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  1. Definitely Not Looking For M100 S2

    l'll look up the instructions on my phone and get right on to it.
  2. Definitely Not Looking For M100 S2

    That's nice Dan. At least you didn't go all the way of not wanting it and settled for only half not wanting it.
  3. Hi Bibs, With all the confusion re the show and shine. I am coming with Dan so if there is a smigin of room could you fit me in. Cheers Rick
  4. Afternoon Bibs.

    I am coming to the Brands Hatch Festival. I did apply for the Show and Shine but not heard anything. Can you confirm if I'm in or out, as that will determine what time I come.


    Cheers mate, Best



  5. Afternoon Bibs. Did I make the list? Cheers Rick
  6. Lotus Festival 2017

    I'll be there. Breakfast with you first Dan if there is time. Best Rick
  7. Elite 2.2 Rear Wiper roof trim

    Hi Phil, Whatever you decide to do can you let me know. If its surplus would like to buy it. PM me if interested. Cheers Rick
  8. Elite 2.2 Rear Wiper roof trim

    Anyone got one of these hidden on a shelf somewhere. Hopefully sitting on an Elite 2.2 Owners manual??? I guess its about the same as asking for Lord Lucan's whereabouts, but you never know. Thanks guys.
  9. Wonderful. Anyone else in our neck of the woods very welcome to join us.
  10. Sounds a good idea. Meet at Chestnuts for breakfast then mosey on.
  11. Can I play a provisional as I have entered the Show 'n Shine, if the car don't make the cut for that I would love it on the stand. Cheers Rick
  12. Right so the weekend and polish!

    Dan, Of course I remember and still smile. Your Sister has only just starte taking to me again. Will be in touch re topping out of the new garage interior.......beware....
  13. Right so the weekend and polish!

    Dan, I didn't realise you was unwell, your sure it was the Rum. Bibs, that's what Dan got ill on, Hicks 125. I still have two bottles if anyone wants to wax mine.
  14. That debate again

    A fair point. A manual in ................?