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  1. lol thankfully no smoke out the nose i have enough trouble with the smoke alarms and my cooking
  2. oh look its a picture of me on a good day ^^^^ and yes it is my hand.... purple nailvarnish and black grease/oil..... very gothic lol
  3. lol this is my hand, gothic mechanic lol i was helping to fix brake calipers, refit welded exhaust, replace hand break cable and speedo cable on my golf GTi i've never been one to worry about a broken nail hairy and a strong smell lol errrmmm i think i'll pass
  4. lol my first thought was.....gosh hasn't he got clean nails........ nice boots
  5. LOL it could have been worse i keep thinking about getting some 20 hole docs, but i'm not sure i'd be able to bend my knees lol i don't wear them in bed lol its a proper pain lacing them up
  6. loving these pics heres my dr. martens collection....well so far....... the skeletal feet ones glow in the dark love dilbert lol
  7. happy birthday hope you have a great day
  8. awwww thanks folks i have had a brill day just got in lol ahhh the guinness was gooooood
  9. ooooo thank you all loving the pics Bibs thats a wonderful backpack lol i want one
  10. lol my mam used to are from earth, women are from with it
  11. oops yes sorry about that...i had changed it and i thought i had saved it too but obviously not lol
  12. now you see Bibs could have easily won by locking this thread after he'd posted
  13. thanks even if i'm just doodling i draw eyes lol its taken a few years to do as i only paint what patterns and colours i see, if nothing comes to mind i don't do anything lol not one to look at if drunk (i have been told this by a friend) there is possible influence but its not meant, its just what i see at that time.....
  14. heres random for you.......this is the mural on my kitchen wall
  15. couple of pics off my phone not brilliant quality though
  16. needs cleaning up but the tiles are still on the wall not the best pics as they are off my phone but you get the idea i don't have any silver ceramic paint so used black on the lotus tile, you can see it, but just not on the pics lol
  17. lol i'm usually the thread killer........ nice dragon ball Z action there
  18. ok i went to see this last night, didn't get to see it at an IMAX though but never mind. really enjoyed it, and i will admit to being a it of a trekkie it gets a thumbs up from me saw the trailers for the new terminator - looks good and for transformers 2 - again looks good hoping to see wolverine next week
  19. Happy Birthday hope you have a terrific day
  20. now i have no excuse for not T-cutting the car, its passed its MOT with flying advisories either major happy dragon but it means no mechanical tinkering needed........the only thing left is the bodywork lol ah well.......
  21. yayyy almost finished the bathroom.....go me!!! and in less than a month (proper cuffed with myself) tiling done...and still on the walls, grouting and cleaning to do....some storage boxes to put up and then........ i may post pics if the end product looks ok
  22. thanks i use a car shampoo, but will have to check if it has wax too.....don't think so just got to wait for the right day....not raining and not bright sunshine lol
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