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  1. Hi guys. Anyone on here do vehicle graphics. Looking for vinyl signs to tick on the side of a trailer, something similar to what's shown on the attached picture. Any ideas guys. Cheers. John.
  2. Yep, early morning boob on my part. Maybe and admin can move it. Bibs.
  3. Woefully unhappy today. Just followed the link of a French version of the Urban Explorer. Hankies at the ready folks.
  4. As with all the other sentiments. We spoke with John at the Hethel 70th. He will be sadly missed. RIP sir. MJK, also thinking of you at this sad time knowing your close bond.
  5. I have spent more than double that just on nuts and bolts.
  6. I've always used white grease which looks like same as OEM applications.
  7. Hi Greg. Thanks for the kindly offer. I do in fact use some of your ValetPRO products having bought a kit off TLF previously. I think the stumbling block would be the distance between us. If you are willing to travel and present your products in NE Scotland, I could organise a club meet where you would have a larger audience and therefore a better sales and promotional opportunity as I am also founder of Club Lotus North East Scotland with a club membership of over 150 members and around 160 cars. You can contact me directly on. [email protected] You could start with my last hedge
  8. Shes on the trailer ready for off. BUT the bloody road into my workshop is blocked by blowing snow which as caused huge drifts. Neighbour's tractor going up in the morning to clear it.
  9. So Covid has cocked thing up a fair bit for LotusRescue, as it has done so many other business. It hs delayed work on a clients S4 and meant hat all my own cars are about 1 year behind what I had planned for them. Over last couple of weeks I have been stopped twice going to my workshop and told that I wasn't a full time business, I should not be traveling. So, got round that by having some business cards printed, which I received the other day, so now if I get stopped I will just give them a business card. I fully understand and endorse the rules. But my workshop is about 1.5 miles from the ne
  10. I am founder of LotusRescue ( along with loads of assistance from Wendy, the wife ) who over the past 7 years ( part time as I still have a full time job ) have rescued and moved on a total of 27 Lotus, stalled, abandoned and forgotten car's in various stages of decay and most have all gone on to new homes with fellow Lotus enthusiast who will complete the task of bringing them back to life. We assisted in the sale of a nice car off to Australia, another went to Germany and carried out the restoration of a clients car which when completed went to Paris. We managed to find a buyer for the secon
  11. Extra fiver discount on the trailer for the nice comment.
  12. Comes complete with a set of ratchet straps and wheel straps to prevent damage to your alloy's. All ready to go. Just saying. And as your a fellow Gold member, I would give you a discount.
  13. Could include free delivery, abiding by Covid rules of course. .
  14. Not a problem. Of course you could also buy my previous one complete with new lights, new wiring loom, new wheel bearings, brakes and cables. Fitted electric winch and battery box. Set of four securing straps and wheel protectors (saves marking alloys) Even comes with a security lock. You would never know the VX was on the back. This unit has done thousands of miles with me and never had any issues. Due to the miles I was covering, it has always been kept in good condition. Brian James Clubman. Perfect for any Lotus up to 6'6'' wide.
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