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  1. i use the toyo T1r's on my 350 at the 295/35/18 with the normal fronts they cost me
  2. Hi Simon, had a problem on tyres there going back, they do not have any t1-s left for sale on the fronts so they have offered me ti-r for the same price and the rears for gbp 133.00 this is only going to be a one off and there will be charing normal prices for there next order. still not bad 235/40/17 toyo proxies t1-r 295/35/18 toyo proxies t1-r rear GBP 400.00 all in normal price they are selling at now is 235 gbp 98.00 each 296 gbp 162.00 each total gbp 520.00 which is a standard price so no bargains here Ranjib ranjib
  3. i have just replaced the tyres on my sport 350, i used to have pilot's 2, i didnt really like them and after speaking to a few people they said the toyo tyre handled very good in the wet and dry, i dont really drive my car in the wet but thats another thing. i bought a set of tyres yesterday and took the car out for a quick spin and my first impressions are that they seem very good, also look at the prices i paid (there on offer at the moment) 2 x 235/40/17 gbp 67.00 each toyo proxies T1-s 2 x 295/35/18 gbp 100.00 each toyo proxies T1-s GBP 344.00 for four tyres !!! normally these tyres would be 2 x 235/40/17 gbp 98.00 each 2 x 295/35/18 gbp 162.00 each
  4. i have the round lights and put the centre exhaust on my car mid nov last year and it looks fab and sounds gorgeous much improvement to standard exhaust
  5. has anyone seen this link it made me laugh for a good 5 mins
  6. ranjib350

    sport 350

    i pulled into my local garage to go to the cash point where i saw a sport 350 i got out to spoke to the guy for about 10 mins was in a bit of a rush or i would have spoken some more it was mark's car number 8 we were talking and both commented on how rare it is seeing 2 sport 350 in the same petrol garage, apart from events i have never seen another 350 on the road when i have been driving
  7. i jumped in the car this morning and it started fine, i switched it off and then tried again and it wouldnt start after a couple of attemps the battery went dead, i will get someone to check the alternator and the battery
  8. just got back on a night out in town, on the way home i was at a standstill and i noticed the speedo was on 60mph then i noticed the battery light came on i rev'd the engine to see if it would make any diff to the speedo, the more i rev'd the car the higher the speedo went but the battery light went out but the speedo went up to 210mhp and then back down. i switched the car off got out and looked around no leaks or burning smells switched the car back on and the speedo was still going crazy. i noticed a small glow of the light on the right just above the indicator light (i think its coolant level light) i will check the coolant level i the morning as tthe car is quite hot now, has anyone else had this problem, any ideas would be grateful otherwise its another trip to the dealers i junped into the car this morning, checked all the water and oil, and its perfectly fine the car does not drink a drop of water or engine oil at all, but the car was left for 7 hours overnight and the water is still hot, usually its cold by then so i think the temp somewhere is overheating but the temp on the gauge again is perfecly fine. one thing i did notice was the light that was slighty glowing last night has gone out. i then drove the car for 5 mins the speedo is still going crazy but when i was driving there was a loud noise felt like something was trying to stop the car only happened when put my foot down, i put my foot down again and it did the same thing.????? if i drive slow it doesnt happen???? im going to leave it this week standing and see whether anyone comes up with any idea's otherwise it means i'm gonna have to get a low loader and have it taken to the dealers
  9. wheels were hoping, was driving on theses white lines near a motorway. Learn from my mistakes, but i cant help putting my foot down i'm addicted to the noise and the speed
  10. Thank you for all your comments they have been very helpful, but i think i will stick to the orignal driveshafts, after having the gearbox and clutch done, i was thinking they are under warranty now but if i was to put non geniune parts in and something happened to the gearbox they would turn around and say it was due to the fact that i did not use original parts. would like to thank the person who pointed out making the driveshaft stronger might mean that next time i break something further up and could cause damage to the gearbox which would cost alot more than the driveshaft. Going to give them the go ahead to do it now they said it will take 7 days for the parts so going to have to wait just over a week to get the car back. once again thank you for all your comments i'm not very technical minded so its good to get thoughts and ideas from people who are
  11. the front end which goes into the gearbox
  12. i was putting my foot down quite hard last night and the driveshaft broke in two, i dropped the car into lotus to have it fixed, there quoting me
  13. very funny, hope he does get the book thrown at him. (ps i dont like the police i keep getting pulled in my car, all they ever want to do is look at my car, didnt mind at first buts its annoying now.)
  14. Has anyone seen this, its the actual car used in "for you own eyes only" starting bid is $250000.00 a bit expensive dont you think its on ebay now check the link out
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