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  1. Can't he send his ecu to Lotus to upgrade the software, and or check it?
  2. I just added the Final Edition shocks and springs to my 2002 Anniversary Edition. Got JAE's last set. Jeff does not recommend the poly bushes as they can be very hard and unforgiving on suspension parts. If you are not going to track your car, the stock bushings are just fine. Jeff set me up with some new bushings in the usual places that need attention. Very reasonable. Paid $2400 usd for the Final Edition shocks and springs, and a couple hundred for the bushings. Installation and alignment was $1500 at an independent shop. Looking at what came off, the front shocks were gone, no oil left at 11,900 miles. Anyone looking at a pre-owned V8, I would factor in new shocks and springs regardless of mileage, unless the previous owner had them replaced. They are garbage.
  3. Did you install poly bushes, or the stock rubber with the sway bar?
  4. Anybody added one of these to their V8's? Does it make any noticable difference for spirted street driving, don't plan on doing much if any track driving. Here is a link:
  5. Ended up buying a Final Edition Bilstein setup and some new bushings. Couldn't pass up the deal. Read too many threads about leaking shocks, I believe I have one, and since I have decided not to sell it, mine as well pimp it out. Any recommendations on a better front sway bar, such as the Sport 350 or another brand, let me know.
  6. So does anyone have the recommended alignment settings for the V8? Will get it put up on the rack tomorrow, and if everything checks out, off the the alignment shop down the street to check for excessive front tow out.
  7. Car has 12,700 miles, just got all leaks fixed, hi-torque ecu, now want to improve stability. I have the Dunlop tires, checked to make sure air pressures are correct. The car just feels unstable, especially under braking from 100 mph down, front end wants to move. Also with the hi-torque ecu it will spin the tires in 2nd gear under WOT. Options: Is my alignment off? Are the Dunlop tires garbage, maybe should upgrade to Michelin or Bridgestone? Upgrade to the Lotus damper program shocks and set to lower ride height? Upgrade to the Final Edition shocks and springs, but I have heard these are the same as the upgraded dampers, with a bit more adjustability? Took my wife for a ride, and the car scares her at speeds over 80mph, where my 360 Spider, and my 996 GT2 make her feel more secure at high speeds. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Here is a video I just made for a member. 2002 Esprit V8 Anniversary Edition with Esprit Performance 200 cell Hi-Flow cats, K/N filters and Hi-Torque ECU upgrade: You will love the extra performance, and the extra noise. Everyone that hears the car loves the sound.
  9. Since I see you are in the US, I would contact Harry at Vikiing Motorsports in California, he is very good with the V8's.
  10. Just wondering what might be causing this. I purchased the car from Lotus of Atlanta about 2 months ago. They serviced the car and did a cambelt change also. Only thing I have done is add Esprit Performance Hi-Flow cats, and K&N filters, had to take it back to the exhaust shop because the tips we not centered, were too far over to the right side of the center exit. Car had 12k miles on arrival and I have only logged about 300 miles on it so far. Anyone that has had the CEL light come on for their V8 please chime in and let me know what it could be, and how to reset if it can be done without driving 200 miles to the closest dealer. Thanks
  11. I might be interested in this, I already have the center exit stock muffler, and wouldn't mind shedding the weight of the stock muffler. With your sport cats installed, the exhaust tips are moved a bit to the right side of center, maybe an inch or two. Maybe the straight center pipes would fix this?
  12. I have the same rattle. I think it is the radio trim / faceplate trim. When I hold the trim while driving the rattle goes away. I am not sure if there is anyway to tighten it, might have a stereo shop look at it and give their recommendation.
  13. I am not sure about the one above, I did get a dremel at a pawn shop, used a purple cylindrical bit and routed out the Momo horn button cover. Took about 20 minutes and the metal Lotus sticker fit perfectly. Really like the shinny look. About $20.00 U.S. total plus a little bit of my time. About half the other option.
  14. The above emblem is an option for a Raid steering wheel. The aforementioned horn button comes with a similar metal sticker, it fits through the horn cover from underneath, but there is a small edge near the top of the button hole. I am going to get some fine grit sandpaper and remove the lip. That will allow the metal sticker to fit on top of the Momo button, and still allow the horn to be pressed.
  15. Bummer, too big, but it was worth a shot since a local print shop wants $80. For a custom sticker.
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