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  1. Hi Bib's. Is it still possible to download manuals through the forum. Type 75 Elite in particular.



    1. Bibs


      Sorry John. we've only ever had Esprit Parts Manuals available to download in the FFM section matey.

    2. johnpwalsh


      OK, thanks Bib's.

      P.S. Congrats on the award the other day.

  2. Welcome to the greatest family on earth. Well for Lotus anyway.

    So, give up the secret. Where about's are you hiding out and have you applied to join Club Lotus North East Scotland yet, or LEG's

    PM me for email details on both if you want.

    1. Granite Exige

      Granite Exige

      Hi John, pleased to meet you. The links would be great thank you :), I'm in the granite city.

  3. Fit Like.t


    Your the man for a strange issue on an SE. Starts and idles fine at between 750 and 1,000 RPM. Try increase revs gets to about 1750 and starts to hunt then missfire. Tried Esprit Scan and no faults recorder. It did have TPS issue which we replaced, set at correct values. But still the same. HELP.

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    2. johnpwalsh


      Will pull it and check it thoroughly today.


    3. johnpwalsh


      Found the bugger at last. Bloody flywheel sensor. I thought it HAD to be something near where I had been working. o back tracked and pulled the sensor plug and had another look at ti and thought to myself, one wire's not as far in as the other. Small screwdriver and pushed it further into the plug, tried starter and throttle and away she went. It must have been getting just enough volts to start, but not enough to accept load.

      Thanks for your help bud, much appreciated your suggestions.

      TLF must be the best forum for assistance in all things Lotus, and more.

      Happy bunny now, I can get the bloody thing off my ramp and get back to LotusRescue serious work. My S3 turbo restoration.

      Thanks again

    4. Sparky


      No worries mate!  I always go with what was last touched!

  4. Hi Bud, just to let you know my Valet Pro arrived today.

    Thanks once again for a great service.



  5. Bib's, a friend of mine is looking at an S3 for sale in High Wycombe. Do you know anyone in the area who is a bit savvy with the esprit that could give it a look over for him, he is a first time buyer of Lotus.


    Cheers bud.


    John W.

  6. Hi Tony. looks like I have to change vehicle as the S3 will be languishing in a motor museum in Oxford somewhere. Can I replace it with my wifes car which is a 1991 Lotus elan M100 S1 Turbo. Slightly modified mechanically. Reg No. H907 GRK.


    Hope this is not too much hassle for you.





    1. anthonyyule


      Hi John - not an issue - Please speak to David Boyd who is coordinating the TLF/ Lotus Club stand and he will keep you right. 

      Cheers, Tony

  7. Morning Bud. Just to let you know I didnt get that S3 n/a yesterday. Went to finalise the deal and he jacked the price up by 3k as he said he nw had others interested so I just siad well keep it, a deals a deal and walked away. Hpwever, I did get the little barn find I discovered. 1971 M100 turbo, 47k genuine miles on the clock with documents to prove so a busy day yesterday and got her home last night. Once again, now the work begins. Rear brakes all seized up with sitting with the handbrake on for so long. The sad part was the lady I bought her off, her husband is a well trained mechanic and just ignored it, along with several other issues I think. Hence the split in the relationship and the car for sale.

    1. Barrykearley


      Bummer on the s3 - but a result on the m100 - that's a nice little deal ?

    2. johnpwalsh


      nice to the tune of 600 pounds. Spent 500 on all new brake parts last night mind you, but well worth it. Half an hour with the pressure washer got rid of 7 years of accumulated dust and bird shit and came up a treat. Couple of hours now with the big polisher and she will look fine, even the interior with the Grey and Yellow strip on the leather still looks good, even the electrics still all work. The tires all still have the little nobles on them as they were just fitted the day beore she went off the road. result me thinks. Going to do the brakes and bang her down to my mates garage for an MOT and see what she fails on then take it from there.


    3. Barrykearley


      I'd have snapped that one right up. Good luck on the mot I'm sure it won't be  a problem 

  8. Hi Tony, found the link for paying via Paypal so sent payment for the S3 and have copied the link to the other two guys.



  9. Hi Bibs, what dates have you for later in the year, only thing critical for me is I need broad band for work contact. Let me know whats available.


    And happy birthday mate.

    1. Bibs


      I'll need more clues, no idea what you're on about! :huh::P

    2. johnpwalsh


      Sorry bud, your holiday apartment

  10. Hi Mark, does you Elite have power steering. Reason for asking is my Mrs previously had an Eclat which I subsequently sold and bought her an M100 turbo, tuned and pretty good on the road, but she now wants to go back old school, so I have just mentioned your Elite and she may be interested ( yes she is a strange woman) if you are still considering selling. We are not that far from you being just North of Aberdeen and will in fact be in Glasgow on the 5/6th of June. I would need to sell her M100 first as dont have room for another car without getting rid of one first though. Let me know what you think.

  11. Thanks for your comments Moxie. If you go to my facebook page there are some cracking photographgs taken by the local press a couple of week ago. She is due out in the papers in about 3 wees timeas amotoring feature. Barn fin last year in Sussex, been in the shed for 9 years bt still looked after by her PO. 48 k miles and only 2 owners, now at 54k and having fun.

  12. Hi bud, can you check and see that my renewal was paid ok as I keep getting messages supposedly from Paypal saying payment failed on today's date, 14/04.16 but I am sure it was renewed a couple of months back s suspect a scam.

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    2. johnpwalsh


      Cheers Bud, thought it was done, must be a scam running. It has all the correct details with value etc so looks like someones at it.


    3. Bibs


      I doubt it's a scam, is your card on your paypal account about to expire?

    4. johnpwalsh


      Noit's been renewed a while back and paypal updated.


  13. Hi Bibs, having a problem posting. Every time I try the system hangs up.

  14. Hi folks I am a newbie and the proud owner of an S3 Esprit and an Eclat, at the moment neither are running, the S3 due to an electrical fault and the Eclat due to a collapsed rear end oil seal.

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