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  1. sorry guys just got really frustrated. i do apoligise. bell £1,200 pounds fully comp! get in there!!!! bring on the exige.
  2. yeh all great points (not) because the law is now changing that it is sexist for women to get better insurance than men!! get your facts right please before a stupid comment!!
  3. hi everyone my first 10minutes on this website and already moaning lol. am 21 years old, and found my perfect lotus exige. i have owned a nissan 350z 3.5litre! high insurance group. my insurance was only 1100 ( i say only) i tried go compare there and i was quouted the cheapest like £2500! i have never had a crash in my life or anything. adrian flux didnt quote me or elaphant. wich im suprised because there always the cheapest. any ideas on this? im gutted the only thing thats holding back my dream car is the insurance. and i know its a fast fast car (faster than 3.5litre) zed i had.
  4. not lettin me post!!!

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