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  1. If you booked a ticket via the original 70th website, then you would have had a confirmation email. That will be followed up by a pass for your car + two tickets, one for the driver and one for the passenger. I think that's everyone's understanding. Going by the latest update, tickets were posted out yesterday. Bibs had to get up early to get them sorted out. I can imagine a huge amount of work going on in the background, so well done to all those who are doing all the graft on our behalf.
  2. Pic doesn't help a lot to work out size of pillow required. would need to see the ladies in the bedroom. Sorry, the size of bed in the bedroom. Th Scottish contingent will be on best behavior. Well mostly.
  3. johnpwalsh

    78 Elite fuel issues

    Stripped and cleaned the 2.0Lt carbs and refitted them with new gaskets, diaphragms etc. Car starting fine with a bit of choke but still seeing fuel leaking from the accelerator pump, grrrr
  4. johnpwalsh

    Adjustments for elevation.

    On the subject of carbs, why am I getting fuel pissing out of 1 carb at the pump. Grrrr. New diaphragm and gasket fitted.
  5. johnpwalsh

    Red M100

    Red M100 on Sunday, outside my house door of all places. Not a clue who it was, but not unusual to have people stop and look at whats on my drive.
  6. No probs Tony. Will probably meet up on Friday night and get times etc all sorted. Seriously looking forward to the weekend.
  7. johnpwalsh

    car transport

    Mike, I use a guy called Easyrider 1974. Dave, he is down Cornwall way and moves cars regularly for me. I have his number if required. 07729834013. For local moves I have my own trailer, it's a Brian James and the Esprit fits in fine.
  8. Can we take you up on that one Tony, going to be a few of us form far North of the border, better known as Gods Country, staying at the Caister Hall.
  9. OK, so how many booked for Caistor Hall. We have two rooms booked for the two nights. I see it's now fully booked. Kimbers will be over on Saturday morning with his hangover to show us the way to the factory. I Think.
  10. johnpwalsh

    first drive home

    Cheers Francesco. I work out of Doha and should be back there in a few weeks. Normally stay in the Radison Blu hotel.
  11. It's fairly clear to me. If you booked a car via the website, you will still get 1 x car sticker and 2 x admission tickets.
  12. johnpwalsh

    first drive home

    Francesco. Have to meet up when I am in Doha. Not seen a Lotus there yet, seen a few in Abu Dhabi and Dubai though.
  13. johnpwalsh


    Hi Mike, glad to hear you got her sold, sorry to hear it at the same time though. Dan, Mike needs a 4 seater now to accommodate his dog. I would suggest a nice Excel or an Elite. One that's good to go, so he has no more nightmares. Mike, did I tell you I have a couple of nice Elites and Excel's for sale. I am sure you will be back in the fold at some point. Keep in touch bud.
  14. johnpwalsh

    Future of Lotus

    Why blame Johnny. Johnny, historically always gets the blame. 🤓
  15. johnpwalsh

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    So couple of weeks back my laptop gave up the ghost, so I buy a new one plus a 1 TB hard drive. So transfer couple of hundred photographs to the hard drive and delete from old laptop. The photo's are a record of all the work carried out on the S1. So plug hard drive into the new laptop and all the pics have gone. Bugger, not to be found on either laptop or hard drive. Who's all the tech gurus on here who can help out then. HELP.