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  1. Most “runnning lights” go dimmer when the lights are turned on. That’s because at night the LEDs are too bright to oncoming drivers, like main beam. Maybe that’s why they are set slightly dimmer, to comply with regulations.
  2. My Elise also had an electrical hiccup that resulted in a very large odometer reading. I got a letter from the Lotus dealer to state the mileage error and just live with it. It seemed better than replacing it and starting from zero. I must have the highest mileage S2 in the world.
  3. Gazm


  4. I agree, I think the S1 Sport Racer spec will be the one to have, if only for the interior. I’ve had mine 4 years now and really should trade up to a GT but I know my SR will be the one I’ll be saying “I should have kept it”.....I just need more garages!
  5. If cars have gone to Japan wont they be RHD too. Although I do know that the Japanese like to drive LHD cars at it shows its an import which gives more "status".
  6. The natural progression should be from my Sports Racer to a 400, but the GT is the true evolution in style. The 400 is a good machine but when Lotus use GT styling for the new 410 and the aftermarket is buzzing with GT bumpers for the S1 and 400 you know the 400 styling was more Audi/Lamborghini than Lotus..... I’ll get my coat 🧥😉😬
  7. Thanks for the input. Indeed it was a switch pack, I had it replaced at Oakmere. Back on the road again. It seems the light on the Heater Control’s is part of a printed circuit, not repairable, it will need a replacement circuit board ☹️
  8. Elise R 2006 (with LED brake lights) Looking for some guidance on diagnosing this issue: Sidelight dash button light, sidelights and instrument lights not working. Headlights, interior and fog lights work. I checked all fuses under bonnet access panel, all okay. Possibly, the sidelight dash button has failed? As an aside, the backlight for the heater/ac panel had failed a long time ago. Any help appreciated before I start to dismantle things or take it to Oakmere. Cheers Gary
  9. I wish they were carbon. Mine cracked on my Sport Racer just after the warranty expired. I was surprised that the 430 GT kept the plastic material. It does look odd between the carbon roof and tailgate
  10. Danny Bahar was right! How they scoffed when he suggested a £100,000 Lotus, "nobody will pay that for a Lotus." Now we have £120,000 Evora and £60,000 Elise..... small volume needs high value to survive, he was just ahead of his time.... and a bit too spendy lol.
  11. managed to get a set of rims to fit my winter tyres so I can swop them over myself.... after I drag them down from the garage rafters...who said alloys are light!
  12. How did it go, my 2013 SR is showing rust on the pax side.... I think this is less to do with stone chips and more to do with quality control.
  13. I have noticed the same issue on the pax side of my 2013 SR, very disappointing that a metal component can't be removed. I see why they changed the design on the 400.
  14. Hi Michael, I should have been there in my Evora S but I had to give up my place due to a family issue. Maybe you picked up my slot at a discount lol. Glad to see a Lotus was there to keep the supercars honest!
  15. Gazm

    Evora GT430

    I also notice the US Spec 430 launches next year. So the run isn't really 60 cars, thats just for the UK and "rest of the world" I think this car is going to kill the GTE values (was it called a 350 in the end) It had the better looks but less performance than the 410 and was very exclusive but the 430 seems to have all of the above. I like the return of the Lotus "mouth", the 400 always seemed a bit too Audi/Lambo...
  16. Thanks for the update. I'll do some trials on mine when I get home. Sounds very similar and expensive.
  17. No replies, that's disappointing. I have a similar problem with my Elise R 2006.
  18. Watching with interest, I added a 1987 Turbo Esprit to my "collection" recently. I don't intend working on the car myself and don't know if I have a manifold problem but I'm sure the original is still on the car. It's only a matter of time!
  19. Mine needed a replacement window motor, done under warranty by Oakmere
  20. I've left the car at Oakmere, it's handy being 5 miles from a Lotus dealer...just a shame I am on first name terms with the mechanics. I'll find out on Monday what the problem was.
  21. Just had the drivers window fully open when ignition turned on. It won't close now and it's raining! interior light is working, battery is good, tried the reset. Now waiting for Oakmere to call back. Car is under warranty but it lives outside so I suspect water ingress. How did Lotus ever make that submarine Esprit?
  22. Thanks for the help with the forum Buddsy. I have taken the plunge and agreed to buy a car advertised on Pistonheads. Not seen the car but had a good chat with the owner, seems a good original car well looked after by B & C for 25 years and Fiberglass Services for the last 3..... I've inadvertently become a collector of Lotus cars!!
  23. I am looking for a good Turbo Esprit, Giugiaro body as late as possible. So far, I have come across some nice cars on the internet just after they have been sold! I have never driven the Esprit but have rediscovered an itch that started when I was a teenager in the 80's. If any member is considering selling a cherished car I am a private buyer with cash. Currently I have an Elise R and an Evora S so it will go to a good home and continue to be cherished. Thanks Gary
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