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  1. I have 4 Lotus cars, all on the road but this weakness in the Evora is an absolute disgrace. The fact that a car could fail it’s first MOT and the only official solution cost over £1,000 per light is ridiculous. Re-manufacture of critical parts normally happens to classic cars, not the current model, the silence from Lotus is deafening. Well done to Silverstone for taking this on. I look forward to seeing cars advertised with the “Silverstone lights” Does anyone know it current models have the same spec lights?
  2. One reason I’ve kept my Sport Racer so long is the interior. It was a massive improvement on my 2010 NA and I personally prefer the darker steering wheel and hvac panel. I was disappointed with the 400 and GT cabin and the lack of door armrest.....this a GT car, where do I rest my elbow?
  3. I disagree with this sentiment that mileage should be a premium. I have many Ferrari friends and some Porche that simply can’t drive their cars other than special occasions because every mile devalues their cars so much. Ironically, it forces them to be garage queens which are then prone to problems caused by lack of use. Lotus is all about the driving experience, I hope as a community we recognise that a driven car is more reliable and hopefully more desirable.
  4. Thanks for the update Mathew. Whst is the turnaround time? Could it be done in a day if we visit the workshop? Given the lack of support from Lotus on this prevalent and expensive issue, cars having this “upgrade” will be more desirable!
  5. They did sell it last year and it’s been taken back as a part exchange.
  6. Hi Andy, I realise the background and history of the issue, it doesn't really matter who makes a component Lotus are still responsible for it. If it was just a cosmetic issue I wouldn't be bothered but as part of the MOT it is regarded as a safety item. If a braking or steering issue developed after 3 years I'm sure it would be treated more seriously. As far as Aston are concerned, I think they may have stolen Lotus' thunder with their latest mid engine release. It looks very Lotus-like and sits right in the category that the next "Esprit" will try to occupy (a bit off topic, oops)
  7. Whats wrong with Middlewich....I live there? Oh, maybe I answered my own question...
  8. I am a big fan of Lotus, with four cars at the moment but this LED problem really should be solved by the factory not the owners. The cars don't need an MOT until after 3 years, then they will fail the MOT if more than half the LEDs are not working. So the car is judged unsafe and unusable and the only factory help is to buy a new headlight unit. This is ridiculous, given the widespread occurrence of this safety issue. The construction of the LED unit is simply not fit for purpose, it is considered a safety item and should be part of a recall. After all, it's not as if thousands of Evoras were sold. I am in the market for a new Evora but I don't want to spend £100,000 on a car whose headlights will need replacing just as the warranty expires!
  9. Most “runnning lights” go dimmer when the lights are turned on. That’s because at night the LEDs are too bright to oncoming drivers, like main beam. Maybe that’s why they are set slightly dimmer, to comply with regulations.
  10. My Elise also had an electrical hiccup that resulted in a very large odometer reading. I got a letter from the Lotus dealer to state the mileage error and just live with it. It seemed better than replacing it and starting from zero. I must have the highest mileage S2 in the world.
  11. Gazm


  12. I agree, I think the S1 Sport Racer spec will be the one to have, if only for the interior. I’ve had mine 4 years now and really should trade up to a GT but I know my SR will be the one I’ll be saying “I should have kept it”.....I just need more garages!
  13. If cars have gone to Japan wont they be RHD too. Although I do know that the Japanese like to drive LHD cars at it shows its an import which gives more "status".
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