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  1. Thanks for removing the temptation. At least now I don’t have to advertise my S1 Sport Racer.
  2. I got a reply from Ben Field at Vintage Tyres, who I think is the contact that Rich was using: "I am hoping to have a 205/60R14 tyre available late this year, early next. Price will be around the £170 mark each plus VAT."
  3. Any update? I’m having my Elite rims refurbished and new tyres would be good to have. cheers.
  4. Gazm

    TLF GT430 Club

    Those bloody sail panels!! They were under engineered on the S1, to keep the same material on the GT range makes my heart sink. I just hope the LED “sidelights” were sorted for the GT.
  5. Gazm

    TLF GT430 Club

    There seems a steady flow of 430s on the market. I might be tempted to upgrade from my S1 Sport Racer. Anyone know the background to the car Hofmanns are auctioning?
  6. I think the S has a lot more drama than the N/A, it accelerates much better. After a day on track in an S, I actually thought the handbrake was still on when I floored my N/A going home. I noticed a big difference on Alps road trips too, my S doesn’t lose its pull like my old N/A did. I think the S Sport Racer is the sweet spot for the S1. If I change it, it would only be for a GT model.
  7. I’ve had both the N/A and currently a SR and for me the dark textured steering wheel and HVAC surround look much better than the smooth alloy. But I also refused to upgrade to a 4xx because of the front-end and revised interior. Mind you, the GT front-end has returned to the Lotus good looks but it’s a shame the armrest is only in the non sport model.
  8. ....and then buy it anyway, because Lotus is about passion. Otherwise we’d only see subdued “German” colours, similar to those on most LE Evoras.
  9. I would be very interested. I have just bought a 79 Elite that needs a full set and have a 87 Turbo Esprit. Any idea how long this might take, the Elite needs to be on the road again this month?
  10. Gazm

    TLF GT430 Club

    Nice work! i think it’s the one to have, better for everyday road use....I’ll have to wait until the UK owners get bored of could take a while Now they are out of production, has anyone started an Evora 430 registry?
  11. Gazm

    TLF GT430 Club

    Just my luck to have missed the only GT430 Sport
  12. Gazm

    TLF GT430 Club

    Well, the B&C Sport 430 was for sale for ages... I just wasn’t in the market til now...and someone in the UK now has one . I would be using it as a daily when I’m home each month, track days would be very occasional. I know about the performance difference but wondered if the ride or interior spec varied too. Anybody know how many were actually built of GT and Sport... I can’t imagine all 60 were done looking at how many are still for sale in European dealers.
  13. Gazm

    TLF GT430 Club

    I see the B&C GT430 Sport has sold. I was tempted to have a look when I got back from overseas... . Typical timing. Any thoughts on the pros/cons of running a Sport vs a GT ? what are the differences besides aero ?
  14. Gazm

    TLF GT430 Club

    I agree, it’s just simple forum management, nothing personal or opinionated.
  15. Gazm

    TLF GT430 Club

    Is the US Evora GT intended to be a limited production run in the way the GT430 was? If not, and given it can be modded into a GT430 spec with OEM (and no doubt eventually aftermarket) components then any GT430 register is going to be a minefield. . Being a limited edition was a significant part of the GT430 marketing and a consideration in the resale value.
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