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  1. Gazm

    TLF GT430 Club

    If it had been manual, you would have been too late 😉
  2. Took the SR on a 4 day tour with a supercar club. Everybody was impressed with the real world performance on the British B roads… My heart wants to keep it when the Emira arrives but my head disagrees 😳
  3. Body coloured handles were a cost option in the early days but I think they became standard later on. No idea when the change happened.
  4. The Evora S SR held its own on a recent tour of the north. The Supercar owners were impressed with its speed on the B roads and it’s comfortable interior.
  5. It is ridiculous that an issue that existed on the first Evoras in 2009 hasn’t been addressed and still exists!
  6. I passed the brown Elite (above) on it’s transporter heading south on the M6, looked lovely. I now see it’s sold, that was quick and good news for owners, it’s about time the Elite was more appreciated. I need to get my gear lever sorted out so I can enjoy my stylish four seater again.
  7. I’m very relieved it’s IPS, that stops me being tempted…Emira due in August and have to decide about my Sport Racer..🙄
  8. Venom Red is the most misleading name they could have chosen. It’s a very subtle shade. I think it really makes my SR with the premium seats. It is very difficult to photograph accurately though.
  9. The old girl holding her own…
  10. My feelings exactly, I’ve stuck with my 2013 SR S because of the Lambo/Audi styling and interior of the 400. The GT range is good looking but the Emira is cheaper (new) so the Emira will be my next version of the Evora 😉
  11. Way too much information. We have different perceptions of this. Back on topic…
  12. 😆😆 Of course I meant fix the core design/manufacture problem not one headlight.
  13. I know the background. That doesn’t absolve Lotus for not fixing an MOT failure item that manifested itself even before the cars needed an MOT.
  14. it’s so depressing to hear that even the new cars have the same poorly built headlight unit since launch in 2009. 🙄
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