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  1. Write a review it say's. Mmm, now what do you write about a load of car enthusiasts who ramble on about Lotus. Slag Porsche and several other's but are the most helpful bunch of petrol heads I have ever met. Bibs does a marvelous job of running the site, but what ever you do don't say I said so. Laura his ever suffering partner and who is left to hold the fort (gazebo's) at the Lotus Festival while his lord and master swans off running up and down in nice new cars, hat's off to you as well Laura.

    Joking apart this must be the best forums site I have ever had the pleasure of being a member, and over the last +++ years I have been in a few.

    Great bunch of like minded people who are always willing to help, give advice or simply stop over for a chat.

    Keep up the good work folk's, I for one think it's best value for money club's wise that I have ever had.


    John W.

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