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  1. oooo is that photo open to everyone off LEF or do you have to have an esprit??
  2. the kids and i are getting excited about donny it will be our first time there, also first time for meeting you guys (well the ones there on sunday ) rather nervous too but hey it will be good
  3. ahhhh cats love dogs too but prefer cats 2007 saw me having to put down my cat of 16 years (lol he lasted longer than my marriage ) his name was Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Tass for short, he was named after a cheeky character in a fantasy book. He was just old and gave up eating and drinking, i was heart broken, he was such an affectionate cat. I lasted 2 months before i had to get another cat, missed the feline company. The kids and i picked up a rescued cat, at the time called dusty a 6 mths old jet black lady, she is now called Lady Jazz Blackfur, Jazz for short she's my little shadow love the artwork, brilliant puuuurrrrrza lol
  4. happy birthday sorry its a bit late but hope you have had a wonderful day
  5. happy birthday to both of you hope you both have a brilliant day
  6. Hi All Sending on behalf of Jeff's wife, a HUGE thank you to all who donated and those who sent best wishes...... The charity will be better off by
  7. happy birthday hope you have a great day
  8. whats made me happy today......just got back from the doc's after being told that the pain in my boob is nothing to worry about and no further test are required phewww!!! sorry its a bit girly but i was getting stressed lol
  9. brilliant thanks for that bibs ....... lets hope folks don't get too hammered the night before and not turn up on sunday lol or i'll end up walking round looking like billy no mates lol
  10. i assume there will be plenty of parking ? what time would you suggest for getting there ?....ooooo looking forward to it my kids love the esprit too
  11. 1) Alex --GT3-- 2&3) Paul C 'n' Vicki 4) Ian - mayesprit (Sunday only) 5) Mark B (Sunday only) 6) matk 7) Kimbers (Sat/Sunday) 8) GGHC87 9) Yasuo 10) Robert Crooks 11&12) Ade & Gina (not sure when yet) 13&14) Paul & Sarah Fri/Sat/Sun 15) Martyn 16&17) OwenGT3 + One (Sunday only) 18&19) Hopo + some floosy (Sat or Sun) Maybe both 20&21) Sparky & Tracy Sat/Sun 22&23) Matt & Jo (Sat evening & Sunday) 24&25) Tobi, Sell, Calypso 26&27) Mark & Sandra (LooseCannon) Sat only 28) Dragi, Sat only - my daughter Jenny-Loraine has First Communion on Sunday 29) Bazza 907 30&31) GC1 + 1 Sat Only. 32&33) Jukka & Sissi Fri/Sat/Sun- hope to find something to do on Mon-Tue 34, 35 & 36) purza + 2 kids (sunday only) hopefully hope to see some of you there although i don't know anyone and probably wouldn't recognise anyone either lol maybe i should wear a name badge i'll be in a sun bleached red/pink mkII golf GTI 1992
  12. ok silly question but is it an open event, can i just arrive whenever or do i have to buy a ticket to get in?? and if so how much?? i have never been to any events, but i get my kids back from their dad on the saturday and might drive down on the sunday, long drive but i enjoy driving lol ( i will not be in an esprit though ) it would be nice to meet some of you purza
  13. hi guys just bumping this thread, if anyone has any donations it would be most appreciated, keeping it open till end of feb. will be seeing Jeff's wife this afternoon and will let her know the total so far and pass on all the condolences and thoughts. hugsss purza
  14. beautiful....thank you for posting
  15. lol i'll be doing nowt....... will receive nowt....... no one to send owt its just another day....... hugsss to everyone else who won't be getting owt today...... i have plenty of hugs to go round
  16. yes the sex education in schools is lacking, but it shouldn't be that the parents can sit back and go.......hey don't blame's fault....... i have a 13 year old daughter, we have a brilliant relationship, we have talks about anything and everything, she knows she can ask and even if she doesn't she gets told lol without lecturing her (kids switch off quickly to that) we have discussions, sex, alcohol, pregancy, drugs, smoking, peer name it. i'm not saying she is not going to try things as she gets older, but she will be informed and know the consequences of her actions, knows the impact on her plans she has for her future and know how i would react. when my lad is older he will also be involved in these discussions. maybe its just me, but i will not rely soley on the school to educate my kids.
  17. lol love dilbert i have a daily dilbert cartoon email every day that and garfield lol
  18. so sorry to hear your news, hugsss.... sincere condolences to you and your family
  19. what made me happy today..... even though my ex isn't coming to pick up the kids due to bad snow down south, me and the kids have had a brilliant laugh, love to see them giggling themselves silly always makes me happy. listened to a new album Wolfmother.....and loved it all sang along to plenty of songs got me all bouncy and happy did some housework before my mother gets here so she can't make any comments lol yayy go me and the sun is shining in the sky, there ain't a cloud in sight.......its a beautiful new day........... smile and enjoy life
  20. Hi Jim I hear what you are saying, but having spoken to Jeff's wife she would prefer donations to the charity as it would make her feel happier for that to happen. cheers all heartfelt thanks purza
  21. most definitely true the person below needs to wash their car........
  22. awww mate thats wonderful, i'm in tears here, she will be so touched by everyones generosity. purza
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