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  1. johnpwalsh

    What made you happy today?

    So what about Jim Clarke and Jackie Stewart just to name two.
  2. johnpwalsh

    What made you happy today?

    What made me Happy Today. Could it be because I am about to become the new owner of a nice Essex Blue dry sump Esprit. Due for delivery shortly. I have known the car for a few years and in fact helped the previous owner buy it. Hate to think just how much has been spent on this car in the past 18 months, but neadless to say, I wont have to touch the spanners on her for a long time, other than normal servicing that is. Everything under the shell has been replaced or rebuilt including the engine. Happy, OH YES.
  3. johnpwalsh

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Seems to be the time of year for it. Sadly, my wifes (Wendy) younger brother suddenly passed away two days ago. Unexplained death so inquest etc to be carried out which just drags things on.
  4. Fabian, going by the pics of your mirrors, I might just have one, they came in a box of parts I purchased for an old project couple of years ago. PM me with full pics so I can compare.
  5. johnpwalsh

    The day I became sad.........

    No, please don't. 🙈
  6. Keep having to purchase sneaky tickets when the Mrs is not looking. 8 to date.
  7. johnpwalsh

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    That does it every time then. Fail if none original cat as defined for track use only.
  8. johnpwalsh

    Vehicle: Lotus Elan M100

    Welcome Kathryn. Great cars and so badly underrated. Now coming into their own though.
  9. johnpwalsh

    decking lights

    Not a sparkie, but used them before and if they have enough wattage they should be ok
  10. Hi Brian, and hope you and Jackie had a great New Year. We know the issues with trying to organise club meets, run's etc. We have the same with Club Lotus NESC. Interest tends to dwindle a bit until suddenly a group want a specific run or event, Glamis is a perfect example for us. Wendy can send out 100+ emails 6 months in advance with monthly updates to members but still days before the event we have stragglers who suddenly want to attend. We book and pay for about 6 extra slots so that we can usually fit them in, but the organising is a real headache. Sadly, we rarely manage to attend your runs as, like Al I am overseas and not on a fixed rota so never know when I am home. I hope some of your regular guys can step up and take the rains and keep the group going though. Thanks for all your efforts over the years with all the best to you both for 2019.
  11. Dave, check the cross ref parts lists. I am sure they were used by another maker. Triumph TR7, Volvo.
  12. johnpwalsh

    Canyon red Evora Aberdeen

    Seen this one a few times. Usually in the city, often see a Yellow one as well.
  13. johnpwalsh


    Now, if that had been a whippet or a Greyhound, we would have taken her no problem. Hope you find a good loving home for it.
  14. Great read and watch, well done.
  15. H Fabian. Totally in awe of what you are going through to make this car 101% perfect in every detail. I may be well off the mark, but have you looked at the earlier BMW BBS wheel's. John.