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  1. Eddie Fiola Elite

    Going to spoil your dream here. 20+years ago I was assisting in a fund raising event to purchase a mini bus for the community. Linda who was then in her prime was one of the celebs who came along to one of our events. Pretty good considering we are a small village in he North East of Scotland. Lovely girl and a great laugh, so down to earth as well. So many of he local guys were just a tad jealous. PS. She sill looks good to this day.
  2. And I recon your real name is . Carlo Collodi.
  3. Love it. I managed to sneak all the bigger parts under the bed in the spare room. Bumpers, Spoiler, Skirts, Cant rail's etc.
  4. Time to start explaining

    Little known fact. Rubber components have a 5 year shelf life. One of the main reasons we change out thousands of hydraulic hoses on a 5 year cycle on offshore cranes and they undergo an annual inspection.
  5. This happened on my S3. Not ssure if the cable setup on the Elite is the same, but once I got my one opened I attached a second piece of wire to the catch and had it come out through a hole in the floor in case it ever happened again. I just tucked it away out of site, but where I could reach it if required.
  6. Prospective Owner Seeking Advice

    That car would certainly be worth looking at, at its current price, and an easy fix as a bonus. If I was in the market for one then I would be down to view it tomorrow. Pretty close to me too.
  7. Time to start explaining

    So the Yellow thing lives, runs and is almost legal. Well done chap. Good work. Now go fix that mirror so you can at least see what you have passed on the road and see if that dusty old porker is creeping up on you.
  8. I can well imagine shipping to the UK would make them to expensive.
  9. That's the only way I have heard of it being done, unless you have a spare tail light that you can sacrifice.
  10. The birth of LotusRescue

    Hi Mike, all's well up in sunny Scotland but bloody cold. Started the rebuild on the American S1 and it is now looking good, the paint job came out very well and with the change back to proper spoilers, bumper's, light etc looks far, far better. Hows your car coming on now.
  11. The birth of LotusRescue

    LotusRescue have been asked to market a rather nice Lotus Esprit Dry Sump in Essex Blue color's due to change in circumstances. Here are some of the details of what has just been completed on her. Turbo and Waste gate done. Two new fuel tanks done New thru chassis coolant pipes, New oiler cooler New stainless steel clutch hose installed. New clutch assembly. New ignition module and ignition set up. New alternator. New high torque starter motor. New poly bush gearbox mounts. New rubber engine mounts. New coolant hoses. Complete engine rebuild to include liners, pistons, rings, shells, oil seals and gaskets, valve stem seals. In fact everything a newly built engine would have. Interior re-trim to include a new windscreen. Front and rear brake rebuilt including calipers and new discs. Probably loads I have missed but a full breakdown of works and invoices as proof are available. To date this car has cost just over £30,000 and the owner is looking to recoup his costs. If a further 5/6k was to be spent on paint then this car would be one of the best out there. There is a huge history file with the car which shows very low ownership and an original letter from the first owner when the order was placed for the car. It makes interesting reading. Plus loads of history on the car from Andy Graham, Lotus Archivist, and the previous owner. She is not officially and Essex dry sump but must be one of the closest original cars there is out there, even the chassis numbers are very close to the Essex run. Obviously huge investment potential as we all know pries are rocketing. Photographs to follow. Any interest please PM me.
  12. Essex Random Images.......

    Wow, that close. Our old Eclat, now owned by Sold Dave was registered KAH 543V and originally owned by Team Lotus and registered to none other than Andrew Ferguson when she was Gold. Underwent a restoration in the mid 90's and was changed to Yellow.
  13. How to buy and pay for a car abroad??

    I know of two imported S1's that may be for sale and already in the UK. PM me if you want any info.
  14. Esprit rear wheel

    Someone asked about a rear wheel for an S3 yesterday, I said I may know of one. Well mate of mine has one available but I cant find the posting. Get in touch and I will send you his details.
  15. BBS front wheel for a 1980-1987 Esprit

    I might know of of one, I will ask the question of the owner but not seen him for some time. I know he did have a few as his car was rolled and written off.