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  1. Allen, PM me with a figure so I can work out if it would be suitable for a future LotusRescue project. Cheers
  2. Is it complete with manifolds, carbs, distributor etc.
  3. You should have left your name etc with the window dressers and asked to have it when they were done. Mmmm, are Debenhams open today.
  4. Yeep thats it. When the rule first came out it had to have had an MOT in the previous year, now, no longer required. Register as historical then claim MOT and tax exempt.
  5. I would use the wiring diagram to track it down but the PO replaced most of the wires under hood with red wire. So glad to hear someone else has this issue, but all the wires at the back of mine are RED. Nightmare.
  6. It wouldn't have been so bad if they had left the original regulation, although it was a bit confusing, it basically meant that a car had to have had an MOT within the the year of reaching 40 to become exempt. That would have prevented the " barn finds " from suddenly making an appearance.
  7. I may be missing the point here, but, haven't all the announcements over the last few months been about increased support for dealers and owners. I am sure at the 70th bash is was strongly emphasised how things were going to progress with better customer support etc. New dealers in the USA will take time to set up. New models wont just fall off the production line. Changes to older models to comply with updated regulations are simply not worth the expense. The big players have had all their marketing in place for years. Lotus under Geely are basically starting from scratch. Just my thoughts.
  8. Real sorry to hear this Mike and Mel. They are a huge part of the family and often the catalyst that holds things together. We lost our last two to the big C. Go chase them rabbits over the Rainbow bridge Georgie. Run pain free. Wendy and John.
  9. At a minimum, I think there should still be a yearly test on the likes of brakes. lights and corrosion as a safety issue. Stupid bloody rule as I know of a few that have come out of the barn to be sold off as good LIGHT restoration projects. My 41 year old Elite will be going for a test.
  10. What a fantastic turnout for drive it day. 150 cars leaving the first meeting point at the sea front in Aberdeen. Several more joined the group on route to the fist stop with a total of 166 on the final leg of the run to Crathes Castle. Well done guys, great run out.
  11. Im am currently selling a Riviera on behalf of an old friend of mine. Listed here on cars for sale. The car is modestly priced at £7,500. Yesterday I had an email from what I can only think is a dealer telling me the car was overpriced and only valued at £5,000. I have yet to see an Excel, never mind a Riviera with low miles, rebuilt engine and interior as per original spec priced at 5k. Yes the car has a couple of stone chips on the front panel and 2 small star crazes on the rear offside wing caused by something that moved in the boot many years ago. But 5k !!!!
  12. Sorry seems little to say. We lost my best mate Sable, a Greyhound one year ago now. Still have to pick up the courage to scatter his ashes as that would feel like he has truly gone. Run free boy. Go chase them rabbit's.
  13. SSssssht you lot. Due to work, not had chance to see any of it yet. So keep mum.
  14. Wow 200 views on the add for the Riviera, and no takers yet. Does no one recognise a bargain on a rare and very original car.
  15. Just done mine and fiddly but can be done in situ.
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