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  1. Never seen them live although i love their music my problem is i don't like big crowds, not just because i am only
  2. Ok folks, i was up early this morning and i and avoiding the housework (whats new there) just thought i would be nosey and ask you all what bands/singers have to been to see?? no matter how obscure they are... i will start the ball rolling ( i realise it may not roll Jethro Tull - several times (my fav band) Seismic rings - Jethro Tull tribute band...they were excellent Mostly Autumn - folky prog rock A.C.T - swedish prog rock....excellent live, brilliant show (and they are cute I.Q - prog rock, excellent show.....can you see a theme running Deborah Harry (Blondie)- they were ok but couldn't remember lyrics and were rather spaced during the concert...thats the band not me Ashes and Diamonds - support band to Deborah Harry - they were brilliant been to the Bridgewater Hall Manchester and seen various orchestras/jazz bands i am sure there have been more..... purza
  3. I had airfix models too not just a man thing, planes and tanks, but mainly sci fi stuff...although maybe i am a strange and i had lego happy little brother has my lego now, but i am hoping he will let me have it back now my kids are old enough.....(honest its for the kids) my dad never let me have meccano as i had technical lego instead purza
  4. is that like getting your knickers in a twist??? if its not, what does that purza
  5. Hehehehe i got 5 1/2 years in prison and no fine little miss goody two shoes or purza
  6. I have seen this magnificent machine at air shows, but the best was when I was with my gran in Manchester, I was about 9. We were crossing Deansgate when this rumble started, the ground shook, cars stopped, drivers got out trying to see what was happening.....and there coming up deans gate at as low a level as it could was a even though it was no where near the ground people ducked, and there was my gran and I, stood there shouting " oh wow, that was brilliant".... my grans cool Ahhhh yes the feeling of your internal organs being rattled around inside marvellous purza
  7. I would like to point out that i had previously got filthy then cleaned up to go and have dinner, and had only just got started again when he snapped that my hands were clean in that pic....they didn't stay that way long Ahhhh happy day purza (now nice and clean again)
  8. lol well at 5 foot it was interesting to see if I could do it .... and I am soooooo pleased I can lol and as to the handbag...nah, don't do them , I have good pockets for the stuff I need purza
  9. OOOOOooooo I did it and it was wonderful I had my very first drive of a Lotus Esprit V8 tonight, and OMG it was amazing Ok I admit to being a bit nervous at first but well, at least I could reach the peddles and with a cushion I could also see over the steering I didn't spin it, crash it, or stall it (granted it now needs fixing but that has NOTHING to do with me....honest) I used to love being a passenger in the car, now i understand the love of driving one now...... I want one !!!! purza
  10. Huuugggsssssss sorry to hear about your Aunty purza (ps you light weights not being still up at
  11. yayyyyyyy i did it, (thank you Mat for the help with a tricky one ) and no i haven't been trying all blast will have to go and do the housework purza
  12. fiddle stuck on 13 purza great excuse for not doing the kids rooms
  13. thanks for the advice guys, i had been tapping, working up to hitting it on various parts of the machine...built up to cursing it and threatening it but to no and i had thought it may have been a disc being caught good news its now working yayyyyyy (my mate game round and fixed it for me ) but the lotus challenge game isn't...boooooo so back to the not having a lot of luck with this game... purza
  14. yep all lights are on, don't want to force it in case i really break as to the game, its an old one (2001)...i picked it up second hand from a games shop i was hoping to have a go but never
  15. not a happy dragon, my kids have gone away with their dad and i thought "great, my turn to play on the PS2..." but noooooooo the silly thing won't eject at all, nor will it read the disc thats in, just sits there grrrr and i wanted to have a go at my lotus challenge game not fair...... (stamps little oh well i'll have to do the housework now.... purza
  16. thanks for finding it for me and thanks for adding purple happy purza
  17. ok lol i have voted as my thread was well i wasn't a member when this thread was started so there...hehehe
  18. OK I know this may come across as very but I have been thinking about the colours of the Esprit, this thought was brought on by a trip to Wickes (for loft flooring and pea shingle for the back non girlie ) near me and i saw a purple Elise, now purple is my favourite colour so i was very taken with it....if it had been an Esprit in purple i would have been VERY happy And i have noticed the various colours on here, now i am very taken with my mates green V8...oooo nice to clean, all those curves, very afraid i do not like the yellow, doesn't sit right in my eyes, but each to their own of course. So how is it for everyone else?? What colour do you like best on the Esprit? it my not be the colour of your Esprit, and if you could what colour would you have it resprayed in? or that you think suits the Esprit best ??? best wishes purza
  19. whenever i see an MR2 i keep thinking its like they are saying...."when i grow up i want to be an Esprit" purza
  20. Please could i ask what revs would have to be reached for the rev limiter to kick in in 5th and i am interested to know have any drivers actually reached that point? lol does anyone dare to claim membership of the 5th gear rev limiter club?' thanks in advance purza
  21. Here here this is a wonderful, informative and fun site. purza
  22. maybe I am a strange bread but I joined this forum because I love cars especially the Lotus Esprit, i don't actually have an Esprit ( but my best mate does, and I'd love to be able to afford one) will be having a go at driving one soon seriously looking forward to that I really enjoy getting my overalls on and getting under cars, getting dirty and fixing things, and not just passing the right tools i may not have added much to the technical forums due to not being experienced enough to answer peoples problems, i still enjoy reading them and joining in the occasional banter on a social side. Hell when it was my birthday i got Homer (among others) i am sure the male and female members of this forum have similar reasons for joining, and as for the posting about females on the forum, i am sure he didn't mean it to come across quite as it did, text is very emotionless, plus it is his opinion lets get back to the task at hand, keeping our beloved Esprits on the road in tip top condition (staying on the soapbox for added purza
  23. i have not been offended they are just very distracting when you are trying to read someones post and out the corner of your eye you see bouncing boobs lol
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