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  1. Nice short drive yesterday for a change to collect an old friend. A nice S4 turbo which is coming back for some minor works after sorting out her botched clutch etc last year. So we stop for a coffee at Kinross services and spy these real nice looking Mercedes trucks from Germany. Had a chat with the drivers who were very nice guys and petrolheads. Turns out they are carrying 17 supercars to Scotland from Munich with the plan that they meet up with their owners today, who will then do a 6 day tour of Scotland. During the tour, the truck drivers will sit in an hotel waiting for their return. They will then load the cars and head back to Munich. There instructions. Wait and we will tell you where we are going next. Great to have that kind of money. The trucks were load with Lamborghini's McLarens, Porsche GT3's Ferraris etc. Obviously a lot of money involved. One of the drivers opened a door to give us a glimpse of the contents and it was jaw dropping. All new cars. If you see any of these on the road, give them a flash or a toot. Real nice guys and open for a chat anytime they are stopped. The tour is officially named Circle Tour and the cars all have the small decal on them as shown on one pic. Kind of dwarfs my Shuttle trailer and tow car just a little bit lol.
  2. Another gruelling trip just completed by Wendy and I. 29 hrs none stop on the road. 1 Excel SE delivered to a new member down in Norwich and a 1600 twin cam engine and 5 as new MK1 Lotus Cortina wheels delivered to the well known company of Tiger Racing. We had a fantastic time with Jim at his works yesterday evening which meant we were well behind schedule for heading home. Was it worth it. Bloody right it was. We were given a full tour of the works, the fab shop where new chassis were being constructed, the fitting out shop and the mechanics workshop which had a rather nice customers MK1 Lotus Cortina and a very nice MK2 Cortina with a newly built Zetec engine matched to a type 9 gearbox. Along with many other nice motor's. Jim explained that the car came in as total rot box and was basically rebuilt to a high standard from scratch. Jim has also just imported another MK1 from the states which looks like a very, very good shell with no obvious corrosion. Looks like we made a great new contact who has a wealth of knowledge on old Lotus and has a private collection of MK1 Lotus Cortina's. Jim, the company owner presented us with a couple of copies of the company biography, some advertising material and I was presented with a rather nice embroidered shirt. Mind you, the boss, otherwise known as Wendy Walsh did tell Jim I was a size medium and not a large. I recon she has a plan on stealing it away for herself. What do you guy's recon. Look up fantastic little company who carryout some 1st class restoration work as well as building there own brand of cars to almost any spec.
  3. Last week I took back a Range Rover as part exchange for my old Touareg, didn't really want the car but it cost me basically Nothing. The MOT expired a few months ago, and a load of work had been carried out on it to include all new brake disc's, back and front with pads and shoes. 4 new tyres, plus some other odds and end's by the previous owner, but he never got round to testing it for some strange reason. So I thought stick it in for an MOT and see what happens. Well, didn't the bloody thing just pass 1st time with an advisory for a number plate light and a poor wiper blade. Result Anyone looking for a cheap range Rover, diesel, 3.0 Lt.
  4. Wow. What was it. I bought 4 sheets last weekend 8'x4' x 18mm external ply for £42 per sheet. I was quoted £54 for marine grade.
  5. Well that's been a busy couple of weeks. 4 project cars up and running and gone to new enthusiasts for further improvement/restoration. Only a couple left in stock, so I guess I need to look for some more. Also time to get cracking on with client restoration jobs. Ah well time o get the hands dirty again.
  6. David. You will have read my earlier message. As Dave, Bill and many others have mentioned above. Jennifer may well surprise you and the medical team yet. Never give up hope for you significant other. You know where I am if you just need to chat. All sending our best. John & Wendy.
  7. Well a busy couple of days on the little Elan that came home only on Sunday past. Day one. As the car was on the ramp yesterday I thought I may as well spend some time on it before moving it to the store to await her turn for work. I gave her a good look over and started a list of parts she will need so far. Worst part was the engine was partially seized which could lead to an expensive rebuild. So, I made up some ATF fluid mixed with some WD 40, removed the spark plugs and filled the engine with the plan to leave it to soak overnight. Got a spanner on it today and its moving, taking it nice and easy to start with, and with the plugs out started to turn her over with the plugs out on her own power. Result. I don't think she will require an engine rebuild. Refitted the plugs and leads, checked the distributor etc and fitted up the external tank and pump. Attempted to start her, but by this point my spare battery had lost power. So a very good result. Tomorrow I will have a fully charged battery, and I suspect she will be starting on her own by the end of tomorrow. So, day two. Compression checked and all good. Carbs removed and flushed of old fuel and debris, petrol tank cleaned and flushed, mechanical fuel pump cleaned and flushed and fuel line from the pump to the carbs disconnected for now, plugs removed, cleaned and correctly gaped, external tank which is fitted with an SU fuel pump connected to the carbs. Push the button, and hey presto. She lives. Obviously a little smoky to start with, but settled down nicely after a few minutes. Even the thermostat worked and the fans came on. Happy bunny. So, 20 Lt fresh fuel into the tank, all fuel lines and filter refitted. Connected my spare battery and she now start off the key. One carb off balance so carried out basic balancing as they will have to be done again once new gaskets, diaphragms etc are fitted, car now idling much better and should be able to drive under her own power once clutch function is checked and be able to move about the yard until she comes in for the full works, which is too include a back to original colour. video-1649880415.mp4
  8. Thanks for the kind offer. But we spent so much time searching for diesel around the Norfolk area, we didn't have time to stop or hang about. Do you guys drink diesel instead of T or water. Where the hell does it all go too in Norfolk. 9 service/filling stations with no fuel. Unless of course you want to pay crazy motorway prices, and at £1.99.9 per Lt, that's not for me when doing a round trip of 1471 miles at 22 MPG in the truck. Count that out at roughly 20 p per Lt extra. It expensive enough as it is. On average we were paying £1.77 per Lt, instead of the norm of about £1.70 at home which makes it bad enough. Profiteering me thinks. Must admit though. The little 3.5 Canter did herself proud again. Never missed a beat both down and back with the Elite going South and the Elan 130 coming home. Dragged this out sideways after something like a 20 year slumber.
  9. Leaving home at 1am. 1st stop Lichfield and drop off a type 75 Elite complete with a replacement roof skin to get rid of a stupid sunroof chop job, then over to Edingthorpe, arriving late tomorrow afternoon . Working on an old Elite tomorrow evening which has been started in may years, then loading an early Elan (full restoration project) Sunday morning from the same location. Next. Head North to Houghton Le Spring and drop off a set of early Esprit wheels, then keep heading North back to bonny Scotland. Otherwise known as Gods country. The land of great roads designed with Lotus in mind. Have diesel, will travel. LotusBits got nothing on me lol
  10. And another LotusRescue off to her new home overnight. Destination Market Drayton. Little cracker, went through a new MOT today and passed with no advisories. Not bad for her 1st MOT in 11 year's. Straight back home, then load up another rescue to go the South. This time an Elite type 75 to Linchfield. Looking at doing just over 2,000 miles over the next 4 day's. Two cars South and one coming back North. If we pass on on route, gives us a toot and keep me awake lol.
  11. It's quite distressing for all concerned when this happens as you can imagine. I will admit that it's starting to take its toll on me - I'm feeling more and more frayed around the edges as time goes on but I just keep trying to focus on all the positives and not dwell too much on the other occasions. David. Hard is it may seem, you may have too just step back from it for a day or two to recharge your batteries a bit. Your body is telling you the same bud. Everyone at Club Lotus N E Scotland is routing for Jennifer and you.
  12. Hi Bib's. Is it still possible to download manuals through the forum. Type 75 Elite in particular.



    1. Bibs


      Sorry John. we've only ever had Esprit Parts Manuals available to download in the FFM section matey.

    2. johnpwalsh


      OK, thanks Bib's.

      P.S. Congrats on the award the other day.

  13. Update on the S3 from yesterday. She lives, starts and drives. Not very well, but it's a start.
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