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  1. So sorry to hear this Pete. Get some rest and get well soon bud.
  2. Thanks Keith. Another bit of history to add to her file. Here she is with Noel Edmunds when he was testing a Lotus. John.
  3. Great news David. Lets hope our police do something with the 100% evidence.
  4. Between that and some twat pranging your Evora in the car park today, you must be about bloody going mad. Hang in there David. We are all routing for both Jennifer and yourself. Hopefully Jennifer will start to pick up again soon now she back getting her physio. John and Wendy.
  5. Never had a basket case yet. 4 saved and returned to the road with full MOT's and in good roadworthy condition. One even looked far worse than that Red one when 1st collected. One gone to Australia, where believe me, they are strict on their imports. One to Germany, one to France and one to central London. Every owner more than happy with them. AND the price they bought them for.
  6. Keep your head up David you are doing well and with your visits, although Jennifer's activities may be restricted, we are sure it must help.
  7. Happy today. Oh yes. Mrs W convinced me to have a day off. So we went and took in a car show further up the North East coast of Scotland, even took her car. Great day with brilliant sunshine and met up with like minded folk we haven't since pre Covid. Obligatory steak burger, followed by ice cream and a stop off at a local hotel for dinner on the way home. Fantastic day. Must remember to do it again sometime in the next year or two.
  8. I wish. Left home with the truck at 09.30 yesterday morning. Straight drive to just South of Wolverhampton, loaded up another car and drove back home again. 22 hrs round trip. Knackered. But happy as another Lotus elite saved.
  9. Happy today, oh yes, ecstatic would be the word. My long awaited interior for my S3 Turbo was delivered by the trimmer in person as he wanted to apologise in person for the delays, although it was mainly due to Covid. great service and an almost 800 mile round trip for him. The finish, well all I can say is better than expected and once I have stopped staring at it, I may just take some pics and post them. Now I just need to get the other 4 or 5 projects completed and get back to working on her.
  10. Sorry to hear of your problem Dan. I will buy her from you. Get in touch, you have my contact details.
  11. Well its been a couple of busy months at home base, even more so with the show season back in full swing. This year to date, two of our club members (Club Lotus North East Scotland of which I am the founder) have prizes, the 1st an most prestigious went to Stephen White in his immaculate S3 Turbo Esprit. Stephen just went and one best in class for an un restored car. Now to give some idea. That was at what is probably the biggest classic car show in Scotland with over 2,000 exhibits, so that is a great accolade for the club, Stephen and the car . The 2nd was to George McKenzie for best in class at a more local event with his restored Elan 130+2. Another stunning car. Also had a nice notice via a popular Lotus page on FB from the chap who purchased the Yellow Elan M100 turbo from me a couple of months ago. Guessing you remember the one I had so much hassle with trying to get the emissions down. Well Dan continues to further improve the car and is loving it. Great to hear. That car's garage mate, the Blue Elan M100 N/A is now also sold and heading off to the other side of the world in a couple of weeks time, all the way to down under, Brisbane, Australia of all places. This will be the 2nd car we have sent down under. Must have a bit of an international flair on the go as the Ausi one just about to go, another Excel about ready to leave for Paris, ( that's the 3rd car to France) a Riviera went off to Germany and an S4 half way being ready to go back to Belfast. Current projects. S1 Esprit. S3 N/A. S4 Turbo. Eclat/Excl. Excel Celebration. Elan 130+2 from Norfolk of all places. Early Eclat which is believed to be one of only 4 in original gel coat Orange. S3 Turbo, oh and Excel Ekup which will get done at some point. Retired, what's that.
  12. What a stunner that will be. Love the gold. I'm looking to bring the White Eclat back from its current coat of White back to original Orange as I recon there are only a couple of them left.
  13. Still very tired and hardly any voice, as far as I understand, this is caused by the direct dose of Salbutamol through the nebulizer. No return call at 1500 as promised so I called them. What I have been told is an investigation has been instigated by senior local management and an area manager. I have requested a call back with an update no later than 1200 hrs tomorrow as I will then go legal.
  14. Thanks Andy. Beefeater have now instigated an internal enquiry so we will see what they say. I am due a call back at 1500 hrs today. My next course of action after that call will be to a solicitor I recon. John.
  15. Still waiting for the all clear to go back visit.
  16. Yes thanks Bib's. Wendy is still struggling to speak ( ) as the nebuliser causes throat irritation and she has a strong doze of steroids to get through.
  17. So on Monday after a brilliant weekend at Glamis where one of our members came away with Best in Class for unrestored car we ended up having to rush Wendy to hospital due to her having a severe Asthma Attack due to a food Allergy. Wendy and one other member of our group who is on a Gluten free diet had both informed the waitress of the condition and asked to make sure what it said on the menu was correct. WRONG on both accounts. One meal arrived with what they called sauce 74 which is full of hot spices, Chillies etc. Wendy took a small sample on her fork to taste the sauce and her lips started tingling, I told the waitress that it was the wrong sauce, but by then it was too late. After about an hour or so the tingling had calmed down, but could eat nothing else as the reaction had started. 2 hours later Wendy had an asthma attack in our hotel room, she managed managed to keep under controlled with her inhaler. Sunday as the day was getting on, her chest was getting worse and the use of her inhaler had to be increased. Sunday night, Monday morning a severe asthma attack was on which her inhaler just couldn't handle and I had rush her to hospital by car as no ambulances were immediately available to take her to Aberdeen 32 miles away (36 hrs after having the sauce ) to the A&E department where she was first treated in the car park by a couple of paramedics who immediately put her on an oxygen, she was then transferred to the triage ward and put on a nebuliser which had a double doze of Salbutamol, her oxygen levels at this time were down to 81% which is dangerously low. Once stabilised she was then transferred to the A&E ward where she spent another 5 hours in the ward, with another nebuliser and another double dose of Salbutamol. 5 hours later we were told she needed to stay in for the night in the Respiratory ward but the consultant explained that the ward was also being used as the Covid treatment ward. We quickly declined the offer and went with the the consultant's recommendations that it would be safer to go home with medication. At our meal a second member of the group endured swelling to the mouth and face as her meal had gluten substances in it. She had informed the restaurant staff that she was on a Gluten free diet when placing her order. It now looks like her food had been cross contaminated, but luckily, she only had mild irritation. The Saturday evening at the hotel had ended on a sour note as at 10.45 a round of drinks was requested and refused with the answer that the bar was closed. OK, fine, no big issue but at 10.50 the manager told us : Quote. Take your drinks and get out, we are closed: I must tell you that nobody was under the influence of drink, or in the slightest bit intoxicated as we were all driving back to Glamis early the next morning. Sadly, after 15 years (with the exception of Covid shut down) of always staying at this hotel and eating at the same adjoined restaurant, we would normally take up amount to 12/15 rooms, this also equated to 20/30 evening meals and a sensible amount of after dinner drinks . The Premier will no longer be having our custom, and the Beefeater has absolutely no chance of us ever eating there again. Sadly, the end of an era. Shame on you Beefeater. You even had the nerve to insist that the two wrongly supplied meals be paid for. The whole incident has since been reported to Beefeater management and a full investigation is to be carried out by local and area management.
  18. Well, that's our 1st major show completed since the pandemic, and what a show it was. Fantastic weather with 29 Deg C on Saturday and up to a nice 31 on Sunday. We had huge crowds on both day, with Sunday always being the busiest. Our show vehicles were down slightly this year which we are putting down to Covid and the excessive price of fuel although we had 50 plus cars booked to be on stand for both days, we eventually had 29 which was a bit of a shame as we had a large stand space booked. Sunday was a rather special day though. We had a visit on stand from Sarah Crabtree from Bangers and Cash, and of course Wendy and I both missed her as were too busy sorting out some other minor issues. I suppose I better mention the minor issue. One of the cars on show on the Sunday was that stunning Esprit Turbo belonging to Stephen Which which many of you will probably know is a one owner 11,000 plus mile immaculate, all original, untouched car. Well didn't this little beauty just go and win Best in Class un restored original car. Not bad going from a show which had 1,745 exhibits many of which are original and un restored. What a tribute to a stunning car. Congrats Stephen, especially considering it was the 1st time shown at this most prestigious in Scotland. Downside being by the time the trophy presentation were complete, we were late in getting everything packed away, load the little canter with one of our cars, the trailer with the barn find we had on show and left for home. Special thanks to those guys who stayed behind to help down rig our show stand, load up etc and get mobile. We also had a little bonus for a Cancer charity stand. I forgot to take the name of the charity. The lady came over to us and said, we have been gifted with a box of Lotus notepads, any idea what we can do with them. Simple I said, leave them with me. 20 minutes later after going round the guy's and simply saying, hey, your owe me three quid and handing them a note pad, said money was handed over to the charity stand and she was delighted as it was £40 for something they thought they may make £10. Good deed for the day done. A second surprise was one of our members had been given a box of memorabilia from the late wife of a chap called John Farquarson (probably spelt wrong) who had been one of the original organisers of the show and a personal friend of Jim Clark. John had passed away recently is buried locally. He must have been a special friend of the flying Scotsman. John was a local farmer and had engraved on his headstone at one side a sheep and on the other and engraving of his friend Jim Clark in one of his race cars. Now is that special or what. I will of course dig deeper into the link and history when I get chance, but for the meantime the box and it's contents are now in safe keeping rather than where they were destined to go, which was the local skip. A full set of pictures will be posted later. Wendy and I were/are both knackered, but, man what a weekend.
  19. Just ben offered a UNI 21 gearbox at a sensible price. Any interest to anyone and what it's worth. I have to let them know this next 24hrs if I want it or not. I have no need for it, so if nobody wants it I will give it a miss. Apparently it was purchased as a spare when it became avalable a few years ago but never required and the family no longer own an Esprit. Be quick with an offer if you want it. John.
  20. Lets see what happens on the next one when the owner gets the all clear from COVID and I can revisit.
  21. Well today I went and visited a field I first viewed about 4 years ago which had a nice early Elise sitting on a trailer and an unknown 2 seater race car with it's nose sticking out of a container. At that point, it was the usual. " I'm going to restore them soon". Well 4 years later, they are both still in the same sad condition, although the engine has gone missing from the Elise. I was unable to find the owner, but rest assured I will be going back shortly.
  22. I'd at least leave that to a new owner, or at the very minimum keep the parts to pass on to them. Yep, the parts will go with her. If no interest, I may just stick in the spare engine and gearbox I have and get her mobile. Any offers/Interest. On this Celebration model. Documented as No6 of the production line!!. 1st wash since 2004, looks a good deal better. The interior is back in her as well.
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