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    John Walsh
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    Mid way between Ekup project, S3 Esprit Turbo, 3 x Excels and 2 Elites, With a few in between..
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    Lotus Ekup !!!.
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    Scotland, now working in Qatar.

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  1. Well done Danny. Now the increased expense for the old sparkie starts.
  2. Ooop's yep, forgot about that one. Maybe get a Halfords fitter then. They can do it all without training. Brush may never be the same again though.
  3. You could at least have swept the floor when you left.
  4. Can you guarantee it will be sterile when the procedure is finished though.
  5. Congrats Tom. Great feeling. WHAT MADE ME AND THE MRS REALLY HAPPY TODAY. A confirmation letter from our scabby bank confirming that I had cleared my mortgage, and completed it early. No more worry about. Will I make it this month. And best of all, getting rid of a bank that I have hated dealing with for the last few years.
  6. Sadly many are indeed lazy. Brexit is now highlighting the issue. Fingers crossed the country grinds to a halt and the political shiterati get a grip of this and force folks in this country to get back to work and off the freeloading. Gee's. I officially retired 3 months ago, yet I'm working 7 day's a week. One for a construction company where I am looking after the plant ( I was a crane engineer) and the 2nd job which takes place after I get home at night and any free days from the plant job in LotusRescue garage. Yet these people cant get up to catch a free bus. What/where did I do wrong.
  7. Dear Mr. Walsh, We read your CV with interest, but as Rolex don’t make Seamaster watches, we felt unable to meet your otherwise entirely reasonable demands, and wish you every success in your continued search for employment. Yours, etc. Dear Mr Lord. In the 1st instance. Who asked you for your toupence worth. Sekondly, you may be higher edificated than many of us. But are you a specialist in Rolex or Seaman master watches, no. I thought not. Pleae keap out of an otherwise potentaal for me to ern a fir crust for little work as normal. It it wurked out right, I wood still be able to sin on on the days am supposed to be grafting an could have used the exkuse, not trains available du to rong kind lo leavs on the rails. In know fine well my previous work history in the Scrubs workshops would suit me well for this job as I was learned how to hot wire from the best of em. Shurly an old chicken shed cant be much different. After all, a wires a wire never mind where you connect it. And as for this 3 phase malarky. I can do 3 phase nae problem. Phase one between 10 and 112 am, cant do it any earlier as trains may be late for start time. Phase 2 between dinner and T time and phase three which I hope s a short one can be done after afternoon fly cuppa. Needs to be a quicky as I want to sneek aff to catch the earlier bus hame so I can use the change to buy my pye supper. Well the bus is too quid cheaper than the train so I get my supper for nothin and the boss would niver know. Kindly please but out. Ur's respektfuly. Unemplyed ho wire specalist soon to be employd.
  8. Should have given me a shout to help out bud. My work ethic is 1st class. My timekeeping, impeccable and my demands for megga salaries is not too high. Rules. 1/ Require 5* accommodation with three cooked meals a day and silver service. 2/ Require a good quality watch to keep time. Preferably Rolex Sea master or similar. 3/ No salary deduction for late arrival's on site as that would be down to 2nd rate watch. Company supplied. 4/ Skill level's will be commensurate with age and the level of assistance give by may personal laborer. 5/ Any failure on any of the above by you, the employer. The employment is then liable to cancelation with full remuneration paid until such time as I find further employment on the same terms, conditions and salary. Available to start at 1 weeks notice which of course will be covered by salary. When would you like me to travel. At your expense of course and 1st/business class.
  9. The latest LotusRescue find collected and taken home today on our own recovery truck after having been parked up in a store for the past 10 years. Last run 5 years ago. As usual with assistance from my personal navigator. Wendy. Nice turbo for someone to have back on the road for next summer. Could that be you. Sadly, my brilliant VW Amarok and I parted company today. She has been a fantastic motor and a brilliant tow truck. Anyone thinking of buying one, you wont regret it. She just didn't suit my purpose anymore.
  10. This little beaut was sold as a none starter. Well that was down to the fuel cut off having been activated. Pushed the button back down and she started with a push. The battery was also dead. I was also told it required a replacement starter. Replacement starter purchased and gets her up on the ramp ready to do the change out. Nightmare of a job. So, battery disconnected and start to remove the crossmember, then noticed one loose wire. Mmm. Tighten up said loose wire, reconnect the battery and hey presto. She lives. The garage that this car came from really want to look at the quality of their staff. Nice little Pacific Blue M100 N/A up for sale very soon.
  11. If only I could, it would be here in a flash. It's a cracking good car. Now, if Kimber's were to take 2 M 100's, a 503 and 504 Elite, and a couple of Excels. A deal could be done. As for my Esprit turbo. No chance. It's staying put.
  12. And it just gets better. The Blue M100 which was purchased as an MOT failure just gets better as I've found that all the items on the failure have already been replaced, including a full set of new front and back brake calipers, pad's and discs. Other items have already been repaired. Result.
  13. Oop's I've done it again. Yup, another Lotus joins the fleet of LotusRescue projects. Another little Lotus Elan M100 SE in Norfolk Mustard. That now gives me the Pacific Blue N/A and this ones a turbo. The best bit is that this one is a bit closer to home and not an 800 mile or so round trip for a change. Need to sort out hours in a day as since retirement, there just aint enough of them.
  14. Hope I don't get tarred with the brush due to flying up and down the A 720, M9, A1/A1M, M6, M74, M8, M40 etc on a regular basis with the race shuttle trailer. Believe me. I don't hold up any traffic and travel as a sensible speed of ** miles per hour. Keep a lookout for the flying machine. Most of the time you will only see the back end as it passes you.
  15. My contracts due up shortly. Then hey can stick it. Only issue is getting cover as Tesco mobile seems o be the only one in our area which is reasonable.
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