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  1. I may just be a little while Mr Kearley. I have an engine to remove, an interior to rebuild, brakes to do, suspension to rebuild. All before I start on the fancy lights I put you onto.
  2. Hi, are you looking for 40's or 45's. I have a couple of sets of 40's complete with manifold. Cheers. John.
  3. You may just have a looong wait bud. In fact, I might win the lottery and buy an Emira in the time you are waiting.
  4. How else are you supposed to load them when you cant see out to reverse onto the trailer. You silly, silly man. The slings through the windows doesn't mark the paint if you put an old bit of carpet in to protect it.
  5. After a long drawn out project this rather nice Esprit SE is finally away back to her owner. Several historical issues repaired and a few electrical gremlins that were thrown in all done at last. Whole project was thrown up in the air due to Covid and me being stuck overseas for months at a time. But done and dusted now. Thanks to Barry Kearely and Sparky for their assistance and advice on the electrical nightmare. I HATE ELECTRONICS. Now to crack on with the next couple which is complete the rebuild of an Excel SE, couple Elite's Type 75, 504 and 501 and of course the most important one of all will finally get looked at, my S3 turbo. That is of course after I deliver my little Dutton which is off to a new owner in Belfast which times in perfectly, as I have another S4 to collect from the same area to bring home for restoration. Looks like the rest of the year is going to be a bit bit busy. Its maybe a blessing that I was made redundant last week after Qatar, QP having decided to change their retirement age for folks working in our industry. Up you, QP. I'm happy, and so is Mrs W as I am now home every night/week/year.
  6. What made me happy today. Finally getting to the end of a long protracted rebuild on an SE which had loads of historical faults. I wont o into detail, but previous professional garages had made several bodged jobs to get his car running. The worst being welding 17mm of a bolt onto the slave clutch cylinder to try and get more life out of the clutch, or just to get it too work. This resulted in causing further damage to other components. All this just started as Covid hit which meant major delays as I was stuck overseas for months at a time. Anyway. LotusRescue has completed the work and she is going home to her owner tomorrow if all goes well. Wash, polish and clean up first. Me a happy bunny as I get my ramp back. The owner a happy bunny as he gets his car back with a functional clutch for the 1st time since he purchased the car. And I can move on to the next project which also means restoration work on own my S3 turbo gets a step closer.
  7. Fit Like.t


    Your the man for a strange issue on an SE. Starts and idles fine at between 750 and 1,000 RPM. Try increase revs gets to about 1750 and starts to hunt then missfire. Tried Esprit Scan and no faults recorder. It did have TPS issue which we replaced, set at correct values. But still the same. HELP.

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    2. johnpwalsh


      Will pull it and check it thoroughly today.


    3. johnpwalsh


      Found the bugger at last. Bloody flywheel sensor. I thought it HAD to be something near where I had been working. o back tracked and pulled the sensor plug and had another look at ti and thought to myself, one wire's not as far in as the other. Small screwdriver and pushed it further into the plug, tried starter and throttle and away she went. It must have been getting just enough volts to start, but not enough to accept load.

      Thanks for your help bud, much appreciated your suggestions.

      TLF must be the best forum for assistance in all things Lotus, and more.

      Happy bunny now, I can get the bloody thing off my ramp and get back to LotusRescue serious work. My S3 turbo restoration.

      Thanks again

    4. Sparky


      No worries mate!  I always go with what was last touched!

  8. Thats a nice looking old barn with cladding. Oh, the cars nice as well.
  9. Bit late to the party on this one but when doing the same refresh as above, I found a PO had fitted the wrong nut on the abutment (it should be a slim nut ) which threw all the settings out when I measured the 12.5mm. I still had an issue with the clutch, so worked back from slave to hose to master to pedal and found the cotter pin was so badly worn going through the pedal that when pressed it would lock up about half way down
  10. There is hope, because they are not better than a wife at tracking down and spotting those "man purchases" - a new part for your Lotus. A small little tool. A piece of trim..... Having a HUGE problem hiding the above. Spare room full of box's of Esprit S3 parts. LotusRescue bank account seems to have a strange unexplainable reduction in it's balance over the last few months. All transactions seem to be referenced S3 Resto. I really need to have a word with the bank and see what it is.
  11. Unhappy today. Yep. Each page I look at on classified's getting flooded on TLF with loads of adverts all tied into items I have looked at online over the last couple of weeks.
  12. It's great Andy. Sitting outside, still in daylight with a Belhaven special at 11,45 pm.
  13. Count your blessings Kimber's. At least you had something. Keep smiling and just remember retirement, more grandchildren which you will have to look after and provide for and the, the argument of who gets the car
  14. Nice one Bibs and one you will never forget. Congratulations👏. From Wendy and me.
  15. Was peaking to a friend couple of hours after posting about the Hymer. Sold. Nice result. More pennies in the S3 restoration account. Me Happy Boy.
  16. Sounds good. Been looking at values and its crazy. Anything similar is going from 10 to 13K. I'm looking at 9.5 and think that's fair for her condition considering all the work that's just been done on her and her low mileage which is only about 60k miles.
  17. Happy today. Oh yes. Bought a Hymer Motorhome last October blind as I do. Had it serviced and loads of work done. MOT today. Passed first time with couple advisories. Rear wheel bearing. Slight play. Strange as its new. Both front wheels bearings slight play. Again, strange as they are new. Front center brake pipes x 2 showing light corrosion. The only two pipes that weren't changed during her restoration. Not bad result. First MOT since 2013 as she had been sitting in inside storage since then until I bought her. Anyone looking for a nice clean, low mileage Hymer motorhome. No damp or musty smells. Good price to fellow Lotus enthusiasts prior to going for general advertising.
  18. Any Elite thats alive, has to be good. Regardless of condition.
  19. Yep, thats Derek's. Not spoken with him for a couple of years I guess. It's got the bones of a good car. There are a fair few in Inverness and roundabout.
  20. Thank you John. That's a nice amount of cars and members, I shall definitely look into joining once I'm officially a Lotus owner. I'm just outside Inverness, between there and Loch Ness to be exact. So a couple of miles from you down the loch is an Excel and a Lotus Eprite S1, a little further, nearer Kishorn is an Evora, 2 early Elan's and another Excel and a Europa. Nearer Muir of Ord, couple of months back I found the very 1st Lotus 7 Series one in an old mill. It was the show car at the Earl's Court unveiling of the Lotus 7. I managed to help secure the car through my LotusRescue venture and it has now gone off for restoration to a company in Edinburgh. In Inverness there is a clutch of Elise's, Elan's and a Europa, on the A9 just a couple of miles South of Inverness there is an Esprit 180 which I am due to help out with the restoration shortly. John Parker, the guy who lives up near Kishorn is a real nice guy and likes nothing more than going out for a run. You posted some pics of your RS on Skye. There are 3 Excels locked up in a barn on the Island.
  21. Andy. Thought you would jump in a bit quicker than that being in Scotland and all that.
  22. Jamie. Just ignore those yob's from South of the border down in Englandshire. There is a fantastic contingent of Scottish owners. A fair few up your way. Have a look at LEGS, a very active group. And of course you can get in touch with our small, but expanding club here in the North East of Scotland, Aberdeenshire to be exact. We have roughly 154 members with 150+ cars. These last 2 years have been bit slow in the show season and run's out due to Covid, but hopefully things will start to improve real soon. Oh and against popular belief from our English friends. Membership to our club is FREE. Did you notice that Kimbers. FREE. Where in the Highlands are you. [email protected]
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