 130 as part of the collection but no word on it being sold as yet. Give me a shout if any interest. I will be looking for good offers for them.
  6. Engine and gearbox removal...

    A satisfying job once done and makes adjusting the hand brake a doddle!.
  7. Unhappy/Happy

    Thanks for all the comments guy's. Added bonus being in new position we will even have internet which we have not had on the last job, so be prepared for more regular posting, slagging and general good banter. Well sometimes.
  8. Unhappy/Happy

    Well as many of you know. Earlier this year after a spell on unemployment I managed to at last get back into work on what was supposed to be a 3 year contract with a probable 2 year extension. Well just before I was due to go back to Dubai last hitch, I get a whisper that things were not all well with the contract and yep, our company managed to lose it. Letter arrives giving the statutory 28 days notice, which in fact was only 18. So off I head to Dubai knowing full well that 8 days later I would be back hunting for work again. Picture the scene. Working as normal and showing a mate of mine how we run he job, documentation, planning, budget control etc while knowing that said mate is taking over your position 8 days later through no fault of his, he works for a competitor who are taking over. I am not going to go into details on how the work was lost other than say the senior manager and his assistant are no longer there and that it had nothing to do with the quality or quantity of work being carried out. So jobs finished, caput, pack the bags and get ready to head home completely disillusioned and seriously pissed off. Instructions come from head office. Car will collect you at Dubai airport and transfer you to Abu Dhabi, so I'm thinking, OK going to the office for a wash up meeting prior to flying back home. Next 5 days spent sitting in a hotel in Abu Dhabi waiting for info. Day six, gets a phone call, car picking you up to go to the airport, your going to Qatar to head up a new team on a long term project and can you please pick which members of your team you want to take with you. After a long flight with several stops I eventually land in Doha. Spend the following six day in hotels while discussions are ongoing about what's to be done. Bare in mind that during this time I'm sitting in hotels at company cost but still costing me money and I have no contract in place, don't know if I am being paid or who is paying me so the stress levels are a bit high. But thinking to myself. Just shut up John, say nothing for now , it may come good. So next thing I get is an email with a new contract and reviewed rates of pay. Wow, salary increase and day rate increase back almost to the levels it was 3 years ago and back dated to the first of the month. Result. So, after a further 3 days of sitting about I hear the priority job I was required for has been delayed and that I am to fly back home to the UK but to be prepared to fly back in ten to fifteen days time, oh and under the terms of the new contract, I am still on pay. With the oil industry in he doldrums as it has been for the past few years I must have found the lucky four leaf clover for a change. Enough of a workload for the next few years and decent money being paid, the downside is that I have no fixed rota. I could be away for a month or week, it will all depend on the job. But heyho, I have a job and can continue with the my plans for the Esprit Turbo restoration. Happy Bunny again.
  9. Hello from edinburgh

    Welcome Jim. As well as this forum of lotus nuts, have a look at LEGS, loads of members in your area who do regular runs and meets. Look for bingo king and pm him. A fair few owners North of the border are offshore workers so cant make all the meets. Another one to look at is Club Lotus North East Scotland. Great choice of car and colour bye the way.
  10. As everyone has said, seat out and cracked on. They can be a nightmare to get done properly but with time and patience you will manage. They look kind of reasonably fresh so I wonder if at the last pad change if the piston was set properly as this can have an effect. Sparky can give you a better description than I.
  11. The birth of LotusRescue

    It's been kicking about for a while. Another two not far from it as well. Just now I need to concentrate on getting the imported S1 finished and its almost there. Then I must finish the Blue Excel and get her on the market, again almost all done now. Loads of delays on her due to work.
  12. Saddo alert!

    S3 Esprit on nearside.
  13. Engine Progress

    Well done Mike. I am sure you will get the drive shaft issue sorted. Keep up the progress, and as mentioned, by doing the job at home you will learn a huge amount about your car.
  14. Evora

    Spotted nice Evora 400 at Kinross service station. Looked a little dirty so must have been given a good run. Nice to see.