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  1. Not yet, waiting for the weekend. But I tell you Mike, the more that I hear the video the more it sounds like Rod Knock...😔
  2. To take the oil sump out is a a hell of an undevoured in this car, basically have to lift the engine up and disconnect the motor mounts. I tell you I almost want to cry, when I got down there the parts look like it just came out of the dealer.
  3. Either way, engine out?


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    2. moreno0510


      I will drop that sump tonight.

    3. mike_sekinger


      If you need any help or questions, just ask.

    4. moreno0510


      Thanks Mike!  really appreciate it.

  4. Thanks, definitely no going to use it any more until that issue is taken cared. The thing is that the tapping sound seems to come from the cam area in the left side.
  5. This Lotus has 4,500 miles, in one of my test drives it developed a tapping noise coming from the left bank. I am not sure if the belt slipped or if is more mechanical in nature? Where should I start? 20201129_100702.mp4
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