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  1. She maybe knows the old man couldn't hack it these days and it's just bravado on his part and she's trying to be kind. ;).
  2. Aircon. Yep, window auto drop down switch which will require further charges for installation and commissioning.
  3. Unhappy. Yes. Just been ordered back to work on Doha after having a couple of weeks off following on from a 12 week trip. Worst part is that I am in the middle of doing an Esprit SE clutch change along with a few other service items and upgrades for a fellow owner. Now the car has to sit and wait for possibly up to 10 weeks before I can get back to it. In fairness, the owner is not worried about the delay as it was always understood that me being called away was always a possibility. Just a pity I hadn't managed to squeeze out another couple of days and it all would have been done. Frustr
  4. You can, with a bit of practice get away with a simple flow meter, but I find the 4 set manometer far better. In fact I use both, the flow meter for a quick check, but the manometer if i'm doing a full tune up. Time and patience is the secret on this one.
  5. This is a good one to follow. Just remember, before you start the float level is critical to prevent over fuellng and possible fire. The float levels are dictated by the weight of the float in your carbs. Most are 10G but there are variations, so check both the fuel level in the fuel chamber before you start and the float gap with the needle open.
  6. Yep, got a good one on the PC, but sadly I was called back to work and it's at home. There is a good one available on the net and if I can find it I will forward to you and post a link on here.
  7. So the virus has turned LotusRescue into a busy little workshop. One very nice Esprit SE in for a refresh including a clutch change. An S1 Elan M100, one owner with only 26k miles on her coming in for a full service and check over as its been in storage for years. It's a possible new purchase for a newbie Lotus owner. Some of you may remember another Esprit SE I found about 5 years ago now up in the highlands, well the owner has now decided to restore her and wants me to do the overhaul. That's going to be a big job as last time I saw it she was in a bit of a state, but at least it will
  8. Yes, thats what I thought. Same colour as the V8 I found a couple of years ago. Renault has a similar colour but a bit brighter which I am thinking of using.
  9. What colour code is she. Thinking of using it on my Ekup.
  10. I find the wet approach is always best. Get it nice, wet and slippery and it will go in, I mean on every time.
  11. Wonder if thats the one that races at Knockhill.
  12. Yes. 1600 cross flow with 4 branch and type 9 gearbox.
  13. Hi Trevor. 12 weeks offshore Doha was a long haul and certainly put paid to loads of plans for this year. However, now i'm back home I have been cracking on with a few projects. December of last year I found a little Dutton Phaeton in a storage container less than 10 miles form my home. Made a deal for it thinking something to play with this summer while I work on Ekup and Wendy's excel as i'st still not finished. Anyway got a phone call just this Saturday past to say the Dutton had been released and ready for collection. And before any comments on me divorcing from Lotus, nope, just a summer
  14. Probably a good few of you read the article in last weeks press about an abandoned mansion with a Bentley and several other cars left in the buildings and outside on the drive. I have just been speaking with a family friend of the owners who tells me since the article was published, the house has been burgled and trashed three times in one night. The owner and his wife have been absent for a good while for personal reasons. No, not abandoned.Now the cars have to be removed and the house sealed up to prevent further damage. He tells me that it's hardly worth it as the place is wrecked and most
  15. Hi guys, been very quiet of late, but still here. So, after the long ongoing saga of the Esprit I was restoring has at last gone, I can now concentrate on my own cars which presently is. Lotus Excel x 4. Esprit x 1. Lotus Elite 504 x 2. and of course the Ekup. The donor is already home so I can now start the strip down and prepare the Ekup for a nice paint job and a rebuild. The plan was to start it at the beginning of the year but something called a virus kind of put paid to that by having me stuck overseas for 12 bloody weeks. So, job one is clean up the engine bay and have it painted i
  16. Please pass best wished to MJK from both Wendy and. And all the guys at Club Lotus North East Scotland. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  17. Update. About to start week 9. And still those selfish ferkers are parading about at home as if nothing going on. One local to my home even had a pool party. Glad to say she has been arrested and is going to court. Bring it on and get more of them. Please just shoot the selfish Bs.
  18. Hi Lex. There is/was another issue with the car which has never been resolved, so it's now in secure storage.
  19. Michael. In a word. SHITE. About to start week 6 of a 4 week trip. And the latest we have heard is we may get off here in bloody June. Excuse the following, but. If those selfish pricks we see on various sites that we get some access aren't shot or at least bloody jailed for cavorting about, beach parties, house parties, whatever. Then there are hundreds of guys stuck away from home and not being helped by these selfish ignorant B++++++s. I have a 96 year old mother in lockdown in a nursing home who has 5 kids who always visit. Now she cant even get a messaged passed through a window. I have a
  20. You still wont get free meds and prescriptions. But I she goes into surgical, she will have great hands for doing V8 engine rebuilds. Well done to your daughter though.
  21. My mums a wonderful 96 and in a nursing home which has gone into lockdown. Yep, all for best intentions. Its hard on the family having to say happy mothers day through a closed window. I'm lucky, I've been in lockdown for last 5 weeks on an offshore platform off Doha so you would think, great a sterile environment. Yep, but then they bring 24 guys back who have been stuck in country due to no flying. Yes they have been insolation for two weeks. Then, they bring out other guys who have been self isolating In what they call the industrial zone in the city, and where do they put them. In with the
  22. Only just got access to the site, access to all public sites very restricted for last few months so playing catch up. Sorry to hear the news Scott. My mums now 96 and in lockdown. Heartbreaking when the family send me pics of her stuck in her apartment and they can only message via a window. And here's me complaining of being in lockdown, overseas, and offshore for three months. Probably the most sterile environment on the planet just now. But ferk its hard also knowing your wife who is highly susceptible to pneumonia and pleurisy and a prime candidate for this shit, and knowing there is noth
  23. Unhappy, this is bloody unhappy. Corona firkin virus. Offshore 4 weeks, due home, only to be informed most of the world now in lockdown, relief crews stuck all over the world in no fly zones and cant get into Qatar. Us guys, (read couple of thousand crew members over all the platforms) have to stay here, no end of rota home time. You are now expected to stay for six weeks from the start of your rota, you will then be shipped to a hotel in Doha where you will be kept in seclusion for a week to prevent any cross infection. You will then be shipped back offshore for a further six weeks. This patt
  24. Sorry to hear this Bret, but be thankful in the knowledge that it has been found before going into a full blown heart attach or stroke. In my line of work we have to undergo a fairly strenious medical every year and it's surprising how many lives it has probably saved due to early diagnosis of unknown issues. Get sorted then enjoy your holidays.
  25. The long and the short of the trip to France is we have now been asked to carryout a full restoration on a second S1 by the same owner. Must be doing something right. Many lessons learned on the first one . No 1, Never believe that all reproduced parts will anything like close to fitting, or as described. No 1 A. Never believe it when a supplier says, yeh, this part will also do the job, just tweak it a bit. No 2, Never take for granted promised delivery times. No 3. Never give an estimation on how long a particular task will take without at least multiplying the hours requ
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