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  2. May come along if I finish work in time
  3. ill come if im not too late; Pate, turkey, eton mess. Gary can i book the sofa again?
  4. Yep I'll be up for it. 1. Bibs 2. gt111 3. Mark 4. Caroline 5. Matt
  5. I'll come along if I'm not to late Brie, turkey, Xmas pud 1. MJK 2. Avril 3. Bibs | Soup, Turkey, Xmas pudding (xtra brandy pls!) 4. Laura 5. Kim : French Onion Soup, Beef Bourguignon, Toffee Waffles and Ice cream 6. gt111 - onion soup, turkey, chocolate fudge cake 7. Mike6 : Soup, Turkey, Xmas pudding 8. Stirling : FOS, Turkey, Christ Pud. 9. Mrs Stirling : Possible FOS, Veggie option, ( possible request for seasonal veggies as opposed to rice ), Pud... not sure what 10. Moxie: Avocado and Prawn Cocktail, Moules Mariniere, and dessert TBD as long as it's gluten-free (I'll also buy International Poolboy and "evaporative pint" if he shows up) 11& 12. Dave & Ann XL 2 x Avocado & Prawn Cocktail, Beef Bourguignon, Apple Tart & Ice Cream. 13. Paul C - Brie, MM, waffles 14. Vicky - Prawn, BB, tart 15. Martyn: House Pâté / Turkey / Chocolate Fudge Cake 16. Kimbers: Brie, Beef, Toffee Waffles....and I promise to keep my pants on 17. rroymond -?? 18. PFD: Soup, Beef Bourguignon, Toffee Waffles. Kimbers that one tough promise! 19. Cliff: Brie, Beef , Apple Tart..... is anyone offering odds on the Kimbers promise thingy? 20. obione: Pate, Beef, Chocolate Fudge Cake...will be driving... 21. Mat Grant - onion soup, turkey, chocolate fudge cake 22. Mattthesparks Brie, Turkey, Xmas pudding. 23. Alan Morgan - avocado, mussels, apple tart 24. Barbara Morgan - avocado, turkey, apple tart 25. Exploded - Onion Soup, Beef, Hot Chocolate 26 & 27. Alan & Evi - Pate, Avocado, Turkey x 2, Xmas Pud, Choc Fudge cake. 28 & 29 Wispygill???? 30 Mellowmatt - Brie, Turkey, Christmas pud
  6. I got my 421 delivered in 3 days
  7. Count me in , This is my home track , Ive only driven it once on a stag doo and that turned out more like banger racing .
  8. It was disapointingly quiet on the trip to the garage today ,cant wait to fit the new shiney decat pipe , But the paint did look good in the sun today
  9. Ill be there, hopefully not in the van . Fingers crossed for the M.O.T tomorrow
  10. I will be along , In the van no doubt.
  11. Hope to be along, may even dig the lotus out the garage
  12. As above ,Had a great night was good to meet you all.Listning to mike was very entertaining . Thanks to Bibs and Laura for a great night
  13. Well done Gary ,will there be a bbq for 2012?
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