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  1. Cheers bud. So day one. Garage at 8.30, new plug for electrics on the covered trailer and off to Berwick (obeying coved rules of course) to collect Wendi's delayed Christmas prezzie. Nice little Volvo C4 d2 Cross Country in Bright Red with full black leather interior and red stitching. Massive Brownie points score which gives me additional time in the garage and freedom to buy some more equipment.
  2. So escaped Qatar, but only just. Arrived at the airport 4 am to be told I was bumped off the flight as I couldn't prove I was Covid free and the Netherlands would not let me in, even if just being in transit. Two hours later and having to pay last minute flight changes which came to almost 2K. I managed to get a flight to Heathrow then an 8m hour wait and get the last flight of the day back to Aberdeen, finally arriving home just on midnight. Never mind, made and that's the important thing. Three months of hard graft again. Pretty sad when you think that for 2020, I was only home twice in the
  3. IF.I had one of the many Lotus in my storage unit actually running and on the road, and had a mother in law. I would be doing the same. Rock On.
  4. Slav the man unknown to him as yet, lives just round the corner from another Lotus lover and one of our club members, so your in a good spot Slav. John
  5. Hi Slave. You have another Lotus mug here. Where are you located. I'm North East and if I can be of any help feel free to give me a shout. I have 11 projects on the go at the moment. You can contact me directly on [email protected] I'm currently overseas (again) but more than willing to help out where I can. Cheers. John
  6. And actually @LotusLeftLotusRight you forgot about the camel toe effect on most women who wear them. It's traumatising. That in a nutshell is why they wear them. A competition between all young woman (discount strange men and those who are obese) to see who can wear the tightest.
  7. Oh for gods sake. stop pleading poverty all the time. Your a bloody sparky, you don't have the lowly income of us guys who work for a living. Bloody chicken huts.
  8. Hi Paul. Real sorry in taking so long to get back to you, I've been stuck overseas due to Covid. In answer to your question (if you havent already managed) yes we can have someone give you a run out in an Elise as we have a few members in and around Aberdeenshire. For a quicker response, contact me directly on the following. As I did not get a notification regarding this message. [email protected] Cheers. John.
  9. Hahaha. Cheers Michael. Hope you and the family are keeping well down under.
  10. Thanks Andy. It will all depend on bloody Covid as I am due away again in about two weeks and the word is I wont be home till early next year (end of Jan at best bet) partly due to these selfish ferkers who wont/don't comply with recommendations. Yes, they say there is no undeniable proof of what's being asked is 100% genuinely going to protect people. But surely it's worth try. I've seen my 96 year old mum, once in 9 months and all due to regulations partly caused by selfish people. Grrrr. rant over. I just have to look at it as a bonus in some ways, as I still have a job and am earning
  11. Before you all ask. The cars under covers from LotusRescue are. Furthest away red one is a very tired Excel which is to be used as a donor for the next car in the lineup which is the Lotus Ekup , second is an early Lotus Elite 504, which the restoration is now almost complete, nearest one is an all original Esprit S1 complete with original tartan interior and Viglia dash, this is the second one that came form the states and is about to get a body off restoration by her new owner who will take collection of her in the next month or two. Just out of site is another really cracking good Exce
  12. Well. Looks like a bit of Deja vu last week. The second car that was purchased by LotusRescue on behalf a client was a real nice Ice Blue S3 turbo required a fair bit of work after having been in storage for sever years. The car was stunning and a dearly would have loved to keep it for myself, but at that time, financially that just wasn't possible. So when the client who I've known as a friend for many years, sort of hinted some time ago, and the fact I had been telling him for the last years, that car is mine, called me to say he was never going to get round to restoring her (he has a fantas
  13. Bloody unhappy today. Family discussion about having to take our 96 year old mum out of a care home as she is being ignored and left in her room almost 24/7. She is/was a sprightly 96 year old who until very recently could sit and do the daily crosswords in any paper. Sadly, due to reduced activities in the care home her mental health has badly declined. We now get one 30 minute visit of up to three people from the same household once a week in a gazebo in the garden. If the weather is poor, then the visit is reduced to one nominated person indoors. This means that I visited my mum face to fac
  14. She maybe knows the old man couldn't hack it these days and it's just bravado on his part and she's trying to be kind. ;).
  15. Aircon. Yep, window auto drop down switch which will require further charges for installation and commissioning.
  16. Unhappy. Yes. Just been ordered back to work on Doha after having a couple of weeks off following on from a 12 week trip. Worst part is that I am in the middle of doing an Esprit SE clutch change along with a few other service items and upgrades for a fellow owner. Now the car has to sit and wait for possibly up to 10 weeks before I can get back to it. In fairness, the owner is not worried about the delay as it was always understood that me being called away was always a possibility. Just a pity I hadn't managed to squeeze out another couple of days and it all would have been done. Frustr
  17. You can, with a bit of practice get away with a simple flow meter, but I find the 4 set manometer far better. In fact I use both, the flow meter for a quick check, but the manometer if i'm doing a full tune up. Time and patience is the secret on this one.
  18. This is a good one to follow. Just remember, before you start the float level is critical to prevent over fuellng and possible fire. The float levels are dictated by the weight of the float in your carbs. Most are 10G but there are variations, so check both the fuel level in the fuel chamber before you start and the float gap with the needle open.
  19. Yep, got a good one on the PC, but sadly I was called back to work and it's at home. There is a good one available on the net and if I can find it I will forward to you and post a link on here.
  20. So the virus has turned LotusRescue into a busy little workshop. One very nice Esprit SE in for a refresh including a clutch change. An S1 Elan M100, one owner with only 26k miles on her coming in for a full service and check over as its been in storage for years. It's a possible new purchase for a newbie Lotus owner. Some of you may remember another Esprit SE I found about 5 years ago now up in the highlands, well the owner has now decided to restore her and wants me to do the overhaul. That's going to be a big job as last time I saw it she was in a bit of a state, but at least it will
  21. Yes, thats what I thought. Same colour as the V8 I found a couple of years ago. Renault has a similar colour but a bit brighter which I am thinking of using.
  22. What colour code is she. Thinking of using it on my Ekup.
  23. I find the wet approach is always best. Get it nice, wet and slippery and it will go in, I mean on every time.
  24. Wonder if thats the one that races at Knockhill.
  25. Yes. 1600 cross flow with 4 branch and type 9 gearbox.
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