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  1. Perfect date selection as I’ll be home alone - well looks like I’ll be going to Hethel now!😁
  2. Nope, not heard that before. One thing to note though is that MY'07 cars came with an updated one piece headlight unit, without the need for the two piece lens and bracketed light cluster arrangement.
  3. Appears it ended at £11,877 I wonder what will happen to it now, it's sure to turn up on the web again at some point.
  4. Frosty, I didn't think there was that much flexibility with the specs on the Cup 260, but it sounds as though you've done what I would have if I'd been in the lucky position of ordering from new!
  5. I wondered about its removability, but I guess you'd need to completely de-plumb / de-pressurize the system. A handy isolation valve would be ideal.
  6. I thought I wanted one, but after I test drove it, I decided I didn't. It is too track focused for my occasional weekend A & B road blasts, but would be ideal for the track for sure. As for the power over my 240, well I wasn't blown away - even the salesman said I probably wouldn't notice a huge amount of difference. The plumbed in fire extinguisher would be too much of a hassle for my passengers (or me if the other half is driving), so that did put me off. If one of the pre MY2010 Cup 260 cars comes up for sale - I could be tempted, as I don't think they were quite as stripped out, but do have all the nice carbon fibre bits.
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