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  2. Gday crew, My LH electric window motor has failed on my S2.2 Esprit. I took it to am Autoelec and he pulled it apart. The brushes have worn, the armature looks good though. Unfortunately we are have trouble finding any new brushes, does anyone know where i can get them from or does anyone have a LH motor that is working and is willing to sell it. Regards Mark.
  3. G'day crew, I'm restoring my cooling system and was wondering if anyone uses some sort of anti corrosion product on the alloy pipes. My old pipes have heavy corrosion where the rubber pipes connect. Regards Mark
  4. G'day crew, Just removed my S2.2 radiator. It was only mounted from the top. The bottom brackets had rusted away and the fiberglass under tray is broken where I would imagine the bottom bolts go. Mine has the incline radiator. Does anyone have any pics of the radiator bottom mounting brackets and what the under tray should look like. Regards Mark.
  5. That's awesome mate. Thanks so much. not looking forward to it. I will post my progress. Regards Mark
  6. Hi Neil, Would you be able to post a few photos and maybe some steps for the dash removal and heater remove please. Many thanks. Regards Mark.
  7. Did a fair bit of reading about these additives, I think I will stay clear of them and just replace the Matrix. Regards Mark.
  8. Gday guys, Thanks for the advise. What does the radweld do? How does it effect the rest of the cooling system? Regards Mark.
  9. Hi Harry, I'm just after 1. I can see if anyone else for our Lotus group wants one. Regards Mark.
  10. Well I removed the fan plenum today, could see the water pipes etc with no evidence of any leaks. Looked under the dash but could not see any evidence of leaks there either. So I guess it is the Matrix! I'm not going do anything at the moment as the leak must be very small. Hopefully make it last till next year when the car will be of the road, as it will need timing belt and fitment of stainless fuel tanks. Regards Mark.
  11. Hi Buddsy, I have the same feeling, I was hoping someone had a spare one laying around that they were willing to sell. Regards Mark.
  12. Gday crew, does anyone know where I can purchase a Clutch Fork Dust Cover, Part No; A079Q6017F, for a S2.2? I'm also looking for athe little grommet that covers the flywheel timing opening. Regards Mark
  13. Hi John, The cross gate lever has a lot of play, it would appear to have 30 yrs of wear and tear. I'm surprised that it's lasted this long. Regards Mark.
  14. G'day Richard, Reverse was not engaging with the engine off as well as running. I have found that first gear is becoming a little funny. Im using Redline gear oil. Have braided clutch line and no slave cylinder issues. I did find my cross gate lever very sloppy with large amounts of lateral and vertical play. I'm waiting for new bits to arrive. Regards Mark.
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