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  1. I found it interesting to build up to race mode. Over the course of my first trackday (Donny) in the car I went through each of the settings. It was very interesting to see the differences in how the system interferes. Race mode is great though. Once you get there you realise what the fuss is about. It is nice though to switch off and agravate the care. These things have astonishing grip even without the TC. I wish there was just an off button. Getting to 'off' via race is a bit clunky. Not like the old cars with the selection knob ๐Ÿ‘
  2. I found I had to play with the tension of the front and rear cable a fair amount to get the balance right between good tension and ease of fitment. Not sure it's perfect yet buts it's very easy to adjust. Adjusters in the middle of both sides covered by the Velcro covers. The Velcro cover is poorly design IMO.
  3. Sharky

    Exige picture & video thread

    Sunday blast before lunch...
  4. Those wheels are very nice indeed. Can't help feeling that if I actually inquired about pricing I might fall off my chair ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. Sharky

    Warranty Items

    You're right. I have to say I have heard of several who have had very little or no problems. I fortunately only have a couple of niggles, nothing major so far. Windscreen rubber surround doesn't appear properly glued down is the biggest one.
  6. Sharky

    Warranty Items

    As my warranty wastes away I've been wondering what I should be having done or at least checked while still under warranty. Hence I wondered if a poll might work to gather this type of detail.... I've added stuff I've not heard of being required just for completeness. Worth a shot, but please do add if you've had further issues I've not covered.
  7. Fitted the soft top this weekend. It's made the car ๐Ÿ‘
  8. Sharky

    Ordering a new Exige 350 - choosing the spec

    The small tanks gets quite annoying ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. Thanks muchly ๐Ÿ‘
  10. That's interesting. I didn't realise you could raise the wheel. Was this easy? How thick a stack of washers is required/ possible?
  11. Sharky

    New Exige 380 ordered

    Fantastic colour! ๐Ÿ‘
  12. I kind of like that they attempted a flash cut tailpipe. Always wondered if that would work. Needs to be a touch smaller and recessed further yet, but almost. :-) In the quest for quiet exhausts though, by those figures it would still fail statics at most Lotus on Track events. :-(
  13. I was away with work or Iโ€™d have been there. ?
  14. Had hoped to do this one but got stuck south on a work trip and wonโ€™t make it back in time. ??
  15. There was a thread on putting a 3/4 plate on the front but with a short plate I want to go a little smaller still. The plate Iโ€™m using is still 3/4 size letters, just shorter. I disassembled the plate holder into its parts. Easy to drill out the rivets. Removed the tabs for the larger upright with dremmel. For the bigger cuts I actually cut a groove and bent the material until it broke cleanly in a straight line and cleaned up with a file. Before really thinking about it I chose to invert the bend on the mount that connects to the car. In hindsight I would not do that again. My bend isnโ€™t as efficient as the original which results if the plate being forward by a few milimetres. But the result came out nicely. After a lick of paint and riveted back together, it was ready to go back on. First mod on the car. I was a bit sheepish taking the dremmel to it but the result looks good. Time will tell how it stands up. ?