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    Mid way between Ekup project, S3 Esprit Turbo, 3 x Excels and 2 Elites, With a few in between..
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  1. My contracts due up shortly. Then hey can stick it. Only issue is getting cover as Tesco mobile seems o be the only one in our area which is reasonable.
  2. Just checked our SSEB who we have been with this last couple of years. There tariff is much the same s Octopus, but apparently they upped our direct debit by £14 per month saying there estimate of our consumption was to low and they had increased it to prevent any shortfall. Bullocks. We are over £400 in credit AFTER the last bill was paid.
  3. I still have one of the kids ZX in the attic. RIP Sir Clive.
  4. Hi LuisaG, and welcome. I have sent you a PM. Yep, for sure. But only one important one LOL. Discounting GVY's sound advice of course.
  5. Welcome to the greatest family on earth. Well for Lotus anyway.

    So, give up the secret. Where about's are you hiding out and have you applied to join Club Lotus North East Scotland yet, or LEG's

    PM me for email details on both if you want.

    1. Granite Exige

      Granite Exige

      Hi John, pleased to meet you. The links would be great thank you :), I'm in the granite city.

  6. Thanks Bibs, but just hang on to it . Back to Narfalk area in a couple of weeks for an early Elan and an Elite. Another two restoration projects to collect for LotusRescue clients. Beginning to stack up a bit now. Oh, and it's coffee thanks. Might even take the new recovery truck and trailer and get both at once. That's the middle one( Mitsubushi Canter ) with the trailer currently hooked onto the Merc van which is a 6 seater and with room for spares in the rear area.
  7. Didn't you know. We only have 2 seasons now which consist of 2 weeks summer and 50 weeks for Christmas. we were in Kent last weekend and one supermarket had Halloween and Christmas decoration on the shelves next to each other. WTF.
  8. So, the shuttle trailer needs a new axle due to a bent stub pin which caused the lose of 2 wheels complete with drums, bearings and brakes. Last one somewhere on the M1 at about 60 MPH. Contacted Brian James trailers who don't recongnise their own chassis numbers for a price on a replacement but said it would be in the region of £745 plus VAT and delivery for a bare axle and going by the weight tag and model of the trailer. Mmm, not cheap then. Eventually found a tag on the axle with the name of the axle manufacturers in Bolton. Bit of research on the old laptop and hey ho, contact details found. One simple phone call and offered a complete new axle with bearings, brake shoes, drums etc all ready to fit for £340. Now considering the price of a new drum from BJ is £134, Brakes at £38 per set, wheel bearings at £28 per set. That is one huge difference. One axle on order which hopefully will be the end of the flying wheel issues. Anyone find a nice new wheel complete with new tyre and a brake drum somewhere in the M1, give me a shout.
  9. Hundreds of pounds worth of good usable parts still on her though. Always helps keep others going.
  10. Oh yes please. If somebody can pay for it for me. Currently 8 cars (I think) in the stable for work.
  11. Enjoy. But don't fall asleep on the way
  12. Jamie. Welcome to the group. For you info we have a fairly active group here in the North East of Scotland Covid times have been an exception) with a fair few members further North. Evora owners included. There is a rather nice White one not that far from you. PM me for further info or email at [email protected]
  13. Well since the last update we have had the following. The dry sump has gone to a new home and an early Eclat has taken her place in line for restoration. Nice motor that requires very little work. Another addition is I have just bought another Elan M100 SE N/A. This will be the 3rd M100 to come through LotusRescue. This one again was purchased as a none running project where the garage where she came from said they had spent far too much time on it trying to get it running. It was running when it came in as a part ex. So me being me thought, cant be too much wrong can there. A deal was made sight unseen and only going by the garage description. 900 mile round trip and she was home. So first things first. Check battery, dead, fit new battery and only a click of he starter so suspected solenoid/starter issue. BUT, when the cover was off to reveal the battery I noticed the emergency fuel solenoid valve had popped. At this point the car was still on the trailer. So pulled out the ramps to offload it with assistance of a friend pushing. Ignition on and in reverse a jump start was attempted with no thoughts of it being possible it would start. Shocked. Within the length of the ramps she started. The garage did say that their mechanics hadn't a clue what they were doing. So they had replaced the battery, new fuel injectors, new brakes all round including calipers and hand brake cables in preparation for a new MOT. That was when the no starting issue came about. Little bit of luck with me noticing the button on the fuel valve, so now she will get a full service and a check over then go for an MOT ready for moving her on. Lotus M100. The most underrated car Lotus ever built. Score = M100 Result. Forgot to add. While on our way back up the A1M/M1, my trailer decided it wanted to throw off a brake drum. Complete with newly fitted new wheel and tyre. Obviously this caused a little bit of an issue as the wheel wasn't seen coming off. Nobody flashed or tooted horns to warn me, and there was no indication of anything wrong by the trailer singing about at 60+ mph. Did my usual checks at the next stop to find it missing. End result. Trailer recovered by the AA. One replacement wheel, bearing's and hub nut at £230. Ouch. Anyone sees a nice new hub assembly complete with tyre somewhere on the A1M/M1. Give me a shout
  14. Tye wraps. An electricians best friend
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