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  1. Orignal looks like a Bosch Aerotwin A949S (RHD vehicles only) or A079S (RHD or LHD). Not clear to me what the difference is between the two (bracket the other way around?). Anyone tried either of those? They have the more compact bracket rather than the multi-fit type usually listed as the replacement part.
  2. Anyone know what size rivets are needed for fitting the brackets to the panel? And is the back of the panel where the brackets rivet onto aluminium or composite? May finally get around to fitting them this weekend. Thanks
  3. If you can work out what is draining the battery (the alarm?) you might be able to just pull the fuse for that rather than disconnecting the battery. Just check the boot locking mechanism isn't covered by the same fuse!
  4. Yes, was a 2012 mod. I think earlier cars had a few issues with lazy lock mechanisms and sticking lock pins. One lock on my 2011 was replaced early on under warranty and I have not had any problems since. A bit of dry lubricant on the lock pins every now and then may help as well.
  5. I see elise-shop are now adding to their CF range for the Evora as well.
  6. Recently replaced my battery as it was struggling to go 2 weeks. 3 may be OK, but 4 is probably pushing it. Worse in winter than the summer.
  7. Mine is pre MY12 and certainly has one on the near side (haven't looked on the other side).
  8. Thought so. More fiddly job to get at the washer bottle in a S - apparently also involves moving the front bumper out of the way, but open to suggestions on an easier solution.
  9. Is there no oil cooler behind the wheel liner in a N/A? Tried to access the bottle in my S as it was leaking (turned out to be the motor) but it wasn't obvious how to get the oil cooler clear enough (or at least I didn't want to risk damaging it).
  10. Elise Shop flag doesn't look right to me (top left red diagonal should finish on the left side, not along the top).
  11. MHC

    Glass Roof?

    Didn't some of the now infamous new range cars have glass roofs? Remember seeing them at Hethel and being impressed by the sense of light and space it created inside.
  12. You sure you have originals and not cheap copies? My car lives outside and they haven't faded at all. They can fall out (track at Hethel is littered with them apparently) so may have been replaced.
  13. Are they catch cans top right?
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