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  1. Hi Mike and thanks, yes really enjoying her at the moment but still missing the straight lines of the S3, just something about them seems to stand out better so you never know I may just find another project S3 N/A in any other color but Calypso Red. LOL

  2. She joined my stable of Lotus just over one year ago, the stable being Eclat ex lotus F1 team managers car, S1 Elite, Lotus Excel and an Elise S1. After one year of ownership she had an engiine fire, eight months off the road and rebuild completed with only the carbs to set she dicided to run a big end during tune up so presently sick never having got out past the garage door, ah well start all over again.

    Update, new engine fitted at last and everything now good, the engines a cracker with only 16k miles so sounds sweet but to be safe, new waterpump and tensioner with new belts also fitted. gearbox and linkages all good with a complete set of bushes all though the shift mechanism, complete new electronic ignition system, dizzy cap, high power leads, new control unit, new pick up in the distributor, new coil etc, etc. New battery, sports manifold fitted with s/steel studs. Ramair induction filters instead of the airbox and boy does she sound good.Loads of other stuff done but would be here all night. Realy glad it was only mechanical damage and not bodywork, just a good wash down and a polish got rid of the black smoke stains on the inner wings so lucky or what.

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