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  1. lol yayyyy i made it i now have my T i have been seeing ESPRI for ages lol
  2. gosh its been years since i went to an airshow.........ahhhhhh the memories crying shame about the vulcan but glad you had a good day out anyway
  3. I wish as a kid i had been able to help with the cars i always wanted to but it wasn't a "girl thing" thats why i enjoy helping now i don't care about getting oily lucky lad wonderful memories for him
  4. The car I drive at the moment is called Jack, due to the license plate my first car was called the tank - tolbot horizon huge steering wheel and a gear stick that wobbled more while in gear than neutral my dads cars have been Datsun called the unripe tomato (it was half green half red for some reason) he had a car that was yellow called banana he had a vauxhall victor called well victor Austin Maxi called bluey cos it was blue
  5. wonderful news congratulations to you both best wishes for the future purza
  6. lol very brave maybe when you get the immobiliser fixed get TWO fobs...... stating the obvious i know but hey
  7. .....ah but did they use "i'm in love with my car" by Queen as the theme tune???
  8. ooooooooo beautiful......... I wish I could afford that....mmmmmmmmm goes off to dream........vrooooommmmm
  9. Happy Birthday Bibs hope you have a wonderful time
  10. Ok folks have the USB turntable back, no more vinyls to copy lol Is there anyone else who would like to borrow it (its not mine its matk's lol) please reply below cheers purza
  11. Happy Birthday to you hope you have a great day.......
  12. Ooooooo thanks alot bibs thanks for the warm wishes guys couldn't be bothered cooking mine and the kids tea.....thank goodness for pizza delivery lol
  13. Like I said though I think I am in love with the IDEA of them and not the practicalities, lol why let reality spoil your day
  14. ooooo not far from Worsley.......where abouts is it ?? May have to drop Glyn a memo...... lol still only a pipe dream though....... thanks guys
  15. lol thanks for the replies I know there would be alot of continual jobs to be done and money would have to be spent, its only a dream and to be honest when has reality ever intruded in dreams lol it will probably never happen but hey, a girl can dream..... lol and since I have other dreams including owning esprit or exige then it keeps me in balance still out of pocket lol
  16. lol thanks but you may be right, i could end up not enjoying the drive ( i do enjoy driving ) maybe i need to borrow one and test drive it lol that way i would know without spending the money lol :blushing:
  17. I really have the desire to own a VW campervan lol you know the ones that have the spare tyre on the front I could get me and my 2 kids in and just go out for the weekend.... Do any of you own one?? do you like it or am i mad.....don't answer that lol
  18. Happy Birthday glad you had a good few days lol
  19. yep my cat loves cakes and crumpets, toast, anything buttery....likes cheese too
  20. Used to go to Barton Airshow every year while I was growing up, brilliant day listening to Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac while the gliders did their displays. Being amazed how the red arrows never hit each other, then having your internal organs re arranged from the shear noise of the big planes flying past........wonderful memories must thank my dad for taking me, and giving me an appreciation of noisy, big, fast things lol
  21. not sure if this has been added elsewhere beautiful beast seen and enjoyed at air shows
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