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    Hybrid Turbo, Alunox Manifold, RC injectors, K&N induction kit, Sports Cat, Quicksilver Exhaust, Alloy charger cooler and coolant radiator, Sport 300 dampers and springs
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  1. Sorry we have no genuine ones left in afraid. Only got genuine sport 350 Carbon ones. have never tried fitting an aftermarket one so I don’t know how good the finish is. sorry we couldn’t help this time James
  2. yeah next time you are down in Devon we could always meet up. The Re:Fuel meet is a great car meet. We are not that far as we are only based in Lifton. If your brother in law sees me again at the show make sure he says hello πŸ‘‹
  3. Yep that was me, still running it in but only have about 150 miles to go now πŸ˜€ Still got some little bits and bobs to sort out but I love it. James
  4. Normally meet at Exeter services for between 9:30/10:00am. If you contact us before hand we can let you know in advance. It’s easy to get us on here or our Facebook page πŸ‘πŸ»
  5. Yep we were there but I was just leaving when I saw the Elise come in. We will definitely be going next month and we meet at Exeter services before πŸ‘πŸ»
  6. Sorry just checked and i'm afraid we don't have and stock. We have the S3 owners handbook and the S4 ones but no X180. Kind regards James
  7. Sorry for the late reply. Just went to get the dampers and they are no good as they are misting so we have thrown them away. We will keep a look out for you and see if we can get some more used ones
  8. We are not sure about the rates, do you know what colour dot you originally had on your dampers as we have some excellent 'white dot' used ones that we found. If not bibs can sort out the LOTAC ones for you πŸ˜€
  9. Sorry just checked and we have no stock of the original dampers. We do have a pair of brand new original Sport 300 rear dampers πŸ˜€
  10. Just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone that turned up for the open day. Great turn out and lots of great cars and people to see and speak to. Big thanks to Bibs that came all the way down for the event ?? Already looking forward to next years day. Kind regards James
  11. It looks like the rain isn't going to come till 7pm which will be great. But still keeping my fingers crossed as you can never trust the weather ?
  12. We are having our annual open day this year on Saturday 24th September between 10am to 4pm.We will be having a large display of Lotus and Noble cars, kit cars and performance cars with also Toniq Sports cars.Lotus and Noble parts and clothing on special offer with Lotus F1 clothing. Demo`s of our equipment. special offers on or diesel and petrol engine remapping.Free BBQ again with donations all going to charity Special offers on all Toyo Tyres if ordered on the day. we will also be running special offers on engine ECU remaps. We also have our local Snap On rep for the day and he will have some lovely offers on some tool kits.We are also carry out work on the day and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your car, tour our workshop and parts stores. Come along for a lovely day out and enjoy all the cars and our customers cars we will have on display. If you would like us to arrange places to stay for the weekend please feel free to contact us.
  13. SWLC


  14. Sorry all these went some time ago. We only have Evora GTE seats now. I'm pretty sure they will not go in an Esprit as they are to wide. James
  15. Had a great day yesterday and really enjoyed the drive out. Thanks to Bibs for the cream tea and hope the drive home wasn't to boring. Thanks for everyone that turned up as it was lovely catching up with you all Glad you car was fine on the way home Paul, was nice meeting you and nice to see one of our old V8's again.
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