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  1. thanks guys, its a victoria sponge cake.... lol nice try fishy....i am happier getting oily fixing cars than doing the and true there wouldn't be enough for everyone...i had to get a picture before it was cut....couldn't eat it and yes i did get a drive of the was brilliant...and once its fixed (not my fault..honest) i would dearly love another go those car cakes are brilliant, but i would hate to have had to cut them purza
  2. here is a picture of a cake i decorated recently it wasn't purza ps so instead of half naked ladies i will send folks a pic of this cake
  3. Hmm, Sounding like a civil villans convention, Ever though of just doing something socially acceptable and simple like just sticking to the speed limit?... I recon the cameras are a good thing. In a few years time all the speeders will be off the road having been banned... or driving lttle Fiat's cos they can't afford the insurance on anything else. And due to all the money they raise it keeps my tax bills down... If they get the idiot in the BMW 1 series that sat on my arse for a mile this morning then overtook in rush hour traffic on what is a wide but very busy single carriageway road, in a 30 zone and at a dangerous moment. Hey, and 2 miles later he had got a whole 2 car lengths in front of me in stationery traffic (WOW he got a whole 40 yards and 5 seconds in front!) - I think he was late dropping his 5 year old off at school. Now, in a few years time with loads of speed cameras he will either have calmed down or be on the bus. Now in his case that has got to be a good thing hopefully before another five year old joins his kid in the front seat via a windscreen first entry. Oh and I've read in two seperate articles recently that a number of police forces are in certain circumstances feeling happy to drop the old 10% rule, or 10% +3mph rule. Getting done doing at 31 1/2 in a 30 gives illegal speeders a whole new set of worries - just slow down. Accidents at speed cameras? - Bad thing in short term - people get injured... But good thing in long term idiots get banned no longer drive, a benefit for all... the partial idiots learn to drive slower to the general benefit of other road users/pedestrains. Yes. I do rag the arse of my Esprit sometimes and could easily risk a ban if caught. And yes an Esprit tootling along at 32 does look a bit incongrous with White van man, Baby Buggy girl and Beemers guy sat behind in convoy waiting for there moment. But I pick my moments carefully and sensibly like 3 in the morning on a deserted road with good sight lines and I'm patient in finding them. I genuinely think that for society as a whole reduced road speeds and calmer driving styles has got to something to aim for. Maybe life is too fast, too many things to do, to many places you need to be. Maybe people who find cameras extremely offensive need to take a chill pill. Me, I saw myself with enough money to do what I wanted, dropped to working 21 hours a week and now regard myself as semi retired at 44... Yes, I'll not be buying a Ferrari or be holidaying on the QE2 but I DO get an extra 104 days holiday this year and I have enough money and time to indulge my interests and passions in life. Jeff
  4. yeah i have a tattoo, done in june this year after a hell of a lot of "thinking it through" its my own design so that helped its a dragon on my lower back
  5. lol noooooooo thats cruel....i am not a pink fan, yuck, purple now thats a different purza
  6. a little picture quiz to find 50 horror/comedyhorror films.... i have finished it, it kept me quiet for a have fun purza
  7. oooo good call not listened to that for ages.....mmmm might put it onto tape to have in the car..... purza
  8. recent bbc report not sure if anyone else has posted it....sorry if its a repeat purza
  9. I like them but there are tracks that i will skip over, my list was of albums i will listen to all the way through. There were plenty of other artists that i like but i will skip tracks.... as an daughter was complimented at school by her music teacher for naming all the bands from tracks he played...and he included Queen, Iron Maiden, some modern bands and some she said it was my influence I prefer music to TV And as to the Jethro Tull, they are my favourite band and its my parents brainwashed me from and early age..... they have a photo of me at 6months wearing headphones, listening to Jethro LOL well it kept me quiet... purza
  10. LOL no offense taken.....but you are WAY out....... oh dear i do hope i don't look 45....... purza (34 years young)
  11. hmmmm at the moment...... Snow Patrol - Final Straw A.C.T. - Last Epic Rammstein - Mutter Aerosmith - Just Push Play Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Dire Straits - Making Movies Dream Theater - Train Of Thought ELO part II - Best of - Live Jethro Tull - Heavy Horses Muse - Origin Of Symmetry Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Yellow Matter Custard - One Night In New York City Keane - Hopes And Fears purza
  12. YAYYYY Congratulations LEF and what a wonderful site it is funny and informative thank you to all the people that help to run this site, and the people that make it an enjoyable read purza ( I will try and get to a meet in the future and say Hi in the flesh as it
  13. Not good news, but hopefully he will recover I have the best of both worlds.....a programme with great cars and Richard Hammond to watch too.. purza
  14. ...slaps Jeff about the face for being a party pooper...... oops sorry purza
  15. thank you for that, and you're right it is a beautiful colour.....I want one purza
  16. ....and welcome to this weeks episode of "grumpy old men"...(and women ) and if I have any more wine I will start getting purza ( ok grumpy young people too )
  17. At this precise moment in time...... 1. Divorce/form filling/solicitors grrrrrr 2. Lack of alcohol in the house (well stuff i fancy drinking, due to 3. kids purza (settled for a nice glass of red wine to chill me out) heres hoping
  18. awwwwww so it wasn't a purple one....... fiddle....nevermind, maybe someone will do a purple respray and send in the pictures purza (always hopeful)
  19. lol well i love the V8 and purple is my favourite colour so i get it double.....
  20. please forgive me in case you have tried this (lol i am very good at stating the obvious ) but have you tried on E-bay?? purza
  21. yep i have just bought one of those myself (it is the kids xmas pressy to me)... just like the one i am resting against in my piccy purza
  22. ...oh and I have seen James Last and his big band...... lol my mind keeps remembering things, and I can't blame my age for my I'll blame the kids its their fault..... purza
  23. Oh and I have also seen Andy Prior and his orchestra and Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis lol just to add to the rock stuff purza
  24. Yes, my daughter and i have just read that, she couldn't believe it would happen to him. She thought it would have been a snake or crocodile that would have got the better of him. At least he lived life to the full purza
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